Friday, September 29, 2017

Beauty Hacks to Get Your Appearance Back on Track

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We’ve all done crazy things in the name of “beauty”. I’ll hold my hands up first and say that I’ve been there. Of course, whether it was a one-time mistake, such as when you thought it’d be a good idea to dye your hair red, or a permanent beauty technique that’s started to do some damage to your health or appearance, there are always ways to undo the damage done and recover your natural look. Here are some beauty hacks that can get you back on track.

Let’s start off with your hair; one of the aspects of appearance that probably gives us all the most grief. A person’s hairstyle makes a huge difference to their overall look and that’s why it can so stressful to try and get it right. Still, the best technique to make your hair look as good as you always wish it would is to make sure it's healthy and not over processed or you've gone overboard with products. Sometimes, being excessive with the products you use in your hair can do it more harm than good; even conditioner, which is supposedly good for dry and damaged hair, should only be used in moderation.

Perhaps your hair problems are to do more with the style you’re trying to achieve rather than the healthiness of your hair. If you’re struggling to grow out your luscious locks to the length you want then you could always opt for tape in hair extensions. There are plenty of beauty hacks and temporary hair styling options that can give you the appearance you want without doing any damage to your hair (or your sanity).

Your face is perhaps the most important part of your appearance and it’s natural that you’ll feel self-conscious about it; you can see blemishes and flaws where none even exist. To everyone else, your face is lovely but sometimes you can’t see what they see. There are lots of ways in which you can accentuate or conceal aspects of your appearance and some are better than others. We’ve all gone a little overboard with foundation. Makeup should enhance and accentuate your natural beauty. If a blemish on your face is starting to bother you consider taking a few preventative measures before reaching for your makeup brush.
For example, if you’ve had an acne breakout then drinking lots of water can help to hydrate your skin and reduce blemishes. Finding your happy place where you can decompress through prayer, meditation, breathing techniques or whatever works for you can help to reduce stress and help to reduce acne because your mental state has a real effect on your skin. Of course, a little makeup can always help too! If you get bags under your eyes from tiredness then don’t go for the heavy concealer which looks cakey, and possibly doing damage to your skin. Go for a peachy liquid formula which is light but still works wonders to conceal dark tones. Keeping it simple and making sure that your beauty routine starts from the inside out is the best beauty hack of all.

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