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Achieving the Hollywood Smile

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There’s so much more diversity in the media nowadays. Celebrities’ appearances vary dramatically. Yet there’s still one trend that reigns supreme: white and straight teeth, otherwise dubbed the “Hollywood smile”. The unfortunate aspect of this? Very few people are actually born with the genetics that will result in this specific look. What’s more? Those of us have the potential lack the specialist help and knowledge that will help them to maintain the appearance of their teeth until adulthood. But not to worry. In both cases, there are ways that you can still get your desired straight, pearly whites. Here’s how!

Visiting Your Dentist

We are all well aware that we should visit the dentist at least once a year. But why is this? Well, an annual visit will give your dentist the opportunity to examine the overall health of your gums, teeth, and the rest of the inside of your mouth. They will be able to spot signs of gum disease, cavities, decay, excessive wear, and (for those in their late teens and early twenties, in particular) issues regarding wisdom teeth. If you do need further treatment in this regard, you can be booked in, and the problems will be swiftly rectified rather than being left to develop.

Visiting Your Hygienist

Your hygienist will often practice in the same place as your dentist. But you will need to book a separate appointment with this individual. Again, this should take place around once every year. Your hygienist’s role is to conduct a thorough cleaning of your teeth, removing plaque and tartar build-up, and reaching parts of your teeth that you may struggle to reach yourself. They will often finish the appointment off with a professional polish, leaving your teeth as clean as possible!

Visiting Your Orthodontist

Once your teeth are healthy and clean, you can start considering their aesthetic appearance. The majority of us want our teeth to be as straight as possible, equally spaced without large gaps. If your teeth are falling short of this aim at the moment, it’s time to seek help from an orthodontist. An orthodontist is a dental professional who specializes in irregularities of the teeth and jaw. A preliminary examination will allow them to examine your dental structure and propose treatments that will allow your teeth to slowly align over time. For more information on the options available to you, take a look at

Maintaining the Results of the Work Carried Out

Once you’ve visited all of these professionals and have achieved the look you’ve dreamed of, you have to remember to maintain the results! This means cleaning your teeth thoroughly and regularly with the help of specialist paste, interdental brushes, dental tape and floss, and mouth rinse. If you have been given retainers to wear at night for your newly aligned teeth, make sure to use them and to clean them properly after each use.

As you can see, gaining the perfect smile is by no means an easy feat and will entail the help of various professionals from the dental field. But it is definitely achievable! So start putting the work in now!

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