Monday, September 11, 2017

Best Kept Secrets Jewelry Co.

August rolled around this year, and investing in a new back to school wardrobe was not in the budget.  I figured a few well placed accessories would add a bit of pizzazz to my old duds, so I was super excited when one of my readers contacted me about her new online jewelry boutique; Best Kept Secrets.  The site features a lot of cute jewelry pieces that are unique and affordable too!

Charming Gold Necklace by Best Kept Secrets Jewelry Co.

I jazzed up my basic school picture day outfit with an eye catching gold and turquoise necklace sent to me by Best Kept Secrets.

Back to School Photos wearing Charming Gold Necklace by Best Kept Secrets Jewelry Co.

The site also offers free shipping!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Sponsored Post: Spring Formal Trends

Though the winter season allows dedicated fashionista's a chance to display their layering prowess, Spring comes and allows the fashion obsessed to shed their bundles of layers for fun formals and evening dresses for all of the fabulous events the season brings. Check out some of the hottest color trends for Spring 2017 formal wear. 

  On the cusp of wedding season,  most brides are pretty resolute about their perfect bridal gown, but finding the perfect bridesmaid dresses in the perfect colors can be a bit more difficult.  Some on trend colors for 2017 bridesmaid dresses are coral, blush, and lavender.

 Many anxious high school girls are also on the hunt for the perfect dress for their perfect night.  Prom dresses are a huge part of the high school experience. This season, the hottest trends are illusion and cutout dresses, wine colored prom dresses, and two-piece prom dresses.

No matter what the event or occasion, complete your spring formal with look by styling it with the confidence to be yourself and have fun with your fashion.

Until next time lovelies Happy dress hunting!

Thanks for reading!

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Sponsored Post: 5 Ways to Rock Curly Hair

Sometimes when we think about curly hair we often get the notion that we can only wear it one way: long. We often fail to think of all the cool, sexy, sassy, fun and funky hairstyles that we can do with curly hair; which can open up a flood-gate of new looks keeping you looking fresh,  funkadelic (and I mean that in a good way), and trendy.
Here are a few of my top picks for wearing curly hair.
The Shag 
Yes, I know (*rolls eyes) when we think “Shag” we immediately think something hideously 70’s looking that is just not cool.  Well think again; a curly Shag can be so much fun; it all depends on the cut, color, curl size, and best of all - your attitude. Here’s of pic of Bad Girl Riri, rocking a Shag, and there ain’t nothing hideous looking about it. There are tons of variations of the Shag that you can give a go.
Source: pinterest

The Heart Shape Cut
Ok, I'm officially in love with the heart shape hair cut for curly hair.  However, if you are anything like me and are not brave enough to commit to getting a haircut just to achieve the shape, or if your hair is simply just not long enough to get the look, opt for a curly weave and head to your stylist for this sweet, romantic shape. The awesome thing about the shape is that is so cute it basically suits just about any face shape so you can almost never go wrong.
Source: Pinterest

The Curly Angular Bob
Curly bobs are so in now; and it’s also one of my favorite looks for curly hair and curly extensions. Armed with a good stylist proficient in cutting curly hair, chopping, layering and shaping curly hair should be a breeze; giving your normal long curly hair look a fresh new fun and edgy twist.

A Tapered TWA
So you may have been rocking your TWA for a minute and you’re not sure whether you want to grow it out or head to your barber to lob it all off again. Well, before you go on ahead and sit down to shoot the breeze with the boys, check out this look: cropped sides and long and curly on top. If you don’t have the length to achieve the look, never fear, you can easily add a bit of curly extensions at the top to create this faux tapered look. The only downside to this look is that short hair seems to grow so much faster or maybe it’s that we notice the growth more than when it’s longer, so your barber visits for shape ups and trims may be a little more frequent to keep this look looking fresh and on point.
Curly Bangs
Finally, there are curly bangs. These were all the rage in 2016, and I'm still here for it in 2017.  Check out this pretty Up-do that you can do with your own natural hair or again if your hair is just not long enough then fake it 'til you make it by adding a little curly clip ins
source: IG @dayelasoule
Listen don’t get stuck in a rut with one dimensional thinking, curly hair can be super fun to wear, you just need to think a little outside the box and remember the shape is everything!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Sponsored Post: Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas

  Valentine's Day is quickly approaching; which means finding the perfect date night outfit that will wow your special someone.  StyleWe is a great option as you're searching for a unique look for a romantic night out.

          This years "bae day" falls on a weekday; so though some of you may still want to show off those dangerous curves, or those toned gams, others may want to try something a bit more casual for a quiet weekday dinner date.  Shop at StyleWe online and check out some seriously sexy jumpsuit options that are sure to fit the bill.

  Last year around this time, I had just given birth to my son; which made me feel like I had limited options when it came to dressing up and looking cute.  Not to worry Primadonna Mama's; I got you! Check out StyleWe's Maternity Fashion tips, and start planning a cozy, comfortable, and cute look to show off your bump, or postpartum figure. Since you're out here giving life; you definitely deserve a new outfit and a little pampering.

You may have a lot on your plate, but take a moment to focus on just fashion now, and try something new!  Find your perfect look at StyleWe.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

OOTD: Sweater Weather Get Together

I'm a fan of the long running television show Project Runway, and season four winner Christian Siriano is one of my favorite contestants to compete on the show.  So how in the world did I manage to sleep on his Payless collaboration that's been around since 2009?  Okay, honestly, I haven't been checking for Payless in the past few years, but I was in search of a simple wine colored bag to wear to an event I was attending.  I happened across the Greer Dome Bag while doing a search on the internet.  I made my way over to my local Payless store to see it in person, and I must admit, Payless has come a long way since my high school days.  I was tempted to grab a few stylish handbags while I was there, but I stayed focused and got the Greer Dome Bag.  I have my eye on a few more items, so I'll definitely be back!

