Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Aging Gracefully: The Radiance Of Your Fabulous 40s

The fabulous 40s - the era where wisdom meets newfound freedom. It’s not just another decade but a turning point, and while the mirror reflects a few changes (often a couple that give you nightmares), inside, you’re more vibrant than ever. But the big question on everyone’s minds is: How do you let that inner vibrancy shine outward? 

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The Glow-Up Canvas

Ah, the skin! Once smooth and supple, now it might show signs of those fun sunny days or endless nights out partying or caring for the kids. The 40s skin craves love. But instead of endless products, think quality. Opt for moisturizers with antioxidants like Vitamin C to hydrate and combat minor discolorations. Maybe a forties facial renewal is in store for you, or a completely new attempt at mastering your skincare routine. And here’s an insider tip: Blue light from screens can age skin too. Did you know that? So ideally, you should be wearing sunscreen that creates a protective film that reflects blue light rays. 

Silver Streaks And Never-Ending Tales

There’s a certain allure to natural silver strands; they shine uniquely, almost reminiscent of moonlight. And while they’re probably causing you more stress than they should, they’re something to be proud of! They’re proof that you’ve made it to the next level of life, full of stories to tell and wisdom to share with all. So, if you’re noticing these silver linings becoming a little more prominent, consider styles that highlight them. A balayage with your natural gray can look both sophisticated and edgy.

Dressing The Part - You’re No Longer A Lamb

Ever heard the saying, “She’s mutton dressed as lamb?” Well, that’s not one you want being said about you. So, while age shouldn’t dictate style, you need to be aware of what you’re wearing while out and about. Your 40s is the perfect time to re-evaluate your wardrobe. Maybe those sky-high heels aren’t as appealing, but a pair of chic ankle boots offer both comfort and style. Think of fabrics too. A silk blouse or cashmere sweater feels luxurious and looks timeless. This is also the time to invest in statement pieces - a classic trench, a tailored blazer, or that leather handbag you’ve been eyeing. It’s above stepping out and away from those pieces you wore in your 20s and 30s, and stepping into a new you, a new style. 

Something to note, however, is that just because you are older, doesn't mean that you can’t have fun! There is still a place for funny t-shirts that match your friends. You want to make sure that you pack what you need, but there’s no harm in packing the fun stuff. Being older and wiser doesn't stop you from wanting to enjoy yourself and nor should it.

Inner Radiance Shines Brighter Than Ever

Physical beauty is only a part of the allure; your mindset amplifies it. But the 40s come with its own set of introspections. It’s common to ponder about missed opportunities or paths not taken. But instead of wasting your time and energy pondering about things in the past, it’s time to redirect that energy. Start a hobby you’ve always put off. Learn a new language, paint, dance, or even write. Do something that stimulates your mind and enhances neural pathways, keeping your mind sharp and your soul content. And on challenging days, a small note on the mirror, a daily mantra, or even a five-minute meditation can center your thoughts and boost your spirit to get through anything that comes your way.

Your 40s aren’t about recapturing what was, but cherishing what is and looking forward to what’s to come. With every passing year, you aren’t just growing older but growing richer in experiences, memories, and stories. And your beauty is a sum of all these parts.

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This post was written by a contributing author in collaboration with primadonna-style.com

Friday, August 25, 2023

What's Causing Your Wrinkles And How Do You Stop It?


The signs of aging can get to any of us. Time marches on and, to some degree, we simply have to be ready for it. However, that doesn’t mean we have to accept it entirely. We can identify the causes of wrinkles, beyond the march of time, and what we can do to address those causes at fight them at the root. Here, we’re going to look at a few causes and how you can address them.

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The sun

When it comes to external factors that can wrinkle us, none are more dread than the exposure of direct sunlight to the skin. The UV radiation that is in sunlight can cause premature aging, by damaging the skin, meaning that as it recovers, it’s going to be more likely to wrinkle. What’s more, sunlight can also dehydrate the skin, which further interrupts the skin’s natural regeneration process. As such, you should take efforts to protect your skin from the sun any time that you step outdoors, with a natural, mineral-based sunscreen likely to be the best for your skin.

