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Dry Skin Getting You Down? Try These Sensational Solutions

Dry skin is a common problem for most people these days. There are numerous skin conditions that cause dry skin that can be in localized to one area such as the face, or all over the body. From a self-confidence perspective, dry skin really brings you down.  Sometimes people with dry skin on their face feel super self-conscious and try to wear more makeup to cover it up. Unfortunately, dry skin can make applying makeup harder and makes dry flakes and patches more pronounced. People with dry skin on their arms or legs don’t want to wear certain clothes, which also affects their confidence.

Don’t worry if dry skin is getting you down, there are solutions out there. All the ideas listed below will help get rid of dry skin if you add them consistently to your usual beauty routine.
Stop Using Fragranced Cleansers
Be honest, how many of you wash your face with a cleanser that’s got a fragrance added to it? Most of us do this, purely because we like the way it smells. However, were you aware that the fragrance could be causing your dry skin woes? To create those pleasing scents, manufacturers use various chemicals that can dry out your skin.

As a result, if you want to keep your skin nice and clean, without it drying out, then switch to a fragrance-free cleanser. There are many choices on the market, they’re less irritable, and you’ll notice the benefits within a week.

Apply Shea Butter To The Affected Areas
If you’ve not heard of shea butter, then you’ve been missing out on a glorious beauty ingredient. When it comes to your beauty routine, you must add shea butter to the mix. Apply a shea butter cream or ointment to dry skin, and watch the magic happen. Alternatively, you could literally buy a tub of shea butter and apply it directly.

Why is this butter so great?  Not only does it provide generous amounts of moisture to your skin, it also carries loads of nutrients and vitamins into your body. This means shea butter has potential healing properties so it will alleviate dry skin while also treating any conditions that caused the dry skin.
Use A Moisturizer After Showering
When do you feel like your skin is at its driest? Normally, it’s when you’ve just come out of the shower and let yourself dry off. The moisture gets soaked up by your skin, but then your skin seems to carry on drying, and you get that horrible feeling of dry skin. The same happens when you wash your hands, and your fingertips and palms feel really dry afterward.

To solve this problem, start moisturizing after every shower, or after washing your hands. Products like Doublebase Gel are a good idea because they can be used when you’re still slightly wet, which is often the best time to moisturize. Apply some all over your body, taking extra care to cover the spots that are usually the driest. You’ll find that doing this will avoid that horrible dry feeling, keeping your skin nice and moist.

Stop Dry Shaving
As I’ve mentioned before, many skin conditions cause dry skin. Equally, a lot of people get dry skin because of the decisions they make. For example, if you decide to shave without shaving cream/foam, on skin that’s not wet, you will cause dry skin.

When you have to shave your legs, armpits, arms - or anywhere else - do so after or during a shower. This is because your hairs are nice and soft, and they’ll require less effort to shave away. Therefore, you can apply less force, reducing the damaging effects on your skin. Shaving cream/foam is needed to provide added protection and hydration as you shave. Finish everything off by rinsing your legs with cold water, and applying moisturizer.

Try all of these solutions, and that should be it for your dry skin problems. If these solutions don’t work for you, then you may have a skin condition that requires a little help from your dermatologist. They can prescribe medication and treatment, which you can use alongside my ideas to banish dry skin forever!

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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Makeup Breakup

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Makeup makes many women around the world feel more confident and sexier. It’s a delicate balance though because sometimes too much of a good thing can turn into an issue.  Many women have experienced clogged pores and damaged skin cells due to the wear and tear of makeup.  Although it sounds sacrilegious, putting down the foundation brush from time to time can be beneficial in a variety of ways. Here are four which are bold and brave reasons to go out in the nude.

Silicon Pores

We don’t tend to associate this plumping agent with the skin, but lots of high street brands use silicon. What happens next is not healthy over a long period. The chemical starts to break down the cells and leaves the pores open from dusk to dawn. Seriously, they don’t shut and are open to all sorts of dirt and debris. When experts say ‘don't make these simple mistakes,’ they are talking about silicon. Wearing less makeup is a simple solution, as is using organic products. The results may not be the same, but in the long run, your skin will look younger and healthier.

Purse Strings

There are too many new techniques to learn, yet we invest in the products anyway. It doesn’t matter that the product may go untouched; it simply makes us feel better to know it’s on that we have the latest and greatest palette or product on the vanity table. Obviously, splashing out on ‘state-of-the-art’ items is expensive and sets women back hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year. Once you realize there is no way to use them all, buying and trying every new product that comes to market can be pretty wasteful.  

