Thursday, December 14, 2017

3 Things You Can Do With An Old Tattoo

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If you have had a tattoo for a while, then it might have started to fade, or you may have grown tired of it. Perhaps you've been considering getting something done to fix it. No matter where it is on
your body, here are three things you can do with your old tattoo.


If you still like your old tattoo, then one option is to have it recolored. This is where you consult your tattoo artist and see if there are areas of your tattoo that can be brightened up and made to look new again. One of the main ways a tattoo artist will do this is by going over all of the black lines in your tattoo to make them bolder, and then they might go and recolor the other colors in your tattoo. Getting this done is a great choice if your tattoo means a lot to you and want to keep it, but feel it has started to look old or faded.


If you have grown tired of your old tattoo, then removal might be the option for you. You might want the tattoo removed for other reasons, too. Whatever it is, you can get it lasered off over several sessions. This can be painful and time-consuming, but it should fully remove the tattoo from your body. Another option is to use some tattoo removal cream. You can read more about these methods on Skin Tru. Removing a tattoo will mean that it is gone forever, so if is something that you regret getting you won’t have to worry about it anymore. If you feel you have outgrown it, then you won’t need to worry about that either.

Cover It

The final option of what to do with an old tattoo is to get it covered. You can take your old faded tattoo and get a brand new tattoo inked over the top. This might incorporate your old tattoo, or it might be something entirely fresh; the choice is yours. This new tattoo will need to be larger than your old tattoo to fully cover it, but if that isn’t a problem, then this might be the solution for you. The benefit of getting a cover-up can be that you get to have an excellent new tattoo and still remember your old one underneath. It also removes the need to have the tattoo removed as you can just replace it with something that you like more or that is more appropriate.

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Making Peace With Your Body

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Loving your body, especially in a world where the female figure is so often picked over and criticized, is a continuous work in progress. You probably won’t just wake up one day and love everything about your body, but you can gradually learn to see yourself in a more positive light. The thing is, that every body is beach body ready. All you need to do is add sand and sea!
Body Confidence and Mental Health
Much of body confidence comes down to learning to love your flaws which makes you generally more confident and easy to be around. Just looking in the mirror at your naked self might be a challenge, but do it and smile. Look at each part, and admire what makes your body unique.

Of course, if you are really struggling, you may need some more help. Plastic surgery might be ridiculed if it is a not so well kept secret with the Hollywood stars, but if you can be your very best self with a smaller nose (for example) then this treatment could be all you need to boost your confidence and get on with your life. You need to do what is best for you.
Fitness and Happiness
Exercise is amazing.  It boosts your endorphins to make you feel happier and generally much healthier too. It also makes your body stronger and helps you make changes that bring more confidence as you get closer to your body goals.

While you may not be able to exercise your way to supermodel skinny legs you can reduce your excess fat and make changes. 
Dress for the Body You Have
In lots of ways, fashion can be cruel. Just when you find some clothes you love, styles change, and now nothing in the stores seems to fit correctly. No matter what your body shape or weight, we have all been there!

The fact is that when fashion changes every few months, last season’s stuff that looked amazing on you should stay in your wardrobe. No one is judging you for wearing things that look amazing. Wear the things that make you feel good.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Rapunzel Who? Tips For Growing Long, Healthy Hair

If your hair is your crowning glory, it can be frustrating when you’re going through the process of growing it out. Without question, growing your hair takes time, but there are things you can do to speed it up and enjoy healthier, fuller strands at the same time. Whether you’re growing out a bad haircut, growing your hair for your wedding, or you’re dealing with thinning hair, there are solutions that may help you achieve your hair goals. Here are a few tips on how to grow long and healthy hair.
Hair Growth from April 2015- June 2017

Start with a trim
It might sound like the opposite of what you want to achieve, but healthy hair growth starts with a good cut. It’s better to grow hair with ends that aren’t damaged and split to help ensure your hair is in tip-top condition when it does grow. Ask your stylist to cut off the damaged hair and give your hair the healthiest start for hair growth. If you’ve got processed hair, be prepared to cut off a lot to return your hair to its natural state.

Reduce or eliminate heat styling

This is a tough one, especially if you have a special place in your heart for your straighteners. Heat damage can cause hair to break from the ends, meaning any hair growth progress you do make is likely to snap back off. If you love to put some curl in your hair, check out heatless ways to curl that won’t leave your hair damaged. On those occasions where you do need a bit of heat styling, make sure you use a good heat protector to keep your hair protected from damage.

Seek treatment

Hair treatments can be a great way restore your hair to its former glory. Thinning hair can be caused by different factors like weight loss, stress, medical treatment, as well as having a baby. There are many options available like a postpartum hair loss treatment, chemical-related hair loss treatment, and others which could help you to grow healthy hair once more. These sorts of treatments are great for boosting your confidence, especially after some major life changes.

