Thursday, November 6, 2014

At the Store: Alexander Wang for H&M Review

Today, American designer Alexander Wang released a collection for women and men exclusively designed for H&M.  My hubby agreed to go with me to H&M to check out the collection in person; and to be my "male model" for the day.  Check out our at the store adventure below.

The store opened at 8:00 a.m. It took us awhile to find parking, feed the meter, etc, so when we finally walked up to the store front it was around 8:30 a.m. From a distance we could already see a line of people was formed outside H&M's doors. We were given armbands and told we would be allowed to enter at 8:55 to stand behind a barricade and view the collection. Then at 9:05 we would have fifteen minutes to pick out whatever we wanted to purchase and/or try on.  There were no limits placed on how many pieces you could pick, but once the fifteen minutes were up, you were not allowed to select anything else.  You had to either try on or purchase your selected items and then get back in line outside if you desired to go another round. There was security outside and surrounding the barricades inside the store. Though this system was organized and seemed to be working efficiently, a few of us in line lamented that this was indeed "too much" for an H&M collection. Seriously?  Well I guess the good folks at H&M said no one would be tearing up their stores today, or stealing their overpriced designer merchandise.  I hear you H&M; I hear you.

We manage to grab a few pieces to try on during our allotted fifteen minutes. 
Check out our take on Alexander Wang's weekend and workout friendly collection....

Alexander Wang for H&M Jacquard Knit Dress

This fabric reminds me of a really good body shaper. It sucked me in and had me serving up curves! It felt a little uncomfortable in the shoulders and upper arms, but once I adjusted to the pull of the fabric I actually really liked it (despite "Wang" being majorly overused.)  

Alexander Wang for H&M Wool Blend Biker Jacket
On the left is size 6 which is the size I would normally get in a coat or jacket. It felt quite large in the shoulders so I sized down to a 4 on the right. I don't think it's apparent from the pictures, but the size 4 fit a lot better in the shoulder and bust area. 

Alexander Wang for H&M Scuba Look Top
I tried on a size 6 in this top, but the style of it really perplexed me. The scuba fabric was slim and fitted through the waist and stomach area, creating a corset type effect. The upper portion of the scuba fabric top was not becoming at all; forming a puffy mass that made me feel like the hulk. I am sure someone out there managed to look awesome in this shirt, but for me; this was a major fail. 

Alexander Wang for H&M Short Scuba Top  & Leather Pants
I tried on this short scuba top in a size small and had the same problems as I had in the other scuba top. The shoulders were huge and the fit awkward. I really don't like how the scuba fabric falls, but perhaps I needed to size down.... 
The leather pants on the other hand were lovely. They fit true to size, and they looked and felt like a quality garment( which it should at $349!)

Alexander Wang for H&M Dress with Perforated Pattern
I tried this on in a size small and it was absolutely gorgeous.  I could see it as a sexy dress for a night out, or a tunic with a pair of textured leggings. Either way, I wanted to take it home with me. With such a steep price tag, it was out of budget, but it was definitely my fitting room favorite.

My husband agreed to be my male model for the day and try on pieces from Wang's mens' collection. There wasn't much in the store to choose from, but he told me that he liked every single piece he tried on. He did find that he had to size down from his normal size large to a size medium in some of the tops. He also said the leather high top sneakers were extremely comfortable.

Alexander Wang for H&M Tank Top & Tapered Jeans

Alexander Wang for H&M Suede & Leather Shirt Tapered Jeans, and Leather High Tops

Alexander Wang for H&M Parka with Down Vest,  T-Shirt, Tapered Jeans, and Leather High Tops

Alexander Wang for H&M Long Sleeve T-Shirt, T-Shirt, Tapered Jeans, and Leather High Tops
The hubby noted that the clothes felt really nice and you could tell when putting them on that they were "really high quality."  

Did you shop the Alexander Wang for H&M Collection?

Thanks for reading!

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