Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Review: Maple Holistics Natural Argan Oil Shampoo

* I received this product sample for free. All views are my own. 

Maple Holistics Natural Argan Oil Shampoo
  You guys know that I'm always on the hunt for a good product, and it's even better when the product is natural.  I was taking my braids out after a few weeks, so my hair was pretty dirty. I typically co-wash, and use a shampoo once a month to remove any buildup.  After having a positive experience with Maple Holistic's  Silk 18 Hair Conditioner, I was looking forward to trying their Argan Oil Shampoo to see how my hair would respond.

 Took my braids out and my hair is in need of a good wash.

According to Maple Holistic's website this shampoo contains "six of the most effective oils for hair and scalp health."   Some of the other benefits they claim are:
  • Can Build Thick, Strong, Luscious Locks.
  • Nourishes Hair And Scalp.
  • Rejuvenates Hair For Softer Tresses.
  • Moisturizes for Hydrated, Softened Hair.
  • Has The Potential To Repair Damaged, Brittle, Dry Hair.
  • Can Aid In Stopping Hair Loss.
  • Helps Make Hair More Manageable.
Yup, I need all of these benefits in my hair life, so I proceeded to wash.
After washing with Maple Holistics Argan Oil Shampoo

This product made my hair feel "squeaky clean."  I typically co-wash, so I could tell that this product works well to remove product buildup.

Want to see if this shampoo will work for your hair?  Click HERE to try for free!

What's better than trying a natural product?  Using a natural product that helps others! Maple Holistics suports The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence! For every bottle of Argan Oil Shampoo sold, Maple Holistics will donate $1 to NCADV.

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Smile Your Way to Success

You can succeed a lot with your smile. It could help you to land your dream job or even attract a partner. This is because smiling builds trust. It’s also infectious – if you smile other people around you will want smile too. Here are a few tricks to help pull of a winning smile, whether you’re trying to look
better in a photo or make a good impression at a first meeting with someone.

Treat your teeth

Many people are ashamed of their smile because of the condition of their teeth. Taking steps to whiten your teeth could be the first step to making you more confident about your smile.
There are plenty of whitening toothpastes on the market using special ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide and activated charcoal to help with tooth whitening. Procoal is one such toothpaste that is popular amongst those wanting to make their teeth whiter. Whitening chewing gums and strips may also help.

There are also whitening procedures that can be done such as veneering and laser whitening. If your teeth are seriously damaged, you could even consider reconstruction surgery as provided by companies such as All on Four. Such procedures are more expensive but could be investment worth taking for those that aren’t happy with their teeth.

Liven up with lipstick

Lipstick can really help to bring out your smile. Certain hues may even make your teeth appear whiter by adding contrast. Purple tones and pinks are particularly good for this, especially if they have a touch of blue in. Besame’s Classic Colour Red is one such lipstick with a brilliant cherry red tone to make your teeth stand out. Try to avoid orangey reds as these may highlight any orangey hues in your teeth. Frosty shimmers can also take away from your smile’s sparkle if you don’t have very white teeth.  

Add a glow to your cheeks

Glowing cheeks can also help to accentuate your smile. A bronzer or blush can help to bring a rosiness to your cheeks, but be careful of being too heavy-handed. There are natural ways to bring a glow to your cheeks such as eating healthily, getting enough sleep and exercising regularly.

Hold your head up

It’s important to look confident as you smile. Hold your head up high to give your smile more impact. Smiling with your head down can also give some people the illusion of having a double chin!

Think happy thoughts

If you’re going to give an encouraging smile, you need to mean it. People can easily spot a fake smile – the eyes are usually a giveaway. This may make people less trusting of you. If you’re trying to smile for a photograph or are attending an event in which you need to be seen to be smiling, try to think happy thoughts that will encourage a genuine smile.

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This post was written by a contributing author in collaboration with primadonna-style.com.

