Monday, February 11, 2013

Primadonna's Picks: Dremu Oil

Dremu Oil .5 oz
I received a .5 oz bottle of  Dremu Oil  as a free sample after placing and order on  The tiny bottle includes a dropper to dispense the product. The back of the bottle encourages liberal use of this oil on the face and body.  I tossed it in a drawer and didn't even think about it anymore.

One night, when I couldn't find my normal moisturizer, I decided to use a few drops of my dremu sample in its place. I spread two droppers full on my face and was horrified at how thick it felt. I was immediately concerned that my combination/sensitive skin would break out overnight.  When I woke up the next morning my face was soft without a trace of greasiness. Acne that was red and irritated had calmed down and my skin now looked plump with a healthy glow. I couldn't believe it, but imagine my surprise during the day when I only had to blot my makeup once. It was as if Dremu had balanced my skin. How could an oil make me less oily?  I decided to try it again that night to see if it was just my imagination. This time I only used one dropper full. The next morning when I woke up my skin looked even better.  I was hooked and immediately went online to order a new bottle.

Was I in for a surprise! A 1 oz bottle of Dremu is $88, and on ebay, the tiny .5 oz bottle I had so casually tossed in the drawer was selling for no less than $44! No matter what website I went to, no matter what coupon code I used there was just no way around it; this stuff is EXPENSIVE!! After doing a little research I realized it was expensive for a good reason; Dremu is made from the refined fat of the emu bird and research shows a number of benefits such as:

  • Noncomedegenic, meaning it won’t clog your pores making it ideal for oily or acne prone skin. 
  • Antimicrobial and Antibacterial- nasty organisms won’t grow in it, making it ideal for wound care and sensitive skin
  • Anti-Inflammatory properties which helps with puffiness, swelling, even arthritis! 
Why in the world hadn't I heard about this stuff before, it's amazing!  Heck, I read even Oprah uses this stuff; and clearly she has the money to do so because a little costs a lot! I began working on finding an emu oil that was a bit more affordable.  

There are many types of emu oil out there but after doing some careful research I learned that the most important things to look for is an oil that is Grade A fully refined and AEA (American Emu Association) Certified to show that it meets the strict standards for being a Grade A product.  (If you want to read more about emu oil quality and standards click here.)

Ultra Clear Emu Oil 1 oz
I finally decided to try Uniquely Emu's Ultra Clear Emu Oil.  My old moisturizes just didn't cut it anymore after using Dremu and I couldn't wait to start incorporating this oil into my beauty regimen.  

Ultra Clear Emu Oil vs Dremu Oil
So how does it compare to Dremu?  The Ultra Clear Emu Oil, is the more cost effective at $24.95 for 1 oz compared to Dremu's $88 for 1 oz. It has a liquid consistency, and is odor free just like Dremu. It feels thinner and a bit more oily than Dremu and takes a little longer to absorb into my skin. I used Dremu as a night treatment as well as a day moisturizer, but with Ultra Clear Emu I only use it as a night treatment because it takes awhile to absorb, and I don't want the oil to affect my makeup.  Ultra Clear Emu Oil does not cause me to breakout and continues to give my skin the firm plump glow that I got from Dremu.
I would purchase Ultra Clear Emu Oil again, but if money were no object,  Dremu would be my emu oil of choice.  If you are interested in trying Dremu check out where it is on sale for 13% off. 

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