Thursday, July 10, 2014

Quick Pick: Two Strand Violet Beads/Chain Statement Necklace

  Kicking your casual summer style up a notch doesn't always require buying new clothing. You can change it up by simply accenting with colorful jewelry. I've partnered with Estsy Shop; Baubles & Bling by Cynthia to showcase a few reasonably priced custom pieces that you can purchase to upgrade your summer style. 

  Here I took a basic gray tee and made it pop with this violet statement necklace. Soft purple makeup completes the look.  Stay tuned for more of my Baubles & Bling quick picks, and remember you can also request custom pieces as well.

baubles and bling by cynthia mix match earrings

Two Strand Violet Beads with Silver Chain Statement Necklace

Violet Beads Oval Hoop Earrings

Primadonna Style Tip: Who says earrings have to match? Mix it up and try different styles in each ear. Here I'm wearing a Baubles & Bling by Cynthia Violet Beads Oval Hoop earring in one ear and an
  A'gaci Deco Beam Ear Jacket in the other ear. 

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