Alternative Beauty Hacks

People usually have a set beauty routine, which is fine, but now there’s so many alternative methods out there to try. Some new methods and products are better for your skin than others, and sometimes what you’re already doing could be harming you more than it is actually doing good. Whatever you do, choose products and processes that make sure you skin is being kept in the best condition possible. Here are a few of the things you can try:


Waxing saves time and energy compared to shaving, but some of the hard wax that is used to remove hair can be pretty harmful to the skin. Perhaps it's time to consider sugaring. It is an alternative method practiced by a few beauty therapist around the country. It eradicates the raw skin you have after a normal wax.  It is all natural and non-toxic, which is what many people are looking for nowadays.

Face Masks

Face masks have long been a favorite part of a girls beauty night. There’s just something special about putting a face mask on and the feeling it gives your skin.  Lately, there are just so many different brands selling different face masks that claim to do different things. We can't help questioning whether they actually work.  One thing that always works is the trusted homemade face mask. Using all natural ingredients from your home is much better for your skin in the long run. One that has long been a favorite is the oatmeal face mask. All you need is some oats, hot water, plain natural yogurt, one egg white, and some honey. Whisk all the ingredients together and apply a thin layer to the face. Leave for 10 minutes and rinse off. It’ll leave your skin feeling hydrated, refreshed, and soft!


If you've spent years searching for your perfect "holy grail" products, then you'll most likely swear by the makeup you use, but there are alternatives out there that can easily boost your beauty routine. A lot of people go for the high end brands that fill their bottles with chemicals and other additives that really aren’t good for the skin. A lot of them are tested on animals which also is a red flag for many people. Now there are brands out there that are advocates for all natural products with limited chemical additives that are better for your skin. They’re often cheaper than the other brands out there, and last longer on your skin.

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This post was written by a contributing author in collaboration with primadonna-style.com.

Should You Work With What You've Got?

We have all been told beauty is fleeting, and many of us fear that time in life when we become unhappy with the way we look.  Instead of fearing the changes that time inevitably brings, learn to work with what you have instead or figure out ways to make the changes you desire.

Care For Your Skin

Image by Harry Victor

The largest organ of the body is the skin. Aside from the face and hair, it's the most seen part of our features. Taking care of your skin is an important habit to cultivate regardless of age, race, or lifestyle.  Cardiovascular training helps for the skin to literally breathe. The toxins that live just underneath the skin are secreted out through your sweat glands, and newer healthier cells replace them. Bouncy, springy-looking skin trumps any amount of foundation. It's a fact that many women will hide spots and signs of acne underneath their makeup which can lead to the condition increasing. Healthy and strong natural skin fights off bacteria to stop these imperfections from taking hold in the first place.

Explore Your Options

Image by Harry Victor

Not only are breasts life giving nourishment for a woman's children; it's one of the parts of a woman’s body that show off her femininity and distinguishes her body-type more so than anything else. Small and petite generally means you have a slender and athletic build. Fuller and larger will signify a larger skeletal and muscle structure. When you’re not satisfied with this part of your body, unfortunately, there’s not much you can do naturally. Once your body has developed, it's going to stay that way. This is one example where many women decide to look into making the changes they desire. Before you make any sudden changes watch videos about breast augmentation surgery, and see whether this is the route for you. There are countless different surgeons, ways of compensating, materials used, procedures, costs and clinics around the world. Don’t make drastic decisions before you’ve looked at your options.

Remember, change is inevitable, it's up to you to take care of your body so that you can show your best self when you present yourself to the world. If you are unhappy with your body as it changes; do your research to determine if you can make the changes that will help you to become more confident and happy with yourself. 

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This post was written by a contributing author in collaboration with primadonna-style.com.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Aging Gracefully

We’ve all heard of the term “aging gracefully”, and most people would agree that there are many things you can do as you age in order to live a more fulfilling life and to focus on more important things–but what if you consider style and fashion to be important? Does that mean you should give up looking your best to make time for other things?

Of course not! That’s absurd!

Growing old doesn’t deny you the joys of looking and feeling great about your appearance or your style, so swat away those negative comments and let’s take a look at how you can continue looking fantastic even as you grow older.