Take supplements

There are many supplements out there that can help boost your hair growth,certain vitamins are missing from your diet. Biotin is one of the most popular supplements available to help treat thinning hair and encourage hair growth. While you’ll find plenty of other options at your local pharmacy or drugstore, make sure you start by eating a diet that’s rich in protein to help give your hair strength and nourishment from the inside.

Image: Pixabay

No matter what your hair growth goal, taking steps to take better care of it is what will help you succeed and manage not just longer, but healthier hair too. To help you along the way, there are some
excellent hair care products to help with the transitioning stage to natural hair as well as keep your hair in great condition. Perseverance is the key, so don’t give up if you don’t experience results straight away - your hair will catch up in the end!

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Common Causes of Bad Skin

How often do you think of skin as the most vital organ in the body? The answer is not a lot for the majority of people. If anything, it’s one of the least maintained body parts because it is durable. No matter what you throw at it, metaphorically speaking, it faces it head-on and comes back stronger. Skin even regenerates! However, it isn’t indestructible and something as flaky as clogged pores can weaken it and make it sag. Even worse, a daily battering may encourage the onset of wrinkles and the signs of aging. Before you research how to fight back, you have to understand the main causes of bad skin. Here are the most common ones to consider.

Dead Skin

Unfortunately, your skin is often the main cause of its downfall because it creates new cells and sheds old ones. As the mature cells fall away, they get trapped in the pores and build up over time. Should you not exfoliate enough or should your skin get dryer, the dead skin cells can become a huge problem. In fact, it’s one of the most common reasons for damaged skin, and it has nothing to do with harmful chemicals and foreign substances.


The average woman wears makeup almost every day. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look your very best when they step out of the house. However, it is worth noting that your skin will not thank you for applying bronzer and foundation. Because makeup is heavy, it often sinks into the pores and doesn’t come out even with warm, soapy water. Thankfully, antibacterial wipes and a skin care pore mask can help, but you have to be careful and make sure you clean every inch of skin thoroughly. Otherwise, it may cause a dangerous build up.

Bad Diet

You aren’t the only one who tries and maintains their skin. As it happens, your body also attempts to regulate itself, including the pores. The problem is that it can only do so much with the little it has. If there aren’t enough vitamins in the bloodstream, for example, it can’t keep skin tight and moist and battle the signs of aging. To do that, you have to be proactive with your diet and make sure you consume healthy nutrients. Junk food has little nutritional value and makes skin oilier and greasier.

The Weather

In the summer, the heat makes the glands produce sweat which then clogs pores. In the wintertime, it’s even worse because the cold air dries out skin and leaves pores vulnerable. As winter progresses, make sure to keep it exfoliated and moisturized in the dry air.

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Monday, December 11, 2017

Getting Ready For Spring Fashion Launches

Spring might seem a long way off yet, but in the world of fashion, spring is already here. The designs and styles that will define next year’s first key season are already on the mannequins. You might already have caught a glimpse or two of what’s to come but didn't quite realize it. So what can you do to make sure you’re ready to pick out those spring essentials as soon as the new collections are launched?

Get some room
You need to get your closet ready by making space for any new fashion additions. The last thing you want to do to fresh new fabrics is to crumple and crush them in with everything else. If you are fed up with forever having to rummage to find the items you want, carve out the time right now to get organized.

Start by pulling out the things you know deep in your heart won’t be worn again. Get the ‘must-keeps’ on one side of your closet ready to come out when the weather changes. Your winter wardrobe essentials should be on the other side. Everything else should be stored away out of the way, or wrapped up to be sold.

Do some research
Styles and designs don’t just come from thin air. They instead evolve from what has gone before and what is hot right now. Check out the latest fashion mag pics and blog images. Friend your favorite stores and designers on Facebook and follow their Twitter accounts. Have a look at for some ideas here. The marketing machine for this industry is huge, and it is effective. You will soon start to be rewarded with teaser Tweets and Facebook posts that might reveal a few things.

If you'd like to go deeper into the world of fashion, head to some catwalk shows and design conventions or exhibitions. This will give you first-hand experience of what goes on behind the scenes in fashion to bring you the latest ideas and developments. It’s not likely that much of what is on that catwalk will make it to the stores you love. But there will be plenty of similar looking wardrobe choices developed from what you see in a show.

Raising the funds
By now you might be getting quite excited about what is coming in the spring. The trouble is, new fashion essentials cost money. It’s time to get back to that clear out. Now you need to look for all your old books and textbooks to see what can be sold to create some money. They often hold their value quite well. Next it’s time to clear out all those old DVDs and games you don’t want anymore. Tally up what you’ve got, and make a move to sell them.

If you have any old tablets or phones, they could go into the fashion fund too. Simply head to websites like and see how much you can get for them. Once you’ve sold your belongings, you’ll have a better idea what your fashion fund budget might be. It might not be huge, but it will still go a long way toward covering the cost of your staples for the new season.

