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Busting The Beauty Budget

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is an industry that has grown over the years, and it doesn’t just encompass hair careand perfume. When we refer to the beauty industry, we mean makeup and skincare on the latest and greatest eyelash curlers, makeup brushes, gizmos and gadgets because it feels good to try as well as scents and hair care. So many people spend their disposable income to look good; even if it takes some experimentation to get the look that you really want.

The problem with the beauty industry? It’s addictive! The latest concealer that is lighter than air and blends seamlessly may cost half your month’s salary. It’s going to be worth it for that flawless skin right? The new laser hair removal wand for good. Sure, they’re a couple of hundred dollars, but they’re worth itthat you can use at home is going to help you banish those leg-shaving sessions right? Except when you can’t pay the electricity bill. Or you skip out on a bust in your finances, you can use a service like to bring your debts into one payment.  This will help you to better budget in the payments to creditors because you want makeup. If you beauty budget has caused future.

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There are plenty of ways that you can bring your budget into line and spend a little more on beauty, you just have to know where it is you can make some savvy savings.

·      Most of the major beauty stores have a beauty points card. Everybeauty store has an option to sign up and earn points so that you can get money off your beauty purchases at a later date. It’s a great way to earn money forfuture splurges.

·       Fasting your skin two to three times a year will see your skincareproducts lasting you longer than usual. All you need is a cleanser that is gentle on the skin and a high SPF sunscreen. By giving your skin a break from all the moisturizers, the natural hydrating mechanism in your skin will kickin. It will take some time, but it’ll work!

·      Swapping your feminine shave gel for a men’s one is a great way to save some cash. It’ll last you ages, and while you may smell more ‘Shark and Knife’ than ‘Gentle Blossom’, you’ll save your pennies to go toward other beauty buys.

·      Stop paying for expensive hair masks when you can make your own with what you have in the fridge at home. These excellent recipes are perfect for your hair and will give your hair a shine that’ll last you ages.

·  Going budget on where you shop for your beauty brushes can really help you save money; especially as you can get a lot of great buys in the dollar stores!

Beauty doesn’t have to break your bank, so make smarter choices and watch your savings grow.

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