It’s fine to change your style

As we grow older, our signature style might gradually shift. This might be because our body shape slowly changes or it could be because the clothes we used to wear no longer fit us. Changing your style is perfectly acceptable and a lot of people go through it when they reach the mid-point in their lives.

A good thing to keep in mind is that many famous fashion designers such as Rei Kawakubo (Founder of Comme des Garçons and Dover Street Market) and Miuccia Prada (Prada and Miu Miu) are still working hard to create new styles and they're both in their later years. It just goes to show that fashion and style have no age limit. Take a look at websites such as ThatsNotMyAge.com to fully embrace the idea of developing a new style or sense of fashion as you grow older.

Work on Maintaining Your Appearance

As we age, it’s important to focus on things like taking care of our skin, changing our diet and doing a little more exercise. Youth usually means your body has an easier time adapting; therefore it’s important to try and get as fit as possible and take care of your skin and appearance no matter what your age might be.

However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t also rely on external help. For instance, platelet-rich plasma (or PRP for short) is a procedure that seeks to improve your complexion and skin texture that has been lost over time due to age and other environmental effects. You can visit Plassurg.co.nz for details if this interests you.  Thankfully, it becomes easier the more time you put into adopting good habits during your earlier years.

Some final words

Growing old doesn’t mean having to give up your fashion, style or beauty. Don’t let the negative opinions of others affect how you perceive yourself or how you want to appear. Do what makes you comfortable in life and don’t let your age put you off–it’s just a number!

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This post was written by a contributing author in collaboration with primadonna-style.com.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

What Makes Your Signature Style?

More than just looking good, the fashion, makeup, and beauty knowledge that we gather regularly allows us to do one thing above all else. It helps us to set up a visual identity with our look. Crafting a signature style that lets us stand out, look good, and feel like we’re still ourselves is very important to being confident in your style choices. If you want a real signature style, you have to go beyond how you change your look, as well. Here are three key elements that play into really being yourself.

Accessories are all well and good for complementing an outfit, but few things are quite as powerful as the right scent. The right scent can express personality and communicate moods wordlessly. Smell is one of the senses most deeply linked to memory, so an evocative scent can reach very deeply into people’s minds. Make sure you have not just one scent, but a range to go with different outfits and different occasions and know when to use them. For instance, what is the difference between perfumes and eau de toilette? While perfume might create a stronger scent and a more intimate experience, it can be a little overbearing for regular use, where eau de toilette with its lower essential oil concentration might be better suited for everyday. Know which tool to use for the job, and when.

Confidence is essential for looking good in any outfit. You’re going to have a harder time wowing others or feeling like you’re pulling off an outfit if you don’t look or feel confident.  Start taking on body language cues that not only communicate confidence but actually perform somewhat if a mind trick by making you feel more confident. Straighten your posture and communicate with positive body language. It makes you all the more noticeable, but it also helps you grow the body positivity to be fearless in how you dress and present yourself.
We have all seen the thousands of images of sultry looking women wearing mysterious, stoic, and even slightly hostile looks on their face. It makes a lovely evocative image, but in reality, if someone constant wears tightly furrowed brows and a frown, they don’t come across as mysterious or mature. They simply make us think they are a drag to be around. Smiles are important to feeling confident, to communicating positivity, and to succeeding in just about whatever you want your outfit to do. Even if you have trouble smiling naturally, you can practice. Much like confident body language, even practiced smiles are likely to have a neurological effect of making you feel a distinct increase in your mood. Of course, for some looks and some occasions, a smile might not be the most appropriate thing, but in everyday life, smiling almost always helps.
Beyond enhancing whatever look you might be going for, the tips above are going to improve your confidence so that you feel and look much better regardless of what you’re wearing or what makeup you have on.

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This post was written by a contributing author in collaboration with primadonna-style.com.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Take A Color Risk

If you’re a woman who wishes she could wear more color, then you’ve come to the right place. Sure, wearing neutral or black outfits from time to time can be work appropriate, and even look cool, but wearing color can instantly cheer up a rainy day and put a smile on anybody’s face! People who wear color often find that they are in a better mood from day to day, as the things we wear can impact our mood more than we realize.

