Thursday, January 23, 2014

First Impression: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade

I was intrigued by all of the good things I heard about Anastasia Beverly Hills newest product; Dipbrow Pomade. I already use the popular Anastasia Brow Powder Duo which I like a lot, but watching videos and looking at pictures of the smooth sculpted brows of  beauty gurus and bloggers on the web who use dip brow made me think this product might be my holy grail.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills website describes Dipbrow Pomade as a waterproof brow color ideal for sculpting, defining, and carving perfectly precise brows that won’t fade. Smudge-free, creamy formula glides on skin and adheres to hair. Must-have for oily skin and humid climates.

Well this definitely sounded like something I needed in my life. Not only do I live in a humid climate, but for some reason the tops of my eyebrows are extremely oily.  I  hate when my husband gives me an unexpected hug and I'm wondering if I'm walking around with the top of my eyebrow missing because it's smeared all over his collar!  If this would insure that my brows would stay put, then I had to give this product a try.

I ordered directly from the Anastasia Beverly Hills website and decided to go with dark brown instead of ebony since I wasn't sure if the ebony would look too harsh against my ombre' hair.  Shipping was free. I ordered on a Wednesday and received it the following Tuesday. 

The product looked exactly like my gel eyeliner, right down to the little glass container it comes in. Very simple and chic. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Dark Brown

The product did not come with a brush. Though one is available on the website, I already have a variety of different sized angled brushes so I skipped making an extra purchase.

Applying the Dipbrow Pomade was so smooth and easy. I was able to define my eyebrow shape quickly and more precisely than with my coffee bean eye pencil.  So far I was impressed.

I left out of the house feeling pretty happy with my new eyebrows. They looked natural, and I didn't experience any of the smudging I get when defining my brows with a pencil.

NYX Hermes
Lunch Break Brow Check: The fading begins....
I pulled a mirror out on my lunch break to check out my brows and tried to convince myself I was being too critical.  My eyebrows appeared much lighter than normal. How could this be?  This stuff isn't supposed to budge, so it must be my imagination. Or maybe it was because I was using dark brown instead of my typical ebony?  Not to mention, horror of horrors, did the dreaded oil pool look like it was beginning to fade the pomade from the top of my brows?  No, I must be imagining things.  I took a picture to make sure....

NYX Hermes
After touching up with Dipbrow Pomade.

I typically take pictures for Primadonna Style a few times a week after work. By the time I got home to prepare, I had to admit that the top of my eyebrows were indeed slightly faded. I took a tissue and wiped away a the oil slick and the tops of my brows that remained and then retouched them with the Dipbrow Pomade. Retouching was easy and it didn't leave that smeared/smudged look that comes when my face oils mix with brow powder. I was still able to get a relatively crisp line.

Final Thoughts on First Impressions:
Dip Brow is easy to use, and gives me more precision and accuracy than my eye pencil by allowing me to use an angled brush to sculpt and shape my brows. The formula glides on easily and looks natural.

I think using two colors combined, though not a cost effective solution, would give eyebrows more dimension. (Check out my updated review/routine using two colors here.)

I do not touch up my makeup throughout my work day so I need a product that looks the same way all day from the moment I leave out the door in the morning. This product doesn't seem to have the same endurance on my skin as I have heard others rave about.

I have not given up on Anastasia Beverly Hills  Dipbrow Pomade just yet. I plan on playing around with it a bit more including possibly using a thicker application and setting it with Anastasia Brow Powder Duo to see if I can fix the fading issue. Stay tuned for an update on how it goes and if I would consider repurchasing.

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Have you tried Dipbrow Pomade?  Leave you tips and suggestions below!

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