Thursday, September 15, 2016

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Winterize Your Hair With These Three Natural Looking Protective Styles

The days are getting shorter, the temperatures are getting cooler, and your coconut oil is once again rock hard. All signs that winter is coming! With the impending snow, dry air and cold temperatures, winter can really wreak havoc on natural hair. That being said, winter is the perfect time to rock a long term protective style. Using protective styles, like crochet braids, a natural hair weave or a natural hair wig, you can have that out and big natural look while protecting your hair from the cold winter elements. Protective styles provide a safe environment for your hair to grow, especially during the dry, cold winter season. When your hair is in a protective style, it is manipulated less by styling and can retain more moisture.
So this winter season, “winterize” your hair for healthy tresses to emerge in the spring. Here are three natural protective styles that can help you “winterize” your hair.

Crochet Braids

Photo: @hauteonamission

Crochet braids are a low cost, low maintenance, natural looking style that you can install yourself. All you need is a few packs of Marley hair, a crochet needle, some styling tips and a free weekend. In this style, your hair is safely braided up underneath and the Marley hair that is exposed can be styled in many different ways. The hair can be heat set into a twist out, braid out or perm rod set, brushed out into an afro-straight style or even just left alone in its natural state. Marley hair coming in all kinds of colors, it is also an easy way to experiment with color, while your hair is safely underneath.

A Weave

Instagram user: @jaicurls

Another great way to “winterize” your hair is to get a natural hair weave. Again like the crochet braids, your hair is safely tucked away, so you can last all winter without manipulating or adding heat to your hair. But unlike crochet braids, you have more styling options. Because this hair reacts like human hair (vs. the synthetic Marley hair), you can easily change styles and even wash or dye it.  You either sew in tracks for a long term protective style, or get natural hair clip in for shorter term style.

A Wig

Instagram user: @xoticahair

Unlike the previous two options, a natural hair wig is a great option because it isn’t actually attached to your hair. This alleviates some of the stress the previous two options can cause if you have thinner hair. With a natural hair wig, you can easily remove the unit without much fuss and your hair gets to breathe on a regular basis while you sleep, shower or just lounge around the house. It’s also easier to get to your own hair if you want it to style it. You can buy an already curly wig or it’s very simple to make your own customized unit using a few bundles of natural hair weave.
Winter doesn’t have to mean constant manipulation, dry ends or frozen hair. This winter, let a protective style take the brunt of environmental stress while your hair is moisturized and healthy underneath.

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