The complete outfit was perfect for an event I attended called Sweather Weather Get Together.


Christian Sirriano for Payless Women's Greer Dome Bag

Joseph A. Poncho Turtleneck Sweater 
Soho Apparel LTD Ankle Pants 
Impo Open Toe Suede Booties 
Steve Madden Necklace 

Thanks for reading!

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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

10 Budget Fashionista Shopping Tips

Anyone who knows me,  knows that discount stores are some of my favorite places to shop.  I just don't believe you have to pay a fortune to look pulled together.

The best part is that each piece in this simple chic outfit was an affordable $14.99!

Dress: Ross Dress for Less
Geri C. New York Jacket & Sophia and Kate Statement Necklace: Burlington Coat Factory.

Shoes: (old) Nine West Flax

Here are a few of my Budget Fashionista Shopping Tips:

1. Wear comfortable shoes. Shopping at discount stores takes time and patience. Make sure you're comfortable.

2. Don't go on the weekend!  Find out from the store associates what day the trucks deliver items for restocking and go in the afternoon on those days.  There is usually more to choose from and less people to compete with for new items.

3. Go often!  If you're serious about a good deal, then go to your favorite discount store at least once a week.

4. Don't limit yourself by having a certain piece in mind. Be open to looking for pieces that catch your eye, and building an outfit around it.  I purchased the statement necklace for this outfit first.  Then I built the rest of the outfit around the necklace.

5.  Try on!  It's not a good deal if it doesn't fit properly.  Take time to try your finds on before purchasing.

6.  Know the return policy, and keep your receipts.

7.  Be patient when putting together a look. You may have to make a few trips to a few of your favorite discount stores to put together the perfect look for a night out, or a special event. Patiently building your outfit piece by piece will help you to get a great look without breaking the bank.

8.  Know what you already have.  You may have a chic handbag or a sassy pair of shoes in our closet that may be the perfect accessory to elevate a bargain find. Keep track of what in your wardrobe so you can purchase things that compliment what you already have.

Sophia & Kate Statement Necklace

9.  Don't purchase something just because it's cheap.  That's the quickest way to end up with a closet full of pieces that you never wear.  Look for things you love, make sure they fit, and think about if it will compliment something that you already have before you purchase.

10. Quality first. Don't purchase something that's cheaply made, or will not last through one wash. It's not a good deal if you will have to replace it after one or two wears. 

Thanks for reading!

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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Review: Clarisonic Mia Fit

  I have been an avid user of the Clarisonic Pro since 2010.  A friend and I thought it would be fun to allow a local dermatologist to give us a  complexion analysis at a beauty convention.  Seeing the digital image on the screen amplifying every pore, wrinkle, and sunspot, was enough to make me make a major investment in my skin care routine.

  My Clarisonic Pro has served me well for over six years without any issues.  Recently, as with most rechargable products, it started to show signs of age; as it wouldn't hold a charge as long as it used to.  Thinking that it might bite the dust soon, I started researching the newest offerings that Clarisonic had available.  A Clarisonic brush is a pricey investment into my skin care routine so I made sure to do a lot of reading before deciding on the Clarisonic Mia Fit.  Deciding factors in my choice were:
I liked the compact design of the brush. With limited counter space and ample makeup and beauty products, the smaller the better.  I also liked that it featured two power settings. The Clarisonic Pro offered multiple settings as well, so I didn't want to switch to a brush that only offered only one setting.

 A quick search on ebay showed a number of sellers offering the Mia Fit for a fraction of the cost, but I wanted to make sure that I got a genuine product that would last as long as my first brush.  I spent some time reviewing the "Authorized Retailers" section of the Clarisonic website and then comparing prices at the listed retailers until I found the best deal.

(Disclaimer: I purchased this product with my own money & the opinions here are my own, based on my use of the product.)

Oh happy day, when I pulled up after work and saw the postage box sitting on my doorstep!  I couldn't wait to pull it out my new Mia Fit and start playing with it!


Opening the Box

I had read that the Mia Fit was compact, but it really hit me how small it is when I opened the box.

What's in the Box

I really liked how small the charging station is and that the charger has a USB connection.

Setting up the Charger

Size Comparison to my Clarisonic Pro

I have been using the Clarisonic Mia Fit for several months now, and here's my impressions of the product.
(Disclaimer: I purchased this product with my own money & the opinions here are my own, based on my use of the product.)

The size is a plus.  It takes less counter space, looks unobtrusive, and I was able to easily pack it in a small carry on for a three day trip.

The Mia Fit does not need to be charged regularly.  It can go weeks without charging so there is no need to bring the charger when taking short trips.

The small size makes it easy to maneuver around the face.  

I really enjoy the extra setting that allows you to cleanse your neck area, a setting that I did not have on my previous pro brush.

The shape of the Mia Fit allows water to settle into the brush head, making it take longer to dry.  Many mornings I find that the brush head is still very wet from my shower the previous night.  Special care must be taken to remove the brush head, clean the device, and dry the head thoroughly each use.  

Final Verdict:
Though I probably could have pushed my Clarisonic Pro a little longer, (it requires charging everyday now but it still works)  I am glad that I replaced it with the Mia Fit. The product is lighter, easier to maneuver, easier to travel with, and takes up less space.  

Thanks for reading!

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