Thursday, October 5, 2017

Breaking Common Fashion Rules

There are so many recurring themes and rules in the world of fashion it's hard to keep track of them all. Of course there are many fashion rules we subconciously try not to break; like wearing white after Labor Day, or letting a bra strap show But if you're feeling like stepping outside the box and being a bit of a fashion rebel, try breaking a few of these unspoken rules.

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Autumn does not mean you must pack away your breezy dresses

The ending of summer is sad time for most because of the change in the weather. And it is made even sadder because all the pretty, loose fitting dresses that have been worn all summer long are packed away. But if you just can’t bear to see your floaty summer dresses disappear from your everyday fashion rotation just yet, then don’t let them! Pair them with a fitted jean jacket, a trendy moto jacket, or a bright blazer to beat the fall breeze. Add closed toe flats for a look that's comfortable and will take you deep into the autumn months. If you want to shop at online dress boutiques even when all your friends are starting with their layered fashions, you do it! There is no need to stop wearing dresses for as long as the weather physically allows you to do it.

Don't Let the weather stop you!
As a matter of fact, the weather rule doesn't just apply to your summer maxi's. Try taking your leather tank, or leather mini into summer. If you style it right, and hang out in air conditioning, it can work! Don't just save your layering for the winter months, try layering with lighter pieces in the summer.

Get into comfier clothing…

At the same time, if dresses are not a comfortable style of clothing for you, and you’d like to dress in a far comfier attire, then that’s okay too. In fact, that leads us on to this next point: you should wear clothes that you consider comfy wherever, whenever. If this means subverting the latest ‘pretty’ styles in order to adorn yourself in what is known as athleisure, you do it. If it means wearing your evening wear during the day, you do it. Basically, if you find a piece of clothing comfy then you wear it, no matter what anybody else or what the latest fashion trends say.

By doing so you might just save yourself from having to face any number of the serious health issues that can arise through the wearing of uncomfortable clothing. These issues includes the wearing of high heels damaging the curvature of the spine and the wearing of skinny jeans damaging nerves.

There’s no need to dress the way people tell you to dress. There’s no need to pander to the latest fashion trends and celebrity styles. What you should do with your next fashion statement is ignore the rules and find what works for you.

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