Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Is Lipstick Driving You Loopy?

In an ideal world, lipstick should make you feel beautiful. It’s any girl’s best friend, and it’s a supposed staple for days when you don’t fancy a full face of makeup. The trouble is that you’ve been trying to make lipstick work for you for more years than you can remember, and you’re on the verge of giving up. Far from helping your whole face to pop, it makes your skin look blotchy, and your lips look horrid. For you, it’s a full face of makeup or nothing. 

 But, a life with lipstick is no way to live. They’re right when they say that this is the one makeup item every woman should own. Instead of giving up, then, you might want to work out what you’re doing wrong. The chances are that your lack of success so far in this area has some easy enough solutions. And, once you get to the bottom of them, you’ll be able to rock lipstick with the best of them. 

 Of course, working out where you’re going wrong with makeup isn’t always easy. Lucky for you, lipstick mistakes are often widespread and obvious. If lipstick doesn’t light up your days right now, then, keep on reading to find out why. 

 Your application is all wrong.

An incorrect application is, by far, the primary lipstick sin. It’s simple; lipstick is simply never going to look good if you put it on wrong. Which is why your application processes should be the first to come under fire here. First thing’s first; you need to understand the importance of a lip liner. For those of us just entering the lipstick world, this may seem like an unnecessary expense. But, trust us when we say that it could change your lipstick game for good. No one looks their best when their lipstick feathers or bleeds, after all. A lip liner can stop that from happening, and keep your color in those confines all night long. Bear in mind that incorrectly applied liner is almost worse than none at all. Hence why you should also do your research before getting started here. Watch YouTube videos, or look up what you should be doing. As a general rule, you want a liner which is one shade darker than your natural lip color. Whatever you do, avoid distinct colors which will show through your makeup. Make sure, too, that you’re only following the natural line of your lips. If you try puffing things up by drawing outside of those lines, there’s no way lipstick will ever look good on you. Do this, and even liner won’t be able to stop bleeding from happening. Not to mention that you’ll look more like a clown than the glam queen we know that you can be. Note, too, that liner isn’t the only application secret. Exfoliating before the application is also essential for decent application. And, of course, using a setting powder saves you from that horrible half-off look halfway through the night.

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This post was written by a contributing author in collaboration with primadonna-style.com

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Making It As A Model

Photo Credit
Being a model is a dream job for a lot of women. But do you have what it takes? Before you invest your time and effort into embarking on this illustrious career you need to be aware of what it takes to make it in the industry. There are certain attributes that are deemed a necessity and if you don’t have these then your interest is misplaced. This doesn’t mean you can’t make it in the modeling industry, but you would be better off looking for a different way in the door. There are lots of models that don’t fit into the mold mentioned below, and they have made it, but it is difficult, so you need to be aware of what you’ve got so that you can plot the best route for your career.

When agents look for a new model they are very specific about the body type they want the woman to have. It is important to be of a skinny frame. This is not to discriminate against other body sizes; it is merely because designers believe that clothes and accessories are better displayed on women with a slim frame. Of course, you can get into plus-size modeling if you have a curvy frame, and there are some designers that are known to celebrate all body types.

In terms of height, you need to be tall. Generally, the rule is that you have to be between 5’8” and 5’11”. There are exceptions but you will find it more difficult to make it in the industry if you do not come in this height range. Rose Bertram, Kate Moss, Devon Aoki, and Liberty Ross are some famous shorter models.

Bone structure and knowing your angles
It is not enough to be pretty. Even the most stunning of girls can photograph badly. This is something that comes naturally and something you can perfect as well. It is essential to have good bone structure. This cannot be taught and thus relates to the natural point. If you have a good bone structure then the next thing you need to learn is how to use it. Practice, practice, and practice!

Winning smile
You also need to have a winning smile to make it as a model. This doesn’t mean your teeth have to be aligned in a specific way. There are lots of models that have made it with a signature gap in the middle. Nonetheless, you do need to maintain good teeth health. Toothbrush design can play a big role in this. Commit to keeping your teeth healthy and pearly white.

Posture and strong runway walk
Good posture is imperative because the majority of work models do is on the runway. Luckily, posture and a strong runway walk can easily be taught. If you have the other attributes mentioned in this article then having a poor runway walk should not hold you back. Spend hours watching videos of catwalk shows and perfect you walk day after day until you are sure you have made an improvement. It is always a good idea to video yourself so you can see how much improvement has been made. It is always a good idea to video yourself so you can see how much progress has been made.

Personality is important with any job, but even more so in the modeling industry. You need to be confident but you also need to be approachable. You need to have a strong character too. You are not always going to get every modeling job you go for so it is important not to get disheartened. You will need to develop a thick skin if you are going to survive.

