Wednesday, August 29, 2018

How to Exude More Confidence at Work

Confidence is the most important accessory you need to wear when you go to work every morning. However, for a lot of people, confidence doesn't come naturally. In fact, it is quite the opposite. If you fall into this category, it is not all doom and gloom. There are many ways that you can boost your confidence levels so that you can achieve more in the workplace and command a greater level of authority.

Find out where your lack of confidence stems from - The first thing you need to do is figure out where your lack of self-confidence comes from. If you feel like this is something you have across all areas of your life, you can use numerous different approaches to become more confident. However, there are a lot of people that are self-conscious because of something in particular. This could be something to do with their looks or their personality. However, be zooming in on what makes you feel this way, you can figure out the best course of action next, and this could be anything from breast augmentation to putting yourself in a greater number of social situations.

Learn to say ‘no’ - The second suggestion for women who want to feel more confident in the workplace is to learn the word ‘no’. This is a small word, but it is something that a lot of women struggle to say because they want to make people happy and they know it is not the answer that they are looking for. However, you need to learn how to say no to the good so that you can create space for the great. You will be surprised by just how liberated you feel once you start saying no to things.

Wear clothes you feel comfortable in - You are going to feel much better and you are going to look much better if you wear office clothes you feel comfortable in. If you wear a pair of heels that are two inches too high for you, you are going to spend all day worrying about how you are going to walk in your heels and how much your feet hurt. There’s nothing good about walking around the office like a penguin, is there? Instead, if you wear clothing that makes you feel comfortable, you will be able to go about your day with a higher level of confidence.

As you can see, there are many ways that you can boost your confidence levels in the workplace. If you follow the suggestions that have been presented above, you will have no trouble achieving those higher levels of self-esteem that you are seeking. Whether it is to do with what you wear or how you act, getting to the bottom of where your lack of confidence comes from is the key to tackling it head on so that you have more self-assurance in the work environment.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Office Chic: Letting Your Fashion Style Shine In A World Of Cubicles, Contracts, And Computers

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When you think of the word “professional”, you don't always think of style. But if you are working along side 
influencers and entrepreneurs, you need to tow the line, while at the same time, communicating your individual style. Office chic is one of those things that can be difficult to pull off. Do it wrong, and you’ll look like everyone else, in an unflattering and frumpy suit, but if you do it right, you will stand out a mile, and all for the right reasons! So, let's get to the bottom of this.

Pinstripes = Power

Your mind may immediately go to pinstripes when you think of office chic, and there's a very good reason for this! Pinstripes look professional, highlight power, and make you look like a player, but it's also a great way to lengthen your frame. If you find that you struggle to find a style that suits you, pinstripes is one of the ideal starting points.

Avoid Black

And while office suits tend to go towards the usual, darkened colors, upset the balance by opting for something a bit more summery. Get some inspiration from one of the many online dress boutiques, and take advantage of the summer months while you can. When the autumn months roll around, our color choices go towards the more charcoals and
blacks. However, you can buck the trend, and go for something a bit lighter; it will make you a ray of sunshine in a dull and dreary office. Go for something flowery instead, and you will feel a lot better for it.

Accessorize Like A Boss

Office chic not just about what you wear, but it's about how you accessorize. If you are constantly on the go, in meetings, and at events, you need something stylish to house your computer or tablet. Satchels can appear bulky, yet practical, which is what you need when you need to store your work files, tablet, as well as your make-up!

Blazer Up!
If you have an abundance of jumpsuits, this doesn't bode well in an office of smartly dressed types. But, by adding a blazer on top of it, you are adding that pinstripe look that can stand out against all of the other dull styles out there.

Suit Up, But Put Your Own Twist On It

As much as you'd like to avoid putting on a dreary suit, you can put your own spin on it by softening the look of a navy suit by adding a lace camisole underneath. Beware, this can make it look a little bit on the sultry side, but with heels and the right accessory, you will get away with it.

Go For The Edge

On a Friday, instead of trying a blazer, swap it for a leather jacket to add that little bit of danger to your straight-laced office suit. If it's not thought of too favorably by the powers that be, you can go back to your normal style come Monday morning.