This comprehensive guide will help you to find ways to wear color that suit you perfectly, so you can feel confident in every outfit that you throw on. Enjoy!

Figure Out The Colors You Feel Best In
You don’t have to be a walking rainbow and wear every single color imaginable to sport more color. You can simply figure out the bright colors that you feel best in and stick with those, like your own personal ‘color palette.’ You may prefer pastels, while somebody else prefers bright, jewel tones. You might want bright red to be your signature color, or something on the opposite end of the spectrum. You might even want to wear every color imaginable. It’s totally up to you.

To help you decide, you can hold colors next to your face and make a note of the ones that make your eyes and skin pop, and forget the ones that make you look ‘washed out’. There are plenty of articles on this kind of thing to clue you in too. Just remember, if a color apparently washes you out but you feel great in it none the less, you should wear it! Wear all the colors of the rainbow or stick to three that you love; it really doesn’t matter. Just figure out what suits you/what you love and that’s how you can get started.

Start By Adding A Pop Of Color
If you’re not used to wearing color, start by adding a pop of a color you love. So, if you usually wear black, consider adding a bright red bag or top. Just wear one bright item and see how you feel; make a note of how it brightens your outfit. You can continue to do this until you have even more confidence and what to wear even more colors! However, some people prefer to stick to neutral outfits with just a hint of color permanently. Don’t force yourself to wear more color if it doesn’t feel like ‘you’.

Try Color Blocking
Color blocking is a fabulous way to wear more color than ever. You can wear complimentary colors, the same color in different shades and tones, or even colors that contrast one another. Confused on how you can figure out which colors work best? A color wheel can help you! The key is not to be afraid of making mistakes and just go for it with the colors and items that you like. How about wearing a bright red top with purple accessories to contrast? If you prefer to wear colors that look good together, an orange tunic with teal accessories could work.

Wear Colorful Shoes
Really unsure on where to start incorporating color? Try wearing colorful shoes! Make sure you browse for shoes that are bright or have a funky pattern, and they’ll make a statement and ease you into honing a more colorful style. You can never have too many pairs of colorful, crazy shoes to  complement otherwise neutral outfits.

Follow The Right Social Media Influencers
Social media is a wonderful tool for collecting inspiration and gathering tips from people you admire. Instagram, Pinterest, and other sites online are full of bloggers and influencers you can follow and take a few tips from. Just take a look at the Confetti Crowd over on Instagram - each one of them wears all colors of the rainbow confidently, and yet they still have their own unique style that shines through in everything that they wear. This may seem a bit much to you at first, but you can definitely find influencers who mix just the right amount of color and pattern with neutral clothing too. It all depends on how far you want to take this!

Wear More Colorful Jewelry
Colorful jewelry is another really simple way to add more color to your outfit. Just take a look at Iris Apfel - there’s no such thing as ‘too much’, especially when you’re looking at your outfit like a work of art. She wears bangles on top of bangles, multiple statement necklaces at once, huge earrings, glasses, and more. She looks amazing! Here are some colorful jewelry tips you can use to get it right:
  • Mix different jewelry styles to create texture with different materials, colors, and vibes.
  • Make sure you look for appropriate gaps to fill in with your outfit, pay attention to sleeve length, neckline, and so on.
  • Practice layering different pieces of jewelry for a more relaxed, boho vibe.
  • Don’t forget to have a mix of statement and more dainty pieces to balance out your look.

Remember, if you like the way your jewelry looks, don’t worry about it being ‘too much’. Take a leaf out of some of the most stylish women in the world’s book and think of your outfit like a work of art.  

Have Lots of Fun With Your Style
If you’re not having fun experimenting with your style, what’s the point in any of this at all? Have as much fun as you can, trying styles you would never have tried before, testing the waters to see what you like the look of. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Pretty soon, you’ll learn what works for you and what you love to wear. Even when you’ve found what works for you, don’t forget to continue experimenting every now and again!

Do you have any tips of your own you feel could help people to enjoy a more colorful style? Leave them below.

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This post was written by a contributing author in collaboration with primadonna-style.com.