If you can tick the five boxes mentioned in this article then you definitely have what it takes to make it in the industry. Remember when it comes to the likes of having a good runway walk and knowing your angles this is something you should practice on until you make perfect.

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What’s it Going to Take to Feel Beautiful

Recently you just haven’t been feeling very good about yourself, or very attractive at all. Does this sound familiar? It is always hard when you start to feel like this, and it can feel like there is nothing you can do to make yourself feel better. But, you would be wrong here because there are some simple steps that you can take to make yourself feel more beautiful than ever before. If you are sitting there reading this and thinking, but I don’t know where to start, then you’re likely not alone. It’s a good thing that you have come across our little neck of the woods though because in this article we are going to talk all about some of the ways in which you can make yourself feel beautiful.

A Good Night Of Sleep

The first thing that we are going to recommend to you is that you should get a good night of sleep. People really do underestimate the importance of a proper night of sleep, and that is why a lot of them do not feel good in the morning when they wake up. You might be wondering how sleep related to feeling beautiful. Well, we’re glad you asked. When you get the correct amount of sleep, your body has more time to complete the necessary processes in your body. They are prioritized by your body in order of importance, and your appearance comes last on this list. But, if you allow your body the rest time that it needs, it will still be able to complete the process that makes your skin look healthy and glowing.

Sleep is tricky, and a lot of people suffer from various sleep disorders. There are multiple things that you can try to get a better night of rest including only using your bed for sleep. It is more and more common for people to spend time in bed on their phone, or watching television, but if you do this, you are sending a signal to your brain that says the bed is not only for sleep. As such, you should only be using your bed to sleep in, and then after a while, your brain will get the message that when you settle down for the night, it is time for bed.

Healthy Food

The next thing that we are going to suggest for you is to look at the food you are consuming. The more nutritious and wholesome food that you put into your body, the better you are going to feel. Certain foods have been linked to spot breakouts such as foods that are high in sugar, but those foods that are largely made up of water have been known to reduce skin issues and leave you glowing. For this reason, it is important to take a look at your diet and see if you are eating well and balanced. If not, the time has come to change your ways and get used to eating vegetables.

There are a variety of guides online that can help you make this swap, but the easiest way to do this is to introduce vegetables and fruits slowly into every meal. For example, if you like to have chicken nuggets and fries, try adding some carrots on the side. Then as you get more comfortable, change out some more of the meal. You are going to be satisfying your craving while giving your body what it needs to stay healthy and make you feel beautiful.
A Little Assistance
Perhaps the issue that you have with how you look isn’t something that health and fitness can necessarily solve. For some people, even though they lead healthy lifestyles, they still have some excess weight that they would rather not have. This is where a service such as liposuction would be a good idea because you can get the results you require! But, you should always make sure that you have conducted sufficient research before you undertake a change like this. Always keep in mind that you are beautiful either way, but if you think that this is something that would make you feel better and more confident in yourself, then go for it!

Wear Your Smile

Finally, you always look your best when you have a smile on your face. A smile is the best thing that you can wear and don’t listen to anyone who says otherwise. If you are looking to feel more beautiful, try smiling more often. Studies have linked smiling to actual happiness, and it might sound a little far fetched, but give it a try, and we are sure you will be impressed.
We hope that you have found this article helpful, and will use the steps that we have laid out above to get back to feeling like the beautiful human that you are.

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This post was written by a contributing author in collaboration with primadonna-style.com

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Semi-Precious: Where Do Your Accessories Come From?

mining tunnel

Very few people spend their time thinking about where items have come from when they are buying them. With things like food, technology, and clothing all being a normal part of life, it makes sense that knowing their origins may not be that important to you. When it comes to the accessories you wear, though, there is a reason the price can often be so high. To give you an idea of where the materials for these sorts of products come from, this post will be exploring this industry, shedding light on this little-known subject.


Metals are essential to a lot of the accessories people wear and have been the main material used in jewelry for thousands of years. While this sort of resource might be abundant in some cases, in others it won’t be, and this means that it’s worth being careful with the options you buy. Below, you can find some of the most common metals found in the accessories you wear, showing you exactly where they come from.

Gold: South Africa is home to the world’s largest gold mine, with over 40% of the stuff coming from Witwatersrand Basin. The process involved with extracting gold is a very dangerous one, often involving high quantities of the toxic metal mercury, and the people doing it will rarely have the right protection. This is particularly unfortunate when you consider that gold is only valuable because it looks nice and isn’t very reactive; there isn’t a shortage of it.

Steel: Steel is found in all sorts of different accessories, and originally comes from iron. The largest mines for these resources are found in Canada, Sweden, and the US, with ore being pulled from the ground and melted into the raw metal. While this process isn’t dangerous, it has a huge impact on the surrounding landscape, destroying habitats and making it impossible for people to live there in the future.