Office chic is something that doesn't always have to seem boring, but rather, it's about making your personality shine in a sea of cubicles, contracts, and computers.

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Monday, August 6, 2018

Sponsored Post: The Different Parts and Accessories of a Hair Clipper

DYESS AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- AAFES employee Shayla Billeter uses a balding clipper to give Airman 1st Class Micheal Breaux his new haircut at the Base Exchange barber shop May 7. Balding clippers are one of the most commonly used tools at the barber shop. (U.S. Air Force Photo by Airman 1st Class Stephen Reyes)

The Different Parts and Accessories of a Hair Clipper
Owning a hair clipper is one of the best decisions that you can make in life. You will save on the hard earned money and get a chance to try the unique styles at the convenience of your home. It is also one of the assets worth packing while going out on a trip. Given this, you may want to understand the different parts and accessories before using it. Here are the details:
 Functions of the Different Parts of a Hair Clipper
  • The Blade

This is the most important part of a clipper. It is designed to cut hair and can be made from different materials including ceramic, stainless steel, and high-carbon steel. The ceramic blades have become popular in the market because they are poor conductors of heat and are long-lasting. However, they tend to break easily and are more expensive than the metallic types.
While some blades are sharp, others do not have such capacity and will give you poor results. They can be categorized into fine, medium, full-course, and longer cutting blades. You can change the blades depending on the frequency of use.
· Cord
A hair clipper has a cord that attaches it to the power source. Some of the clippers, however, do not have the cords and instead feature a rechargeable battery. A corded clipper is good for the user who wants the convenience of grooming at any place.  Cordless clippers, on the other hand, will suit the needs of a person who yearns to have an unlimited power supply. Professional barbers at the are likely to go for this type of clipper.
· Motor
The motor is located inside of a clipper and will determine the speed of the tool. They can be magnetic, rotary, and pivot motors. The rotary motors are powerful in that they can help you cut all types of hair at an incredible speed. The magnetic types are cheaper than the pivot and rotary motors because their speed is constrained.
· The Housing
This is the part of the clippers that houses different features. The design and material used to make it will differ. While some are large and heavy, some of them are small and light. The grip will determine whether you are able to cut the different parts of your skin with precision. They can either be made of plastic or metal. There is also a range of colors to choose from.
The Hair Clipper Accessories
As you make a hair clipper purchase, you will be offered a chance to go for the following accessories:
· Guide Combs
Hair clippers manufacturers are aware that you desire to have varying lengths during a haircut. They offer you the guide combs, which range from 1/16 inch -1 inch. You have the option of trying different lengths to get a suitable style.
· Lubricants
This accessory is important when it comes to maintaining hair clippers. You will lubrication when the blade becomes hot and needs cooling. Different brands offer the most suitable oil. The general rule of the thumb is that the oil should be used often and in little amounts. A total of 2 or 3 drops in a time are sufficient.
· Blade Guard
The blades need to be guarded when not in use. They can become corroded and lose their cutting edge. You will also have avoided accidents and incidents by using them.
· Cleaning Brush
After using the clippers, the hair residue may remain on them and limit your ability to get the desired outcomes in your next haircut. It also becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. The cleaning brush will clean the blades well. Most of them resemble a toothbrush. However, there are other designs available depending on the brand of your choice.
· Clipper Case
The accessory comes in handy if you are the type of person who loves to keep everything in one place. The forgetful and traveler groomer will also find the accessory worth buying. They can be made from different materials, from plastic to paper, to fabric.  
· Hair Spray
In addition to the cleaning brush, invest in a good hair clipper spray. Some of the states require professional groomers to disinfect clippers after use. The spray also serves the function of lubricating the blades and eliminating the chances of rust.
· A Manual
You will get lost if you are not aware of the directions to use when using hair clippers. A manual will offer you the necessary guidelines and the benefits of the product. Along with this, you can be offered a warranty document to indicate that you purchased quality and original products.
Ultimately, you can find the right hair clippers if you understand the different parts and accessories. Comparing and contrasting varied designs will indeed help you to narrow down to the most functional and quality products.  

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7 Ways to Look More Photogenic

Everyone likes to look their best in a photo, but how many times do you look at one of yourself and think it is awful? It happens all the time!  Here are ways to make yourself more photogenic so you can be pleased with the results.

