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Jose' Eber Pure Ceramic Flat Iron Review

   After dropping my beloved Hanna Elite Flat Iron one too many times, the pure ceramic plates cracked and it would no longer power on. I was once again in the market for a flat iron.  I purchased my Hanna some years ago when there were only two 100% pure ceramic flat irons on the market; the Hanna Elite and the FHI Runway. The Hanna was considered the more budget friendly alternative to the FHI and I was able to scoop a brand new one up on ebay back then for only $100.  When I went online to order my replacement, imagine my surprise to find that the price had  gone up well above $200!

   I wasn't even remotely interested in paying that kind of money for a flat iron.  I borrowed a friend's CHI to see if it lived up to the hype but I was thoroughly disappointed. Even so, I stubbornly decided to  grab a  GVP flat iron from Sally's (which is no more than a generic CHI)  thinking I could make myself content.  Big mistake. The GVP iron left my hair looking dry, feeling hard, and sent me running for my mom's Hanna Elite flat iron every chance I could get. After she saw the great results I had gotten from my Hanna, even she had sucked it up and paid over $200 to purchase one.   Anyone that's ever used a pure ceramic plate flat iron knows that the even heat distribution makes the hair so soft and shiny.

  Fed up with borrowing, I decided that I wanted my favorite flat iron back. With my birthday coming up I told my husband that the only gift I was interested in was a Hanna Elite.

Jose' Eber 1.25" Pure Ceramic Flat Iron
One day I randomly googled 100% pure ceramic flat irons and was surprised to find that nowadays there are a few more options available out there. (Keep in mind that this is not the same as a flat iron with ceramic coated plates. With prolonged use the ceramic eventually wears off to expose the metal underneath. This causes major damage to your hair.)Jose' Eber's 100% Pure Ceramic flat iron caught my eye because it had specs that were similar to the Hanna Elite. It featured black, pure ceramic plates, and reached a temperature of 430 degrees.  I was unsure if I wanted to take a chance on it,  but  finding a great price on, and knowing I could return it if I wasn't satisfied pushed me to give it a try.

Primadonna Note* The official Jose' Eber Website has this flat iron for $145 and carries it for $119.95.  After a bit of research, I found it on  for less than $50! Check out the links at the bottom for more details.

Unboxing: Jose' Eber 100% Pure Cermaic Flat Iron in Zebra Print

  I ordered on a Thursday and had it by the following Tuesday. The packaging was typical of flat irons you might find at your local T.J. Maxx or Marshalls; the sturdy cardboard box with the magnetized closure.  The iron included a limited lifetime warranty.
I made sure to go online and register my product immediately.

What's in the box: Jose' Eber 1.25" 100% Pure Ceramic Flat Iron

The iron itself has a nice weight to it, feels sturdy, and features texturing on the outer portions to help you maintain a firm grip.  The iron has a 360 degree swivel cord and an adjustable temperature dial which was very important to me. I hate irons that just plug in and force you to use one heat setting. The iron reached the temperature I set it to in about 30 seconds.

Brazillian hair weave washed with organix products
I began by washing my hair and allowing it to air dry in preparation for flat iron test!

I  washed my hair and allowed it to air dry with no product in it to make sure it was extra wavy; I really wanted to put this iron to the test! (Note: I currently have virgin Brazilian with custom ombre installed.)

Air dried and ready to flat iron!

The next morning I was all set to begin the test.  I set the iron at about 390 degrees and began to flat iron in sections starting at the bottom and working my way to the top. I made sure to spray each section with CHI Iron Guard before flat ironing.  After ironing a few pieces I felt I needed a bit more heat so I turned the iron up to about 410 degrees.  This temperature was perfect. I only needed one pass over each section to get the hair perfectly straight. The iron glided though the hair with no snagging.

Brazillian Hair Flat Ironed with Jose' Eber 100% pure ceramic flat iron
Halfway there!
Brazillian Hair Flat Ironed with Jose' Eber 100% pure ceramic flat iron
Side view of straightened hair.

Halfway through and the straightened hair felt soft. I was also pleased with the level of shine considering I hadn't put any products on the hair other than the CHI Iron Guard (which typically makes my hair look kinda dull.)

Straightened Hair. Time to add products!

Now that the waves were gone it was time to use a bit of  IC Hair Polisher on the hair for more shine and Mizani Rose h2o Creme on the edges. Then, I tied it down with a silk scarf to get it nice and flat before using the iron to finish styling.

Jose' Eber 100% Pure Ceramic Flat Iron Review Results
Flat iron test complete!

All Done!  I decided to keep the Jose' Eber 100% Pure Ceramic flat iron.  I'm pretty happy with the way it straightens so far.  Since I love to get a good deal, I'm hoping it will continue to be a comparable  replacement for my dearly departed Hanna Elite Flat Iron.


Jose Eber Wide Pure Ceramic 1.25" Zebra

Jose Eber Wide Pure Ceramic 1.25" Pink Zebra

Jose Eber Wide Pure 100% Ceramic 1.25" Pink

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I purchased this flat iron with my own money and documented  the results based on my own experience.  I am not nor do I consider myself an expert, and these views are strictly my opinions.

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