Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Secret Beauty Products to Make You Look Like a Star

Many of us assume that celebrities have it easy, which is why their hair always has more bounce than Tiggers tail and their skin always looks smooth and supple.  In reality, their hair and bodies really get put to the test, with odd hours, multiple flights, jet lag, etc...

Having to look their best under extreme conditions is why most celebrities make it their business to know exactly which beauty products are the best of the best.

Of course, if you go on a celebrity's Insta-feed, you will be hit in the eyeballs by all those endorsements that help pay for their mortgage-free lifestyles. This can make it hard to tell reality apart from a paid ad. That’s where we come to the rescue because we’ve trawled through a ton of interviews to uncover the truth on which products are classed as essential in Hollywood circles.

1. The Amazing Aquaphor
There are three big names that use this soothing balm on a daily basis - Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman and Beyonce - and none of them are known for their scraggly appearance and hideous looks. What it does is help support your skin’s regeneration abilities, something that has been clinically proven. Use it on your hands, rub it into your lips or smother your entire body in the stuff right before you slip beneath the sheets. This $10 cream will help your skin stay looking fresh and rejuvenated.

2. Vaseline Is Very Trusted
If you see a guy carrying a tub of Vaseline around then you tend to presume their love life isn’t going too well, but if you catch a girl with it in their bag then you’ve just discovered their biggest beauty secret. Freida Pinto uses it around her eyes to get that soft glow and dewy look, Jennifer Aniston rubs it on her face before bedtime in order to counter any wrinkles, and Rachel Bilson (remember her from The OC), she uses it in her makeup removal regime. Tyra Banks and J-Lo are two of the other big-name fans in the petroleum jelly world; which should be all the reason you need to rush out to your nearest drugstore right now and stock up on this cheap beauty essential.

3. Just Use Juvederm
It used to be that Hollywood beauties didn’t want people to know how old they really were, but then came along Wikipedia and their age anonymity was ruined. Since then, it has all been about looking younger than they actually are, which is were Juvederm comes in and why you need to learn more about it. It is used to fill in deep lines and wrinkles on your forehead and below your eyes, as well as helping lips look fuller, which is why we can tell you that every single celebrity with an interest in longevity probably uses this product. This makes people look drastically younger.

4. Only Olive Oil
It is a staple pantry item in most people’s kitchen and a staple in the beauty regime of Emma Stone, Mila Kunis, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Sophia Loren to name a few. Yes, you will have to get used to the smell as you slather it on before bedtime, but you will reap the rewards by the time the sun rises the next morning. It could be that you want to repair dry skin, or moisturize dry hair, either way, the bottle of olive oil in your kitchen cupboard holds the answers. Don’t just use it on the outside of your body, though, consume it too. It’s got amazing health and beauty benefits, so consume at least two tablespoons a day with your food.

5. Cream Of The Sea, Literally
Yes, we are of course talking about the secret of the stars, Creme de la Mer. We can’t possibly tell you how many disciples this product has garnered over the years, but their names include Amy Adams, Charlize Theron, and Serena Williams. The reason why beautiful people swear by this is it helps renew and restore skin; especially dry skin. Those who use it agree that there is something about Creme de la Mer that is irresistible.

6. Cetaphil Is A Champion
This is arguably the cheapest and most incredible lotion-slash-potion on our list; which is probably why celebrities love it so much We’re talking about big names like the gorgeous Olivia Wilde, the breathtaking Zoe Saldana, the beautiful Claire Danes, and Charlize Theron. The reason why all these people love Cetaphil’s gentle skin cleanser is it is soap-free, fragrance-free, and noncomedogenic. Basically, it is really gentle; which makes it a winner for those with sensitive skin. Not only is it simple to use, just gently rub it into your skin, it also has a nice clean scent.

There you have it, the not-so-dirty little secrets of your favorite celebrities. Try adding a few to your beauty routine and share your results below!

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