Friday, March 13, 2015

#LipstickJunkie: MAC Lavender Jade

Admittedly,  I'm a shameless lipstick junkie. I'm always on the lookout for an interesting color that grabs my attention. When MAC released their latest collaboration, Bao Bao Wan,  a couple of weeks ago, I had to grab at least one lippie from the collection. After narrowing it down to two shades, it was the dirty mauve of Lavender Jade that won  my heart.

The limited edition packaging for the Bao Bao Wan Collection is one of my favorites. I love the elegant granite look of the tube. It also makes it easy to spot amist all all my other MAC lipsticks.

I initially thought this lipstick would be similar to MAC RiRi Boy, but after swatching, I realized that the two colors are very different.  I also swatched  Lavender Jade next to a few other lighter purple hues in my lipstick collection, and the one that came closest to being a dupe was NYX Power; a blue toned mauve.

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MAC's Lavender Jade is a matte formula so exfoliating the lips is essential.  I found this lipstick applied very patchy. It took me a few coats to get an even look. Prepping my lips with a balm makes the formula spread more evenly. 

For this look I lined my lips in MAC Nightmoth lip liner. MAC Stone lip liner also compliments the cool tones of this lipstick as well. 

Surprisingly, Lavender Jade stained my lips. I ended up using petroleum jelly to aid in complete removal. 

 This limited edition color is sold out on the MAC Cosmetics website, but you can find it pretty easily on eBay. 

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  1. I was very surprised when my darling from melt stained my lips....and its an even more lighter and whiteness then lavender jade...I wonder what's making these paler lavender shades stain....