Titanium: Not a lot of people realize, but titanium is one of the world’s most abundant elements. It is most commonly mined in Australia and Russia, using a very similar process to that of iron to get it out of the ground. Of course, while there is a lot of this stuff around, it is usually deep inside the Earth’s crust, forcing those who want it to cause loads of damage in the process. This material is becoming more and more popular as time goes on.


Along with metals, you will also find that a lot of the accessories people wear will have some sort of stone attached to them. This will usually be a semi-precious gem, but there are examples of options which are far more striking, and they may not come from where you expect. The level of effort which goes into getting these materials is often what makes them demand such a high price, with some being harder to get than others.

Pearls: When most people see a pearl necklace, they won’t be thinking about a sea creature. These small round balls come are formed inside oysters as part of a natural defensive mechanism which is built into their bodies. Extracting the pearl will kill the oyster, and they will only ever have one, making this a very low-value endeavor. Thankfully, synthetic pearls can be made from glass or plastic.

Diamonds: People have always been drawn in by diamonds, with these stones being some of the rarest on Earth. There isn’t much special about carbon which makes these stones, though, making it possible for businesses to replicate the process, producing their own colored diamonds at a far lower price than natural examples. In a lot of cases, it will be impossible to tell the difference between them.

Emeralds: There are loads of different gemstones out there, and they are all mined in a similar way; people will sift through the top layers of rocks until they find them. While this doesn’t sound bad, this job will often fall to some of the poorest people in the world, and this means that the safety standards in place are almost always low. It’s never nice to think that people may have been hurt just so that you can look nice.

Making A Difference

When most people read things like this, the alarm bells will start to ring. A lot of the materials which people choose to use for their accessories leave a big impact on the world and the people in it, even if this isn’t felt at home. This makes it well worth looking for alternatives to the damaging options available on the market, choosing options like glass over gemstones, and wood or stone instead of metal. Of course, though, this isn’t always possible.

If you can’t live without the type of material you’re looking for, it will be a good idea to look for a better way to source it. For example, using recycled metals instead of freshly mined ones will be good for the planet, but won’t put anyone at risk. There are loads of ways to take this sort of approach available, and you need only do some research to start finding them. Of course, though, you will need to put a lot of effort to find replacements for all of your purchases.

Accessories are very important to the outfits you wear, finishing the complex work which has gone into making you look great. Of course, though, as time goes on, this sort of job is getting easier and easier. People are acting more responsible for the world they live in, and this means that more and more products are hitting the market which gives you the chance to do your part. If you need some help finding inspiration in this area, it will be worth using sites like Instagram to see what other people are doing. It’s important that people work together when they are solving these problems.

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This post was written by a contributing author in collaboration with primadonna-style.com

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Stress-free Dance Costume Planning Checklist

Listening to a friend talk about all the planning that goes into preparing for her daughter's dance and cheer competitions got me thinking that the world of dance, cheer, and gymnastics can be stressful for moms who are just trying to hold it all together.  For this post, I collaborated with MoveU to come up with a checklist to make planning for performances a little less stressful.  

Stress-free Dance Costume Planning Checklist

Photo credit: Hdydi

Whether you are a dance mom, a cheerleader, or a Hip Hop dancer, you understand how important it is to be prepared. A simple thing like an extra pair of tights or a hair tie can destroy the grace and charm of a performance.

Each performer has specific needs unique to their art, but there are basic items that no performer should be without. Below you will find a no-stress checklist to make your life easier.

Please note, this list is not intended to be used for practice sessions. These items are for performers when they carry traditional dance costumes, Hip Hop dance costumes, and cheer competition. This list ensures performers will be ready for anything on their big night.

Photo credit: Patricia Palma

Must Haves
  • Dance shoes
    • This means shoes that you will wear to perform. They must be in good repair and they must fit properly. If the shoes have strings carry an extra pair.

  • Water
    • Most venues have water, but when a dancer is about to give their recital, there is no time to look for a water fountain. Keep two bottles of water in your bag at all times.

  • Hairbrush and accessories
    • This includes hair ties, rubber bands, bobby pins, and hairspray. Your hair should be neat and kept out of your face.
  • Travel sewing kit. This will contain safety pins, needle and thread, and buttons. This will save you if you have a minor incident with your costume.

  • Protein bars and hard candy
    • When you are performing, you use up much of your stored energy. A protein bar will give you more fuel and will help your body recover. However, sometimes you use up too much of your fuel and you feel the drop in your energy. Pop a few candies in your mouth. Sugar is a fast burst of energy.

  • Spare tights
    • If tights are part of your dance attire, you must take a spare set. Tights are the most likely item of clothing to be ruined.
    • If you are a cheerleader or a Hip Hop dancer, take extra socks for the same reason.