Facial muscle movement

Beyond external sources, most aging happens fairly naturally, for one of two reasons. The first kind of wrinkle, we call lines of activity, because they tend to happen because your face is moving. The muscles underneath the face are connected to the skin by tissue that, over time, can become a little more relaxed and stretchy, which means they don’t hold onto the skin as much, which can cause deeper lines to appear. You can read more here about how Botox shots are designed to stop that process. By freezing the muscles, it allows the connecting tissue to regenerate, allowing it to get the firmness it once did, lessening wrinkles as a result.


The other major kind of wrinkle, we call those the lines of rest because there’s no cause for them other than time and gravity. Gravity slowly pulls down on the skin, which can also cause some of the connecting tissues to relax. Dermal fillers tend to be a popular solution for this, to plump up the skin while restoring its collagen levels. However, facelifts and other surgical solutions aim to tighten the skin so that there’s less for gravity to pull on.


Our skin produces and uses all manner of substances to keep itself not just firmer, but fuller, brighter, and more youthful. You should make sure that you’re using the ingredients in your skincare that are best for maintaining your skin’s diet, as this is what keeps your skin younger for longer. Hyaluronic acid and collagen are two of the most widely known, but you want to ensure you pick the right skincare for your skin type, as well. Of course, you should ensure that you’re keeping your skin hydrated, too, not just through skincare, but by drinking enough water, yourself.

The causes above can happen to anyone, so you have to ensure that you’re on top of the ones that you’re dealing with, and to find the right solution to fit your circumstances.

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This post was written by a contributing author in collaboration with primadonna-style.com

Friday, August 18, 2023

How to Stop Looking (and Feeling) So Tired

Some of us are cursed with always looking tired. Even if you're not feeling tired at that very moment, you can find that you look it. You might even get people commenting that you look particularly tired, which isn't exactly something to take as a compliment. If you do feel fatigued, getting some more rest can help to get rid of the look of tiredness too. But sometimes there's no connection between looking and feeling tired, or you just need a quick fix to hide your tiredness. The good news is that there are several ways to stop looking tired.

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Brush Up Your Skincare Routine

Taking good care of your skin is a must if you want to prevent a tired-looking face and eyes. When your skin isn't at its healthiest, it can make you look pale, drawn, and dull. But when it's getting the moisture and nutrients it needs, it can help you to appear fresher and more youthful. A good cleansing and moisturizing routine is essential. You will also probably want to exfoliate regularly, and using a toner is a good idea too. Pay special attention to the skin around your eyes to help it look healthier and prevent under-eye bags.

Consider Something More Permanent

It's always smart to care for your skin, but sometimes no amount of moisturizer will change the way your face looks. Some people naturally have tired eyes, especially if their eyelids are a little fuller or droopier. If you're interested in a more permanent solution, visit this website to learn about how eyelid surgery can help you with tired eyes. Some other options might help to remove tiredness too. For example, botox or fillers in the right places can help to lift your face and remove the look of tiredness. Of course, it's important to consider these options carefully.

Use Makeup

Makeup can be an excellent quick fix if you want to look a little less tired. If you usually wear makeup, your face can look tired on the days when you choose not to use any. But even if you're not a regular wearer of makeup, using it can prevent you from looking washed out. Just a little bit of color can wake up your face and help you look a bit brighter. You don't have to wear much makeup to make it happen. A "no makeup" look could get you the results you want.

Take Care of Yourself

Of course, sometimes you look tired because you are tired. The first thing you need to ask yourself is whether you're getting enough sleep and whether it's good quality sleep. But if you think you're sleeping enough, there could be other things making you tired. Maybe you need to improve your diet, or perhaps you're stressed. Finding what's making you feel tired will mean you can come up with the right solution to help you stop feeling and looking tired all the time.

Don't put up with looking tired when you can change it. There are multiple ways to look fresher and feel less tired.

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This post was written by a contributing author in collaboration with primadonna-style.com

Thursday, August 10, 2023

How Does Age Affect The Eyes?

As we get older, many changes can occur in our bodies. Our eyes are where some of the most notable changes can occur. While you cannot always prevent these symptoms of aging, you can often treat them and in some cases delay them. Below are just some of the major ways age affects the eyes.


By the age of 50, almost everyone has developed presbyopia. This is when your eyes can no longer focus well on nearby objects. 

