Sunday, April 19, 2015

At the Store: Lilly Pulitzer for Target

I woke up early in hopes of getting to Target to do an in depth fitting review of various pieces from Target's latest designer collaboration with Lilly Pulitzer.  I knew this collaboration would be popular, so I made sure to get to the store at 7:30 a.m.; thirty minutes before the store opened. I arrived at Target to find a line of anxious women that was getting longer by the minute.  What was this, Black Friday?

Early morning line for the release of Lilly Pulitzer for Target (can you spot me?)

 I jumped out of my car and hastily made my way to the line, already telling myself to let go of any idea of grabbing the cute Noisey Posey embroidered clutch that I was after. It was really the only thing on my list; although I was open to purchasing any one of the festive floral dress offerings if they looked cute during my fitting room try-ons.  

How naive of me to think that I would have the morning to try on clothes at my leisure like I did for Target's Peter Pilotto and Altuzarra releases.  When the doors opened, the line spanned the entire front of the building and the frantic crowd rushed in and began running toward the designer section at full speed.  The swarm elbowed and pushed their way to the racks, throwing things in baskets and filling their arms with items with single-minded determination.  

Within ten minutes every rack was empty and the customers toward the end of the line were out of luck. 

So much for a fitting room review...

So though I didn't get much, here's my small haul:

 I did manage to get both clutches from the collection!

Did you manage to get some goodies from the 
Lilly Pulitzer for Target collaboration? 
Leave a comment below and share your experience. 

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  1. Cute clutches! I especially like the gold and white one!