  • Warm up clothes
    • No matter what your dance of choice, you will need a cool off period to help your body adjust when you are finished. Flannel shirts, a cheer jacket, or a hoodie will do nicely.
Photo credit: KropeKK_Pl
  • Antibacterial wipes
    • Use these to freshen up if you fall or sweat too much

  • Deodorant
    • Dance is as physically challenging as any other competitive sport. You will need to reapply your deodorant

  • Breath mints
    • To keep your mouth moist and your breath fresh.

  • Bandaids
    • For minor cuts or blisters.

  • Antibiotic cream
    • A scraped knee or a splinter in your hand may not slow your performance, but when the dance has ended, use the ointment to prevent infection.

  • Feminine products
    • Never take chances

  • A hand towel
    • To pat away perspiration, to dry your hands, or for a hundred other uses.

  • Perfume or body spray
    • You must smell beautiful and feel beautiful. If you have a signature scent, you should wear it every time you perform. It will become part of your identity.

  • Disposable razor
    • Did you miss a spot while shaving your legs or forget to shave under your arms? Always have a fresh razor with you.

  • Travel size makeup
    • Hold on to those samples you receive when you buy makeup. They are the perfect size to carry with you. Last minute touch ups, refresh lipstick or tone down a shiny nose.

Photo credit: Niko_Shogol
Other items that may come in handy
  • An umbrella
  • A plastic bag (for damp clothes)
  • Pen and Paper
    • You never know who you will run into, be prepared to take down names and phone numbers
  • A current resume complete with photograph
  • A smartphone
  • Cab money
    • A dancer will let a flat tire or an empty gas tank make her miss her event
  • A change of clothes to wear when the event has ended
  • A jacket
Taking “being prepared” to a new level
Most dancers know what to take in their dance bag. However, they sometimes forget to empty it and wash or replace the items that were used when the return home. A smart dancer has two dance bags. You do not want to be ready to walk out the door and be hit with the smell of sweat and half eaten protein bars. Make it a habit of keeping a clean bag at the ready at all times. When you return home, clean it up and air out the bag.

Note: place a couple of dryer sheets in your bags to keep clothes smelling fresh.
When you decided to incorporate dance, cheer, or gymnastics into your life you may not have realized the time and energy it would take. Taking care of your beauty and body is very important. Unlike a football player or a runner, you do not have the luxury of looking hot, breathless, and sweaty after your event. You must maintain grace and control.

Do not take a chance that you will not need something on this list. It is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. Be prepared and you will be more confident, more impressive, and more comfortable. You can do this if you simply plan ahead.

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This post was written by a contributing author in collaboration with primadonna-style.com

Friday, December 14, 2018

Don’t Follow The Crowd To Find Your Style. Go It Alone

Group of Lining Men

Do you walk down the street or get on the subway and see three or four different women who could be your clone? Doppelgangers exist, yet they are more common than ever today thanks to generic shopping outlets. One store finds a breakthrough and every other establishment within a ten-mile radius copies it. The result is women who dress the same.

If you value individuality, this may be very annoying. All you want to do is find a style which is unique and original, and now you can. Here are the personal fashion tips to keep in mind.

Look To The Past

Humans don’t always make decisions based on free will. Sometimes, an experience from a previous time will encourage you to do something you wouldn’t normally. This is especially true of fashion because everyone has styles they love from their childhood or teenage years. And, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear them to this day. What this says is that you’re sticking to your roots and incorporating trends which are important to you due to their sentimental value. Nothing is as personal as an outfit or clothing that reminds you of a moment or moments from a past life.

Reflect Your Personality

Lots of women have plain, neutral colors in their closet because they are easy to turn into a chic ensemble. The problem is you may not be a shy, introverted type of girl. Instead, you may be outgoing and sociable and bubbly and full of life. In that case, the different shades in your wardrobe don’t reflect your personality. What will are the bright colors which are loud and stand out from the crowd. By the way, yes you should wear them in the winter. People are willing to try something new in the summer, but your dedication proves how much of a connection your clothes have with your personality.

Say Your Name

One thing you have which no one can take away is your name. It’s been yours since you were born and will continue to be owned by you up to and after death. It’s without a doubt one of the most personable things any person has, which is why it needs incorporating into your style. Don’t worry because it isn’t as tough as it sounds. Nowadays, accessories are personalized for this very reason. Visit this website to see for yourself. With these pieces, every outfit you own will have a little part of you attached to it, and that’s unique.

Dress To Impress

Currently, there the trend is to dress casually as long as the event isn’t a black tie sort of thing. With this in mind, you can easily carve out a lane for yourself by upping the stakes and dressing to impress. An LBD with a coat and a scarf is as comfortable as it is sexy and stunning. People won’t be able to ignore you and you’ll soon be known as the woman who always dresses immaculately.

Finding a unique style is all about you – what do you have that sets you apart from others?

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This post was written by a contributing author in collaboration with primadonna-style.com