The simplest solution for presbyopia is to wear reading glasses. Contact lenses are also a remedy that you can try. If you already experience issues with seeing things far away and need glasses or contact lenses, multifocal glasses or contact lenses are still an option. 

Presbyopia is not something you can prevent and is something everyone should learn to embrace. Not wearing contact lenses/glasses could lead to headaches and sore eyes as you constantly strain to read things.


Cataracts are another eye condition that can naturally occur as you get older. This is when proteins build up in the lens of your eye, causing your vision to become cloudy. If ignored, cataracts can lead to blindness.

How can you treat cataracts? Most doctors will recommend surgery. This is a simple routine operation that often needs to be carried out on both eyes (although usually one eye at a time).

Cataracts can occur naturally with age, but can also be exacerbated by bad habits like smoking and heavy drinking. Not wearing shades in the sun can also increase the risk of cataracts according to this Columbia University post.


Droopy eyelids (medically known as ‘ptosis’) are when the upper eyelid starts to droop. This is largely a cosmetic issue but can affect people’s vision in some cases.

You can fix droopy eyelids by undergoing an operation called a blepharoplasty. This can help to lift the eyelids and restore a youthful look.

Droopy eyelids often occur naturally as we get older due to the skin losing its elasticity. According to Becker Plastic Surgery’s experts, fat deposits may also lead to uneven eyelids. Injuries, medical conditions, and Botox complications can also cause ptosis. 

Eye bags

Many of us experience puffy eyes. However, eye bags are different - they are permanent bags under the eyes caused by skin sagging.

Filler injections may be able to remove eye bags. Alternatively, you could consider undergoing a blepharoplasty of the lower eyelids.

While eye bags can occur naturally with age, they are often more prominent in smokers and heavy drinkers - such bad habits can cause the skin to lose its elasticity faster.  Temporary puffy eyes are meanwhile often caused by allergies, crying, or sleeping on one’s front.

Crow’s feet

Crow’s feet are wrinkles that appear around the corner of the eyes. Like eye bags and droopy eyelids, they have no impact on our vision but can be seen as cosmetically unappealing by certain people.

Various anti-wrinkle treatments ranging from retinol serums to Botox may help to reduce these wrinkles. Surgery is also an option.

Years of smiling and squinting will speed up the development of crow’s feet. People who spend a lot of time in the sun but don’t wear sunglasses are often prone to these wrinkles from constantly squinting. 

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This post was written by a contributing author in collaboration with primadonna-style.com

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

The Benefits Of Getting Breast Augmentation


Breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that transforms the appearance of the breasts. There are many reasons why people choose to get breast augmentations whether that be for the general appearance or for health benefits.

Whatever the reason, it’s important to ensure you’ve done all of the research so you know exactly what to expect. 

There are many great benefits to breast augmentation and there’s a reason why many people choose to have cosmetic procedures. In fact, in 2020 alone, there was 16.7 billion USD spent on cosmetic procedures in the US. Let’s explore the benefits that come with getting breast augmentation.

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It helps enhance the appearance of your chest

Appearances-wise, a great benefit of breast augmentation is that it enhances the appearance of the chest. This is something that can often be desired from a vanity point of view, or for the confidence of the individual.

With breast augmentation, you can adjust the size to your desire, which may either enlarge the chest or decrease it. As someone who may be conscious of their breast size or the way they sit, cosmetic surgery in this area might be just what the person needs.

Enhancements can be minimal in their procedures or they can be a drastic change that makes a big impact on the appearance in general. A benefit of breast augmentation is that you can completely tailor what the end result will look like.

Useful for those who need to relieve back pain

If you’re looking to relieve back pain, then you’re not alone in exploring breast augmentation. Sometimes, back pain can be attributed to large breasts that are causing a lot of strain on your spine in general.

This strain isn’t enjoyable by any means and whether your body is still developing or your chest size is abnormal in relation to the rest of your body, it’s worth considering this procedure.

It’s important to speak to your doctor or surgeon about the procedure and how it might benefit your back pain. However, it’s also worth noting that the back pain could be unrelated to your chest size. If you have any queries on breast augmentation, then you can always check this site for more information. 