The Left Side of Your Face Is the Best

Generally, people know which side of their face they consider to be the best, but according to fashion photographers and a scientific study, in most cases, it is the left. When you are having your photo taken, tray turning your head slightly so that more of the left side of your face is showing rather than it being a full-face image.

Improve Your Smile

You can smile with your mouth open or closed, but an open mouth smile looks more natural. People avoid this if their teeth are not so good, often just because of the yellowing that comes with age.

The answer to this is very simple. Buy a professional teeth whitening kit, and in just a few days the yellowing will begin to disappear. That does not mean your teeth will necessarily be a bright white, as for many people a pale ivory is their natural tooth color. Your teeth will look healthier though so you will be able to smile without worrying about them.

Don’t Say Cheese

Photographers are of the opinion that saying cheese creates a false looking smile and you are better off finding a word that makes your face looked relaxed, Thursday being a favorite if you want to look really good in photos. This makes your lips part just slightly into a gentler smile rather than creating the big grin from saying cheese.

Avoid Red-Eye

The red-eye effect comes from the flash of a camera as it alters the structure of your eye for the split second that it happens. You can reduce the risk of this by looking at a light just before the photo is taken. That will cause the pupil of your eyes to shrink, which lessens the risk of red-eye occurring.


The best photos are when you are relaxed.  The more self-conscious you are the more uptight you will look in a photo and it will not have a pleasing effect. One trick that seems to work is to close your eyes for just a couple of seconds just before the photo is taken. When you open them, try to smile naturally and you will not look as though you are frightened.

Have A Level Field

If the photo is of you and some friends, try to keep a level field so that none of you are in front of the others.  Putting you in front, for instance, will make you look disproportionally larger than everyone else, and that is something you want to avoid.

Take Photos From Above

If you are sitting down for the photo, ask whoever is taking it to take from an angle above you. Tilting your face up to meet the camera helps to define your jaw, and this can have a very pleasing effect.

It’s really easy to look good in photos if you know what you’re doing!

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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Target Your Problem Areas

All of us have little areas that we are insecure about that we wish we could perfect. Often we don’t have the time, money, or knowledge to deal with things we don’t particularly like about our bodies. Depending on what your problem area is, becoming more satisfied with an area that bothers you could be easier than you think. Read on to check out solutions for a few common problem areas.

Unwanted Hairs

We think this is a good one to start off with because it is a common issue for women to have, but it’s an issue that not a lot of people like to talk about. The constant routine of shaving, waxing, epilating, or whatever you do to maintain your unwanted hair growth can get tedious, expensive, and even overwhelming at times. Consider looking into getting something like Sentient Lasers, if you want the hair removal to last for a long period of time, or even to stop regrowth completely.

Unwanted Fat

Now, this is something that most of us definitely have to deal with. It’s easy for one chocolate bar to lead to a pack or one trip to McDonald’s to lead to a weekly thing. Which, after a while of doing so, is obviously going to lead to unwanted fat. This common problem area has a simple solution.  All you need to do is make a few simple changes to your diet and exercise routine, and you’ll soon notice all of that unwanted fat leaving your body. Now the hard part; finding the willpower to make good decisions so you can see results. Try and eat clean five days a week, and exercise at least two if you want to try and make a difference. Finding clean foods and recipes that you enjoy, looking for physical activities that you find fun and enjoyable, and keeping a food diary are all ways to help you stay committed to your goal.

Unwanted Spots

Again, something most of us can relate to, whether we’re going through it now, or have been through it in the past. Because spots are so… well… in your face, it’s easy for them to make you massively insecure. Treating something like this could be as simple as changing your skincare routine.  Figure out your skin type and do the research to make sure you are using the proper products. Drinking water, regular exfoliation, and the daily use of sunscreen and serums can make a huge difference in your skin’s tone and texture.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Overhaul How You See Oral Care

If you are one of the 15% of people in the US who avoid seeing the dentist due to anxiety and fear, you need to read this. The truth is that no one likes the dentist; but why is that? The truth is that a trip to the dentist doesn’t have to be any more painful than a trip to the doctor for your annual checkup, and yet a high percentage of people put off dental checkups and risk their oral health.

