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What's Causing Your Wrinkles And How Do You Stop It?


The signs of aging can get to any of us. Time marches on and, to some degree, we simply have to be ready for it. However, that doesn’t mean we have to accept it entirely. We can identify the causes of wrinkles, beyond the march of time, and what we can do to address those causes at fight them at the root. Here, we’re going to look at a few causes and how you can address them.

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The sun

When it comes to external factors that can wrinkle us, none are more dread than the exposure of direct sunlight to the skin. The UV radiation that is in sunlight can cause premature aging, by damaging the skin, meaning that as it recovers, it’s going to be more likely to wrinkle. What’s more, sunlight can also dehydrate the skin, which further interrupts the skin’s natural regeneration process. As such, you should take efforts to protect your skin from the sun any time that you step outdoors, with a natural, mineral-based sunscreen likely to be the best for your skin.

Facial muscle movement

Beyond external sources, most aging happens fairly naturally, for one of two reasons. The first kind of wrinkle, we call lines of activity, because they tend to happen because your face is moving. The muscles underneath the face are connected to the skin by tissue that, over time, can become a little more relaxed and stretchy, which means they don’t hold onto the skin as much, which can cause deeper lines to appear. You can read more here about how Botox shots are designed to stop that process. By freezing the muscles, it allows the connecting tissue to regenerate, allowing it to get the firmness it once did, lessening wrinkles as a result.


The other major kind of wrinkle, we call those the lines of rest because there’s no cause for them other than time and gravity. Gravity slowly pulls down on the skin, which can also cause some of the connecting tissues to relax. Dermal fillers tend to be a popular solution for this, to plump up the skin while restoring its collagen levels. However, facelifts and other surgical solutions aim to tighten the skin so that there’s less for gravity to pull on.


Our skin produces and uses all manner of substances to keep itself not just firmer, but fuller, brighter, and more youthful. You should make sure that you’re using the ingredients in your skincare that are best for maintaining your skin’s diet, as this is what keeps your skin younger for longer. Hyaluronic acid and collagen are two of the most widely known, but you want to ensure you pick the right skincare for your skin type, as well. Of course, you should ensure that you’re keeping your skin hydrated, too, not just through skincare, but by drinking enough water, yourself.

The causes above can happen to anyone, so you have to ensure that you’re on top of the ones that you’re dealing with, and to find the right solution to fit your circumstances.

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