Monday, December 11, 2017

Getting Ready For Spring Fashion Launches

Spring might seem a long way off yet, but in the world of fashion, spring is already here. The designs and styles that will define next year’s first key season are already on the mannequins. You might already have caught a glimpse or two of what’s to come but didn't quite realize it. So what can you do to make sure you’re ready to pick out those spring essentials as soon as the new collections are launched?

Get some room
You need to get your closet ready by making space for any new fashion additions. The last thing you want to do to fresh new fabrics is to crumple and crush them in with everything else. If you are fed up with forever having to rummage to find the items you want, carve out the time right now to get organized.

Start by pulling out the things you know deep in your heart won’t be worn again. Get the ‘must-keeps’ on one side of your closet ready to come out when the weather changes. Your winter wardrobe essentials should be on the other side. Everything else should be stored away out of the way, or wrapped up to be sold.

Do some research
Styles and designs don’t just come from thin air. They instead evolve from what has gone before and what is hot right now. Check out the latest fashion mag pics and blog images. Friend your favorite stores and designers on Facebook and follow their Twitter accounts. Have a look at for some ideas here. The marketing machine for this industry is huge, and it is effective. You will soon start to be rewarded with teaser Tweets and Facebook posts that might reveal a few things.

If you'd like to go deeper into the world of fashion, head to some catwalk shows and design conventions or exhibitions. This will give you first-hand experience of what goes on behind the scenes in fashion to bring you the latest ideas and developments. It’s not likely that much of what is on that catwalk will make it to the stores you love. But there will be plenty of similar looking wardrobe choices developed from what you see in a show.

Raising the funds
By now you might be getting quite excited about what is coming in the spring. The trouble is, new fashion essentials cost money. It’s time to get back to that clear out. Now you need to look for all your old books and textbooks to see what can be sold to create some money. They often hold their value quite well. Next it’s time to clear out all those old DVDs and games you don’t want anymore. Tally up what you’ve got, and make a move to sell them.

If you have any old tablets or phones, they could go into the fashion fund too. Simply head to websites like and see how much you can get for them. Once you’ve sold your belongings, you’ll have a better idea what your fashion fund budget might be. It might not be huge, but it will still go a long way toward covering the cost of your staples for the new season.

Now for the rest of it. You’ve got fashion options to sell, and you might even have some odd items you’re ready to get rid of. Don’t just bin it. Instead, take the time to photograph it and write up a description. Listings online are always removed after a short period of time. If you haven’t managed to sell these things by then, try a yard or garage sale. Every little bit helps when it comes to replacing your wardrobe for the new season.

Ask the questions
Very few staff in the stores, boutiques and outlets actually know much about the decisions made higher up in the head office. If you want to know when your favorite store is getting their spring lines in, you need to ask on social media. Most big names in fashion hire people to watch those channels and platforms. If you ask a question like that, they are trained to answer you. If they don’t know the answer, chances are they’ll find it for you.

Do still speak to the staff in store. If nothing else, you might get a hint about when the end-of-line sales are starting. You know that the spring lines will be in before that date. You can also ask the same questions in other stores that you might not ordinarily shop in. There is often a race among the retail chains to be the first to get their new lines out.

Go, go, go
On the first day of the spring line launch, be sure to take your time to peruse what has arrived in store. Many retailers have waves of products come in rather than stocking everything in a line all at once. Your favorite store might be the same. There are bound to be other new items trickled into the retail space during the course of the next month or so. Take your time to decide if you really want the wardrobe items that are available right now.

Waiting can also be a problem though. Some lines are short lived so once the stock is sold then there is no more. Do try everything on to check it’s right for you. This is especially true if the designs for the season are quite different from your usual choices. Finally, buy the items you need most as your staples or to replace wardrobe items you no longer want. Add these to the rest of your spring closet items, and you’re ready to dress for the latest season.

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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Dealing with Body Image Issues

In an ideal world, we’d all be totally happy with the way we looked. We wouldn’t look in the mirror and see a crooked nose or excess weight - we’d see a happy person living their best life.

Unfortunately, life isn’t like that and most of us, even those men and women we’d consider to be the most beautiful on the planet, have their issues. There are few if any of us who, given the opportunity, wouldn’t wave a magic wand and change at least one aspect of ourselves.