The issue with skipping dental checkups is that when we fail to take adequate care of our teeth, they can fall into a state of disrepair, yellowing, becoming painful, and eventually falling out. Losing your teeth probably doesn’t bear thinking about, which is why it’s so vital that if dental fear is something that plagues you, that you overhaul how you see oral care.

It might sound impossible to change your perception of seeing the dentist or an oral care specialist, but the fact is it’s not. You can change your mindset when it comes to dental care, and here’s how you can do it:

Ignore the horror stories

There are always going to be horror stories regarding any medical treatment but you need to learn to ignore them. Just because your Uncle Billy says that he had an awful experience having a filling done at the dentist and in his words ‘would rather cut off his own foot’ than go through that again, don’t get stressed. That is his experience, not yours. Dentistry should never be painful, so these kinds of horror stories really are not helpful. Ignore the scary stories that you hear and instead focus on your own experience.

Find the right oral healthcare

You know how you have to find the right doctor for you? Well, it’s the same when it comes to dentistry and oral surgery, you need to find the right dentist or oral specialist for your needs. If you don’t feel comfortable with the person you are currently registered with, take the time to find a new dental practice to attend. Visit the practice in person, ask to have a tour, and speak with the dentist - this should give you an idea of which dental practice could work best for you. Perhaps you could look for a dentist who specializes in patients who suffer from a dental phobia? With the right kind of support in place, you have the power to change how you see oral care.

Determine where your fear stems from

If you are going to be able to get past the fear that you have, it’s important that you can determine whether your fear stems from. Try to determine when it was that you became scared of the dentist. If you cannot do that, think about what it is that scares you most. For most people, it’s the overall concept of dentistry, which means that there’s no real cause for it. Or, if there is a cause, usually it is pain - no one wants to be in pain, do they? If pain is the cause of your fear, it’s important to discuss this with your dentist, so that they can reassure you that dentistry does not have to be painful. By working out the cause of your fear, you can make coping with it much easier.

Your dentist is not the enemy. Believe it or not, they simply want to ensure that your teeth are being looked after.

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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Off-Season Shopping: Coats & Choosing The Right Style For You

A great way to save money is to buy clothing offseason. Now that summer is just around the corner, it may seem a bit strange, but it's the perfect time to get a great deal on a coat. Fabulous toppers are a great way to pull an outfit together, but once fall is in full swing, you'll be hard-pressed to find a good deal on a gorgeous coat. Now's the time to prepare for your cold-weather layering.  Here are a few tips to make sure you're choosing the right style:

If you are going to invest in a coat, you will want to make sure that the coats you choose for yourself suit your body shape and your style. Here are some of the different body types alongside the type of coat that suits them.

If you have a long torso and long legs, choosing a coat to suit your body shape can be pretty annoying. A lot of the time taller women struggle finding a coat which is long enough, fits them right and has long enough sleeves. If you are familiar with this problem, you will be glad to hear that an oversized style will look great on your body type. Oversized coats can be left open throughout the day and will cover your frame bringing a sense of femininity to your body.

If you are on the opposite end of the scale and you are a small woman, you might feel drowned in many of the coats you pick up, and this can end up making you feel pretty dumpy. To accentuate your figure as well as accommodate your smaller size, you can go for a cropped pea coat which will end at the hips and help to make you feel more in proportion.

Athletic/ Boyish
If you are a woman who has a very slim and flat chested figure, the good news is that pretty much any style will suit your body shape. To accentuate your femininity and give the idea of a fuller bust and curves, you can go for a coat which has an exaggerated collar and frills. Navy style coats can be ideal for a woman of this shape and one which is cut just above the knee will always be flattering.

For women who have larger busts, it can be difficult to find a coat which flatters the body as well as fitting over the bust area. The best type of coats you can look for if you are this shape is a coat which accentuates that hourglass shape. You will want a coat which is simple in design and which cinches in at the waist. Look for a tailored women's coat which flairs out a little below the waist to really accentuate your figure. 

Remember, that shopping off-season may mean great deals, but you will have to search a bit harder to find the perfect piece. Make sure you check local and online retailers and familiarize yourself with the return policy before you buy. 

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