How Old Are You?

In a weird twist of fate, young girls slap on makeup and older women go for the au naturel vibe. The theory is that youthful skin is stronger and less likely to get damaged as opposed to older skin. As true as the logic may be, all of us could benefit from a couple of days a week with a fresh face or lighter coverage.

You Are What You Eat

What animals eat and drink and it goes into their bloodstream. Makeup is similar in the sense that what goes on your face ends up in your body. As the chemicals absorb into the bloodstream, they can mess around with your bodily systems. Becoming knowledgeable about the ingredients used in your makeup, and taking a break from makeup occasionally will ensure you don’t have to deal with health-related issues.

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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Funding Your Fashion: Clothes Shopping Tips & Tricks

When it comes to looking and feeling good, a lot of it can come down to what you wear and how you wear it. If you feel uncomfortable with the clothes you’re wearing, then it shows. When you feel good in what you’re wearing, your posture will be better, and your confidence and sass will just ooze out. So having the clothing that you like to wear and feel good in is a must, right? Of course, your confidence needs to come from within. But when you have the clothes to go with it, you can just slay!

Here are some of the ways you could get the dream wardrobe that you’ve always wanted so that you can look good and feel good. Shopping, anyone?

Thrift Stores

A lot has got to be said about looking in thrift stores for clothes, and not just because Macklemore tells us about it. You can find some really good pieces in there, especially if you like to wear clothes that have a bit of a retro or vintage vibe to them. The good news is that the prices are nearly always what you can afford, so why not give them a try? It can be fun looking around them too, as there are some really unique choices.

Store Credit

Some stores will offer a store card that you can use to get greater discounts on their products. Usually, for signing up, you will be able to get a discount on your purchase, as it is an incentive for signing up. The important point to remember is that you should only be spending on it what you can afford, and if there isn’t an incentive for using the store card that day, then use cash or a debit card. There is no need to get into debt for clothes, but if you can get money off and can afford it, then why not?


Bonus Credit Cards

If you have a credit card that offers you an incentive for spending on it, then like above, as long as you can afford to spend on it, then it can be a good way to get the items you need, as well as get some air miles or other incentives. If you’re going to shop using a credit card then it is a good idea to look for one of the 0 apr credit cards so that you won’t be charged any interest. Just make sure it is all paid off before the zero percent interest time is over.

Look For Cheaper Versions

If you have a taste for the finer things in life, then that can be all well and good, though it will take a toll on your bank balance. So think about what you can be doing to spend a little less. The chain stores out there can have such good deals on really good look-alike pieces, that they could be worth getting instead of the designer pieces. It does pay to shop around.

How are you planning to get your spring and summer wardrobe equipped over the next few months?

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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Let’s Build The Vision Of Perfection

We all appreciate the importance of our appearance. Looking good makes us feel good while it also influences the way we are received by friends, family, colleagues and new acquaintances. So, given that the eyes are the window to the soul, it’s no surprise that so many women worry about this part of their look. With the help of a few simple tricks, though, you’ll soon overcome those problems to unlock your full potential.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at these beauties and your peepers will be better than ever in next to no time.

Get Beautiful Skin

attractive, beautiful, beautiful girl

Before worrying solely about the eyes, you need to ensure that your skin is in generally good health. Otherwise, crows feet and other telltale signs will age you very quickly. Even when you grow old gracefully, this can be something that makes it very hard to take control of your appearance. Even I you’re in your late teens, it’s never too early to start protecting yourself for the future.

By now, you should know that good hydration and a positive sleeping pattern will go a long way to creating smooth, youthful looking skin. However, it’s equally crucial to avoid making the common mistakes that stop so many women from unlocking their true beauty. Otherwise, you’ll be asking for trouble for the whole face, including the eyes.

Put those winning foundations in place, and you should find that far less work is required to maximize those natural appeals. This is good for your pocket as well as your patience.

Apply The Best Products
Eyeliner, Mascara, Cosmetics, Makeup, Beauty, Make Up

Even when you are blessed with sparkling eyes surrounded by youthful skin, it’s inevitable that you will use a little cosmetic support. With many aspects of your health and beauty routines, it’s possible to get away with any regular brand. The eyes are so delicate and central to your look that you must not fall into that trap here. Now is the time to pay added attention to those purchases.

