Tuesday, January 30, 2018

How To Afford That Beauty Kinda Life

If you're a makeup lover, it's very easy to get overwhelmed with the beauty industry because there are so many beautiful products that you just can't avoid. When you see something pretty, it's nearly impossible to just walk away - you have to buy it to add to your collection. You need to experience the color yourself, you need to touch the formula to see how it feels on your skin, and you need to get it before it’s sold out and gone forever!

Loving makeup can become a very expensive kind of lifestyle, so much so you may have to find new ways to fund it so you can afford your beauty habit. You can do this by putting a little bit of money away every month so that you can indulge your cravings when need be. Or you could even look at quick unsecured personal loans so you have exactly what you need right when you want it.

Here are some other ideas as to how you can afford the beauty kinda life.

Swap your products
A lot of the time, we go out and buy products that then go in a pile and sometimes, don't ever actually get used, whether that be because we haven't yet had an occasion to wear a certain shade of blusher, or we just forgot it was there. If this does happen, try swapping products with a friend. They may have something that you were thinking about buying and vice versa. So gather up anything that you bought on impulse and now have no need for, tell your girls to do the same, and invite them all round for a fun night of swapsies.

Cheaper lookalikes
Have a look online for any dupes of the product that you originally wanted. There are always companies out there that create a copycat matte lipstick, or shimmer eyeshadow that is more than half the price, but looks close to identical. Having said that, you will, of course, come across some rather terrible quality items too, but this is why doing your research is always smart. There are plenty of sites like Pinterest that show you the best dupes of the most popular products out there.

Get a piggy bank
This is a great idea that can be applied to anyone. Just keep a piggy bank on your bedside table and pop in any loose change that you have in your pockets or at the bottom of your bag. Over time this will add up, and you'll be able to treat yourself to the latest beauty treats. Ideally, you can put money in, but the only way you can take the money out is if you break the pot. - It may sound extreme, but you have to let it build to get a decent amount for your next beauty splurge.

Now you have some ideas, put them all into action, and you'll soon find that you have enough money to feed the fabulous makeup artist that resides in your soul.

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