Sadly, it isn’t possible to use magic to boost our confidence by changing our looks. However, it is possible to effectively deal with our body image issues, so that we are happier, healthier and more confident in ourselves. Here are just a few ways we can do that:

Be Grateful

Even if you are really unhealthy and you’re currently struggling with your weight or your skin is constantly breaking out, be grateful for the fact that you’re alive and you have a body that is, in most ways, working for you. Be grateful for your body, even if it is imperfect and you’ll immediately start to feel a little better about your body issues.

Good Grooming

Whether you think you’re too fat or thin, have too much hair or too little, you’re worried about cellulite or you feel like your nose is too big, taking the time to groom yourself - looking after your skin, showering regularly, looking after your hair, wearing clean clothes - will give you an instant confidence boost and ensure that you look the best you can.

Cosmetic Procedures

It isn’t the cheapest option, and you should probably try a few other things in this post first, but if you really have an issue with a certain aspect of your body, a company like Atlanta Face and Body, could correct the ‘problem’ and give you some instant confidence. Just make sure that you aren’t the kind of person who will fix one ‘flaw’ only to find ten more.


No matter what shape you’re in, making an effort to exercise moderately can boost your confidence and make you feel more comfortable in your own skin. It's empowering to take your body goals into your own hands and training it to be strong, fit, and, attractive.  This will make all the difference in how you feel about yourself.

See a Therapist

If you really struggle with your body image; for example, being unhappy even if you lose all the weight you want to or having the kind of looks that most people could only dream of, yet all you see when you look in the mirror are flaws, it is possible that you might need a little extra help from a therapist like those at EBT Seattle. It’s not uncommon to have disordered thoughts about your body, and the right therapy and medication can make a difference if that’s the case.

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Friday, December 8, 2017

Fashion Tips for First Impressions

Many times in a woman's life she has to work harder to be taken seriously. Not only do women have to be prepared to prove themselves in some of life's most stressful situations, but they are also required to look the part.  To help you get it right during we’re going to look at how to dress in some of the most commonly scrutinized situations.

The interview

Image Source

You can be sure that all eyes will be on you during an interview. Many of them will take your appearance into account when they make their final decision. Do your research on the employer beforehand so that you will know what attire is appropriate. Setting the right tone is everything.

The investments

Image Source

We also come under scrutiny when making big investments throughout our lives. You may be applying for a loan or buying an investment property. Whatever your needs, any money lender or salesperson will take your appearance into account. After all, they’ll use this to judge your financial footing. With this in mind, go all out there. Mix an impressive outfit with splashes of gold, and you’re definitely getting approved.

The first date

Image Source
Let’s not forget that all important first date. More than anywhere, your appearance will be the determining factor here. Men are visual, so if you don't catch his eye, he won’t be asking to see you again. If you think he's a keeper; then consider this when putting your outfit together. Remember to keep things modest with a hint of sexy.

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Invest in Your Appearance

While we may might not like it, people initially judge you in the first few seconds after they meet you for the first time. Your appearance sends a message about who you are, what your values and priorities might be, and how you manage your relationships. Showing respect and presenting a neat appearance are simple practices successful people exercise every day. Perhaps there are some slight imperfections that cause you to feel uncomfortable with you appearance.  Take some time to research if there are treatments or services that you can purchase to correct the things that you want changed.  Taking control of your destiny and investing in yourself may help you feel more confident.

Do It For Yourself

Have you ever had a great hair day, slipped into the perfect outfit, and you felt like you look amazing?  That is until you look in the mirror and spot that scar from elementary school, or you smile and see the uneven teeth that have been nagging at your confidence for years. In today's fast paced world, you can get a dental implant or a cosmetic intervention in just a few hours, and change your life forever. If you believe that everyone keeps on staring at your uneven teeth, you might want to learn more about the day surgery treatments available. If you have a clearly visible scar, you can get this resolved in just a few days, too. Do you research and make up your mind to correct the things that bother you.

Change Your Outlook
When you start feeling comfortable in your skin, your attitude towards life and people will change. You will become more confident, more optimistic, and more assertive. Money tends to be a major concern when looking into cosmetic procedures but in some instances you simply cannot put a price on feeling good when you wake up, and not living with anxiety of being judged due to a few imperfections. A more confident you can achieve goals easier, think clearer, and improve your communication at work and with strangers. You might find it easier to make new friends, and your social life will improve.