Adjusts the size and position of breasts post-pregnancy

Pregnancy changes the body in the most magical way. It’s an incredible journey to see how your body shifts and changes from what it once was. However, a postpartum body can look a world away from your original body.

While there’s nothing wrong with this, it can be hard to deal with postpartum breasts, especially when you’re breastfeeding. The shape, size, and positioning of your breasts might have changed quite considerably during pregnancy and after pregnancy, breast augmentation might be a suitable option to explore.

Everyone’s breasts will change after pregnancy and while it might be desired to get the surgery straight after your pregnancy, it’s worth considering your future pregnancies. It may be handy to wait until you’re finished having children, to then get the surgery you need. This will help ensure more long-lasting effects.

Boosts self-confidence

Self-confidence is something that we all like to give to ourselves. If you’re someone who struggles with your confidence, then cosmetic surgery is something worth pursuing. Of course, it might not be the most appropriate solution for everyone but it might be something that’s needed.

When it comes to your chest, it’s often a place that is common for many to be self-conscious about. It’s a body part that brings about a sense of empowerment.

Helps to rebuild breasts after mastectomy 

There are some medical procedures where there may be a significant impact on your chest. For example, a mastectomy might be the reason why you’re looking for breast augmentation. With a mastectomy, it usually involves the removal of one or both breasts.

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These procedures are done due to the high risk of breast cancer or having to remove the breast due to cancer. With breast augmentation, it brings the appearance of breasts back.

Evens out any asymmetrical breasts

Finally, if you’ve been given asymmetrical breasts or you’ve noticed that you’ve always had breasts that aren’t quite the same as one another, breast augmentation is worthwhile.

Being able to even out your chest not only boosts confidence but it helps when it comes to dressing yourself, particularly with any bras or bralettes/sports bras you choose to buy.

There are plenty of uses for breast augmentation, so if it’s something you are considering, then it’s worth booking that initial consultation.

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This post was written by a contributing author in collaboration with primadonna-style.com

Monday, January 16, 2023

4 Tips That Will Make Your Exercise Work For You

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Everyone knows that exercise is good for you. It can help us lose weight and reach the goals we set for ourselves. It can help us get in better shape, which gives us more energy. If you want to win a race or reach a goal, fitness can be taken seriously. Many of us start a fitness journey for different reasons, but do we all take it as seriously as we should? So, with that in mind, here are some things you should know before you start your fitness journey.

Consider Adding Supplements To Your Diet 

There are different ways that different supplements can help you get fit. Many people take them to help their muscles grow, heal, and give them more energy. Protein powders are often added to shakes or other foods after a workout as part of a healthy diet to help build muscle. They are a great way to get the most out of your work.

Setting Goals That You Can Reach 

It's important to have things you're working toward. But a lot of people want to do big things that might seem impossible at the start of their journey. This is why it's important to set goals that you can reach. This is how you can stay motivated the whole time you're getting fit.

Have The Right Tools For The Job  

Make sure you have the right equipment for your workout. It doesn't help to take fitness seriously if you don't wear the right clothes or use the right tools. It's a good idea to pack your gym bag with the essentials. If you don't take this part of things seriously, you could get hurt or have problems with your muscles and joints in the future. You should start out by taking the chance of getting hurt very seriously. The last thing you want is for something to keep happening or give you trouble. Training will always be hard, so don't make it harder by worrying about getting hurt because you haven't bought the gear you need. For example, if you are going on an outdoor hike you may want to take thermal socks with you. 

Eat A Well-Balanced Diet 

It is just as important to eat the right things as to wear the right gear. To keep going, your body will need more protein and foods that give it energy. People tend to eat more leafy greens and red meat, as well as oily fish for the omega-3s, avocados for the healthy fats, and almonds for energy.

Keep Going And Make It Fun 

Lastly, if you want to do well at anything, you must be passionate about it. This is where staying motivated and having fun will help you on your way to getting fit. When you push yourself to the limit with your fitness routine, it's easy to feel pain and struggle. But try to think about the end result. This will help you keep going. Having some fun in it will also keep you interested. When things aren't fun, people are more likely to give up.

Let's hope this makes you care more about your fitness, do you have any other tips that could help? Please share them in the comments below. 

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This post was written by a contributing author in collaboration with primadonna-style.com