The FDA regularly enforce recalls on faulty items. Without wanting to get unnecessarily worried, steering clear of regular offenders is vital. Instead, choosing reputable brands with high-quality guaranteed is key. Learn more about the best mascaras and eyebrow pencils at Knowing that you’ve picked products built for perfection is vital.

On a similar note, you need to be sure that you are purchasing your cosmetics from trusted retailers and distributors. Fakes can b very damaging, not least when applied to the eyes.

Apply The Best Methods
Eyes, Eyelashes, Eyelid, Eyebrows, Iris, Eyeball

Equipping your handbag with the right cosmetic products is great. However, the overall results will remain limited until you learn how to make the most of them. Without needing to be the next Sir John B, a little skill with those brushes and pads can make a world of difference. Aside from perfecting your look in the mornings, this knowledge will help you rectify any faults during the day.

Simplicity is always the best solution, as the following five ideas highlight. Trick one: brush up your brows. Trick two: use white liner to open your eyes up. Trick three: curl your eyelashes for longer looks. Trick four: use concealer to block and even out bags. Trick five: use damp, warm brushes to get an intense eyeshadow. With those five simple tips, you won’t go far wrong.

Of course, it pays dividends to discover more tricks, especially those for your looks. With the right methods, your eye color, facial shape and skin tones will all see huge benefits.

Keep The Eyes Protected
attractive, brunette, eyewear

With many aspects of your appearance, it’s fairly easy to cover up blemishes and self-inflicted issues. Regarding the eyes, though, prevention is the always the best form of protection. After all, the options for overcoming the problems you’ll encounter are fairly limited. The first step to protecting the eyes is to be prepared for everything that the weather can throw at you.

The warmer months are fast approaching, and finding great sunglasses is essential. For prescription solutions, visit to see the latest brands and styles. Perhaps the more common issue to consider, however, revolves around brushes. Fail to clean them before applying makeup, and you’re essentially asking for bacteria and harmful items to impact this part of your face.

It might not be an exciting part of making your eyes sparkle day after day. Nonetheless, there’s no question that it deserves a serious level of attention for long-lasting results.

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Six Aesthetic Treatments - Book A Consultation!

As cosmetic procedures advance, more of us are seeking advice from aesthetic practitioners and cosmetic nurses, as to the best treatments for our skin. We all want to “hang on” to youthful healthy skin and now there are plenty of ways to help us achieve this. Remember though, beauty and health starts from within, so a well-balanced diet, exercise, good hydration and inner happiness will help your skin glow with health too!
As men and women seek treatments that are a little more advanced than those offered by your beauty therapist or cosmetologist it is essential to ensure that your advanced aesthetic practitioner is suitably qualified. There have been some horrific and damaging results from practitioners without suitable training. The industry has developed rapidly over recent years and has been unregulated. This is surprising is the majority of the treatments are invasive and involve the use of dangerous toxins such as botox.

Thankfully, more regulations are now being put in place. Often aesthetic nurses are required to be a qualified nurse prior to embarking on aesthetic training. Regulations will differ depending on where you live, be sure to look carefully at the training and qualifications your practitioner has achieved.

The remainder of this article aims to look at some of the treatments available, in order to enable a more informed choice.

Botox (botulinum toxin A) is a treatment using a toxin that actually causes botulism. Used in a professional, controlled way botox can be used in cosmetics to temporarily lessen the appearance of facial wrinkles.Botox works by temporarily paralysing the nerves that contract facial muscles ie the muscles that allow you to frown.

Don’t go overboard on your first treatment, you still want your face to look natural and expressive.

Side effects of the treatment include, pain from the injection site and initial headaches. In a very small number of people skin drooping can occur after a few months, once the treatment has worn off.

Botox is also used within clinic environments by doctors to treat neck, limb, bladder and eye conditions in order to reduce muscle spasms.

Dermal fillers
Dermal fillers are useful for aging skin when elasticity is lost. They are safe injectable gels that can help correct wrinkle, scarring and depressions in the skin. The substance used is hyaluronic acid, which is actually found naturally in the skin.

Dermal fillers are also fantastic for plumping areas of the skin, giving a more useful appearance. This could be used around the mouth, cheeks and nose areas. The treatment will be bespoke around your particular need, it can be done relatively quickly and lasts six months - 1 year.