No More Hiding
Living with a skin condition, can be painful. Many people spend time hiding patches, scars and marks, to avoid awkward questions and stares. You may have a tattoo that you got as a teen that you are hiding today. Your hands or face might be covered with moles, or you have a scar left over from an operation. If your skin condition or scars are impacting your body image, or stopping you from wearing whatever you want, you might need to see  a specialist and seek expert advice.

You Can Improve Your Health

In some cases, getting a cosmetic treatment doesn’t only boost your confidence, but also your health. If you are fed up with wearing large glasses all the time, and you get a laser eye surgery, you can become a new person, and be able to do more than before. Imagine getting out of the swimming pool and seeing clearly, or using the computer without glasses. Likewise, if you have to deal with unsightly varicose veins, so you can start wearing skirts and shorts again, you can become a healthier person, as the risk of thrombosis will be lowered through the surgery. You might have been neglecting your oral health, and you have stained teeth. Once you get them cleaned and veneers put on, you can look better, while protecting your oral health. Not to mention the several mental health benefits of feeling good about yourself.

Not feeling good about the body you were given can cause a lot of worry and anxiety. As soon as you notice that your imperfections are starting to impact your life and mental health, take time out to seek advice from a professional.

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Monday, December 4, 2017

Nix These Makeup Mistakes.

If you're not a makeup pro then you're bound to make mistakes from time to time. Of course there are a few mistakes that tend to be more common than others. Check out these common makeup mistakes so you can make sure they aren't ruining your look.

The Foundation Neck Line

This is a mistake people make when they apply a foundation that doesn’t suit the natural color of their skin. It’s either too dark or too light and ends up creating a line between the neck and face - where the foundation ends. This essentially gives you a two-toned appearance, with your neck and face different colors. This beauty blunder can easily be fixed by matching your skin to the right shade.

Source: pxhere

Clumpy Eyelashes From Too Much Mascara

We all want to make our eyelashes stand out and look longer and thicker. This is where mascara comes into play, but it can often go wrong. By applying too much mascara, we end up with clumpy eyelashes. Invest in a good metal eyelash comb and pass it though your lashes in between each coat of mascara that you apply to avoid the dreaded spider leg look.

Source: pixabay

Applying The Wrong Shade Of Lipstick

Everyone is not best suited to everything, and this is so true when it comes to lipstick. A lot of people ruin a good look by wearing a shade of lippy that just doesn’t suit them. Don't just get stuck on wearing a certain brand that you'll settle for any shade. Also remember what looks good on some may not look good on all. Look for companies that will proudly proclaim; our lipstick collection has lot of different shades for lots of different skin tones.

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Messing Up Your Lipstick Application
Sticking with the lip theme; a lot of people mess up when applying their lipstick - even after picking the right shade. Invest in a great lip liner that will help you shape your lips and prevent feathering. Then watch a few youtube videos and practice creating the perfect pout.

Using A Greasy Moisturizer

Before you start applying any makeup to your face, you need to moisturize it. This ensures your skin doesn’t dry out, and it should help your foundation settle better. Unfortunately, some of us make the mistake of using a moisturizer that makes our face too greasy. As a result, your makeup struggles to stay on, and the slightest brush of anything on your face will rub it off. This leads to stained tops, and lots of greasy faced selfies. Look for an oil free moisturizer or use a primer before applying your foundation to mattify your face and to help your makeup stay on longer.

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Winter Blues: How To Dress In Blue This Season

Blue is a versatile color that can be worn year round, however this cool color feels particularly suited to the winter months. Here are some ways that you can incorporate more blue into your wardrobe this season.

Mix tones and textures

It’s possible to dress all in blue, but beware of being too matchy-matchy. Mixing tones is a great way of combating this and making your outfit look less cartoonish. For example, try matching a dark navy coat with light blue jeans, or a baby blue sweater with dark blue jeans. Different textures such as denim mixed with cotton can also work well.