Now for the rest of it. You’ve got fashion options to sell, and you might even have some odd items you’re ready to get rid of. Don’t just bin it. Instead, take the time to photograph it and write up a description. Listings online are always removed after a short period of time. If you haven’t managed to sell these things by then, try a yard or garage sale. Every little bit helps when it comes to replacing your wardrobe for the new season.

Ask the questions
Very few staff in the stores, boutiques and outlets actually know much about the decisions made higher up in the head office. If you want to know when your favorite store is getting their spring lines in, you need to ask on social media. Most big names in fashion hire people to watch those channels and platforms. If you ask a question like that, they are trained to answer you. If they don’t know the answer, chances are they’ll find it for you.

Do still speak to the staff in store. If nothing else, you might get a hint about when the end-of-line sales are starting. You know that the spring lines will be in before that date. You can also ask the same questions in other stores that you might not ordinarily shop in. There is often a race among the retail chains to be the first to get their new lines out.

Go, go, go
On the first day of the spring line launch, be sure to take your time to peruse what has arrived in store. Many retailers have waves of products come in rather than stocking everything in a line all at once. Your favorite store might be the same. There are bound to be other new items trickled into the retail space during the course of the next month or so. Take your time to decide if you really want the wardrobe items that are available right now.

Waiting can also be a problem though. Some lines are short lived so once the stock is sold then there is no more. Do try everything on to check it’s right for you. This is especially true if the designs for the season are quite different from your usual choices. Finally, buy the items you need most as your staples or to replace wardrobe items you no longer want. Add these to the rest of your spring closet items, and you’re ready to dress for the latest season.

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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Dealing with Body Image Issues

In an ideal world, we’d all be totally happy with the way we looked. We wouldn’t look in the mirror and see a crooked nose or excess weight - we’d see a happy person living their best life.

Unfortunately, life isn’t like that and most of us, even those men and women we’d consider to be the most beautiful on the planet, have their issues. There are few if any of us who, given the opportunity, wouldn’t wave a magic wand and change at least one aspect of ourselves.

Sadly, it isn’t possible to use magic to boost our confidence by changing our looks. However, it is possible to effectively deal with our body image issues, so that we are happier, healthier and more confident in ourselves. Here are just a few ways we can do that:

Be Grateful

Even if you are really unhealthy and you’re currently struggling with your weight or your skin is constantly breaking out, be grateful for the fact that you’re alive and you have a body that is, in most ways, working for you. Be grateful for your body, even if it is imperfect and you’ll immediately start to feel a little better about your body issues.

Good Grooming

Whether you think you’re too fat or thin, have too much hair or too little, you’re worried about cellulite or you feel like your nose is too big, taking the time to groom yourself - looking after your skin, showering regularly, looking after your hair, wearing clean clothes - will give you an instant confidence boost and ensure that you look the best you can.

Cosmetic Procedures

It isn’t the cheapest option, and you should probably try a few other things in this post first, but if you really have an issue with a certain aspect of your body, a company like Atlanta Face and Body, could correct the ‘problem’ and give you some instant confidence. Just make sure that you aren’t the kind of person who will fix one ‘flaw’ only to find ten more.


No matter what shape you’re in, making an effort to exercise moderately can boost your confidence and make you feel more comfortable in your own skin. It's empowering to take your body goals into your own hands and training it to be strong, fit, and, attractive.  This will make all the difference in how you feel about yourself.

See a Therapist

If you really struggle with your body image; for example, being unhappy even if you lose all the weight you want to or having the kind of looks that most people could only dream of, yet all you see when you look in the mirror are flaws, it is possible that you might need a little extra help from a therapist like those at EBT Seattle. It’s not uncommon to have disordered thoughts about your body, and the right therapy and medication can make a difference if that’s the case.

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Friday, December 8, 2017

Fashion Tips for First Impressions

Many times in a woman's life she has to work harder to be taken seriously. Not only do women have to be prepared to prove themselves in some of life's most stressful situations, but they are also required to look the part.  To help you get it right during we’re going to look at how to dress in some of the most commonly scrutinized situations.

The interview

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You can be sure that all eyes will be on you during an interview. Many of them will take your appearance into account when they make their final decision. Do your research on the employer beforehand so that you will know what attire is appropriate. Setting the right tone is everything.

The investments

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We also come under scrutiny when making big investments throughout our lives. You may be applying for a loan or buying an investment property. Whatever your needs, any money lender or salesperson will take your appearance into account. After all, they’ll use this to judge your financial footing. With this in mind, go all out there. Mix an impressive outfit with splashes of gold, and you’re definitely getting approved.

The first date

Image Source
Let’s not forget that all important first date. More than anywhere, your appearance will be the determining factor here. Men are visual, so if you don't catch his eye, he won’t be asking to see you again. If you think he's a keeper; then consider this when putting your outfit together. Remember to keep things modest with a hint of sexy.

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