Monday, October 2, 2017

Protective Style: Goddess Wiggie Full Lace Wig Unboxing/Review

Hi lovelies.  I wanted to share my experience with a glueless, full lace wig I purchased from aliexpress seller Goddess Wiggie.  The seller has since closed their aliexpress store and opened up their own webstore.  I purchased the unit I am reviewing at full price, with my own money, and all the opinions expressed in this post are my own.

Now that I've covered that, let's get to it.  I decided I did not want to spend all my time customizing a wig, so I needed to find something that was already dyed and cut into the style I wanted.

I ordered this wig

I was attracted to the color and the long glamorous layers. I ordered a glueless full lace wig.  22 inches in length, small cap, 150% density.

The wig came within a week.


Looks like they added a little potpourri to insure there are no odors.

I was very pleased with the color when I took it out of the box, but I was immediately struck by how thin the wig looked.  I brushed the wig, and there was some shedding.

Of course when you purchase a lace wig there is some work to do if you want a more customized look, so cut I cut the lace, then I washed and parted the wig. I also tweezed the part a bit for a more natural appearance. I also sewed an elastic band to the ear taps for a more secure fit.

What I liked about the wig:

The color of this wig was amazing. It was great to not have to spend any time on customizing the color to my liking.

What I didn't like about this wig:

When you pay hundreds of dollars for a wig, you have to make it work!  Because this wig was too thin for my liking, I sewed in three extra tracks to add thickness. I would definitely go with 200% thickness if I were to order again.

The hair shed.  The wig was already thin, and the shedding made it worse.

The hair did not hold a curl. I purchased hair spray to try to get the curls to stay, but it didn't help much. The hair did not look good with a lot of  product in it, so it was difficult to find products that didn't weigh down the hair while trying to maintain curls. This is the kind of hair that you may want to roller set for voluminous layers. Barrel curls with the iron just didn't last all day for me.

Final thoughts.

Though I loved the color, I did not like this wig very much and felt it looked flat and stringy by the end of the day. Perhaps if the quality of the hair were better, or the price were lower I would try this brand again with a higher density, but in the future I will be exploring other vendor options for my next unit.

Thanks for reading!

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