Use earthy blues

Fever Faux Fur Jacket Coat Primary Cool Striped Sweater Asos Pants With High Waist Rock & Republic Chrissie Pumps Charming Charlie Chain Gem Bib Necklace

Whilst blue can remind us of calming natural sights such as the sea and the sky, you want to avoid using too many bright neon shades that are better suited for the summer. Pastel blues may offer an earthier wintry feel. Few materials are naturally blue – most are heavily dyed – but it is possible to work some natural blue into your wardrobe through gemstones. Companies such as Silver and Turquoise Native American Jewelers have some beautiful blue bling with a natural and rustic feel. Shiny gems such as sapphire can also be great for this season.

Try the white-blue ombre

The ombre effect involves slowly fading one colour into another. For the ultimate wintry look, the white-blue ombre is perfect. There are dresses out there available from online stores like Polyvore that use this ombre effect. Alternatively, you can create your own ombre t-shirt or dress by dip-dyeing a white shirt into blue ink. The white-blue ombre can also work simply by piecing together different pieces of clothing, each one lighter than the next, such as white shoes, light blue denim jeans and a dark blue top.

Heat things up with reds and oranges

Red and orange are complimentary colors to blue. They can help to build a great contrast for adding more energy to your outfit. An orange top can look great contrasted with a cobalt blue skirt or leggings. You can even make formal work wear more energetic such as contrasting a blue blazer with an orange shirt. Mixing contrasting colors creates a sense of energy so this may not be ideal for calmer environments.

Create a pop of color

For a more subtle outfit choice, you could simply stick to black, white and grey, but add a pop of blue to give it that extra unique feel. The best way to add a pop of color is through accessories. When dressing all black, consider a bright blue scarf as a focal point. You could even consider a matching blue scarf, gloves and hat calmed down with some grey or black clothing. Winter is also the time to try blue nail varnish. Along with a blue necklace or scarf, this can make an excellent pop of color.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Flatten Your Stomach without Surgery

Everyone wants to have a flat stomach, but it isn’t always easy to get the kind of results you would like when you would like them.
Unless you’re able to have
body contouring treatments, that will laser away your fat deposits for you, you're stuck working on flattening your tummy the old fashioned way.
Remember, you can’t go from fat to flat in an instant by simply using exercise, and you can’t just do crunches to flatten your stomach. Losing the belly fat has to be a whole-body weight loss exercise. Of course, doing more exercise, ridding your body of fat and getting fitter will benefit you overall, so make that your focus, and a flatter tummy will eventually show up as a result.

Here are a few things you’ll need to do to lose fat, tone up, and trim down your waist:

Count Calories

Yes, it’s boring, and it can be complicated, but in order to achieve a 1-2 pounds of weight loss each week, you need to reduce your calories by between 5000 and 1000 each day. That makes counting your calories important. Doing so will not only help you achieve a flatter stomach, but it’ll also help to lower your cholesterol, cut your chances of heart disease, and reduce your risk of hypertension - providing of course, you don't use up all your calories on fatty greasy foods. Remember that the majority of your calories should be from healthy whole foods. I like to use the app My Fitness Pal to help me count calories. A food scale has also been a great investment that helps me to weight my proteins to make sure I am eating the proper servings and not going over my daily calorie allotment.

Give the Ab Exercises a Rest

As I mentioned above, you can’t get rid of fat on the stomach by solely focusing on that area. If you’re spending your days doing lots of crunches and sit-ups, you’re probably wasting your time. You’d be better off doing aerobic exercises that exercise the whole body, such as running or calisthenics. Aim for at least thirty, but ideally sixty minutes each day and the fat will soon drop off. Then, you can work on building those abs of steel if that’s what you desire.


Yes, even if you’re a woman you should be lifting weight if you want to maintain a healthy weight and a flat, toned stomach. No, it won’t turn you into a big bodybuilder! Ideally, you should lift twice a week as a minimum. If that sounds daunting, don’t worry - it’s pretty easy to pick up with a little instruction from a personal trainer. Also  because lean muscle burns more calories, you’ll be able to eat more while still making progress!

Clean Up Your Diet

For a flat stomach, not only do you need to stick to lean proteins, whole grains, and of course, lots of fruits and veggies, but you also need to keep the junk food and sweet treats to a minimum, too. Furthermore, if you’re prone to bloating, staying away from the common causes, such as sodas, alcohol, garlic, onions, and beans.

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