Dermaplaning is an exfoliating treatment which is excellent for those people with fine facial hair, rosacea, sensitive skin and visible, fine facial veins.

One clinic that offers dermaplaning is Dermaplaning Carlsbad, Carlsbad Dermaplaning is carried out by experienced aestheticians.

Dermaplaning results are immediate and reveal a smoother fresher skin.

Lip augmentation
Lip augmentation is very similar to dermal fillers, in that the process involves injecting fillers into the lip area to increase fullness. There are many reasons that people choose this treatment, mainly around not liking the shape of lips that they were genetically predisposed to have. Many people experience their lips becoming thinner as they age, so opt for lip augmentation to achieve a more youthful image.

The procedure takes around 15 minutes. Swelling and redness will be experienced, but should quickly go down. There are risks involved if you don’t choose your aesthetician carefully, such as irregular swollen lips. In very rare cases necrosis and paralysis of the muscle can occur, this is usually caused by an allergic reaction to the filler used.


It’s all about getting the perfect eyebrows at the moment, but what if you were not blessed with perfect brows to start with, or if you have over plucked over the years? There is now a more permanent option than pencilling them in everyday - microblading. Microblading is a form of semi-permanent makeup that will last for around 18 months, after which you will need to top up the treatment or go back to your natural shape. Microblading involves the use of tiny needles and blades to create tiny hairs along your browline, pigment is added and your brows start to take shape. When done properly it is virtually impossible to differentiate between the drawn on hairs and natural ones.

Permanent makeup
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you awoke every morning to a face fully made up, complete with lip colour and eye liner? If you decide to give permanent makeup a try, this could be a reality rather than a dream.

Permanent makeup uses micropigmentation, similar to having a tattoo. The procedure involves the use of needles to deposit pigmentation to the upper layers in your skin. It is relatively safe as long as you use qualified practitioners. Occasionally allergic reactions can occor, which a good practitioner will explain to you.

Ensure you communicate effectively as to what colors you want, it’s not that easy to change your mind once it’s done. Top up treatments may be needed if fading occurs. It is advisable to steer away from the “fully” made up look as fashions and choices have a tendency to change very frequently!

Permanent makeup and microblading is used within the hospital environment for people recovering from cancer treatments.

With advancements occurring so rapidly in the cosmetic industry many unqualified therapists have started offering treatments that they are not fully trained to do. It is essential to do your research and ask to see previous examples of work. If you can meet previous clients - even better!   

As most of the treatments are invasive, using blades, needles and potentially toxic substances great care is needed, check hygiene and if unsure don’t go ahead.

If warnings are heeded new advancements and techniques will allow you to make the most of what nature gave you.

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Ageing Gracefully

Let’s face it, we have no choice but to get older. As each day passes we are another day older, and that means that we have to learn to grow old gracefully. What does that actually mean?  Is it all in the mind or is it physical as well?

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Exercising your way to feeling good

Exercise, no matter what your age, is good for you, and so it shouldn't be a surprise to you that continuing to keep up with exercise into your older years will actually be a great way to grow old gracefully. Of course, you may not be out there running marathons, although, clearly we see success stories of older people smashing the boundaries all of the time; but regular exercise can help you keep at bay some of the common ailments elderly people have such as pains in joints and muscles. It can also help with energy levels, and ward off depression.

A Wrinkle in Time
Of course, as time goes on, the collagen in the skin can start to loosen, and wrinkles can begin to form. It’s always a good idea to start looking into anti-aging products, forming a decent skincare routine, and drinking plenty of water.  Things like collagen powder and regular facials could also be an alternative way to ensure that you tackle the elasticity of the skin and combat the signs of aging.

Taking action on how you feel

Sometimes getting older affects us mentally more than we will let on or communicate with others. Your body changes, you may feel more tired and lethargic during activities, and generally you don’t always feel your best. Have regular checkups and talk to your healthcare provider about how you feeling. Your body gives signs to let you know when something is not right. Aging gracefully means paying attention to the signs so that you can take care of yourself and make sure you are in the best possible condition

Is it all in the mindset?

Finally, is it all in the mind? Is getting old just a feeling? There is a lot to be said about how you feel mentally and that can really impact how you move forward with your life. A great tip to grow old gracefully would be to proactively remain positive about things in your life moving forward.

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