Thursday, February 15, 2018

Reassessing Your Style

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Reassessing your style might need to happen from time to time. This is not because you look any worse than you did, just that it might be fun for you to have a makeover once in a while. It can feel wonderful and refreshing to do this, and help you present yourself to the world in a way that keeps you perennial yet eternally confident. Why not have fun with your looks; after all beauty and fashion are nothing more than celebrations of life.

For some tips to update your look, consider the following:


Yes, the hidden things matter. Your smile matters, This might mean purchasing a new teeth whitening kit, heading to your local cosmetic dentist and getting their expert opinion, or using adult braces to straighten your teeth out - which is continually becoming more popular.


Yes, we all know that a change in hair can completely change our circumstances from a look perspective, but how different do you usually go? Do you usually go for a trim, or are you willing to chop your long hair off and sport a beautiful bob? Of course, whatever you’d like to do, long or short, some hairstyles are more suited to certain facial types. Look around for inspiration. Perhaps adding extensions to switch up your look or changing your hair color might give you the new look you’re craving.


What do you truly like? What do you find is fun to enjoy? What, regarding your general styling, would you say you gravitate to? Could you turn all of that on its head? Or at least part of it? Of course something new doesn’t necessarily mean a massive change, just something that gives you that little extra beauty you’re looking for. Could it be that starting to wear brightly golden wristwatches, or simply wearing a little less makeup to let your beautiful freckles shine through adds a little extra?

You have likely developed many tastes and rituals in your beauty routine, from how you do your makeup to the color scheme you usually wear. Try being a little more ‘extra’ in your presentation, doing more pigmented colors with your makeup, and doing your hair in a manner that truly catches eyes. People exist out there with such a strong sense of style that it can be hard not to respect them. After all, we’re living in an age where individual expression beats conforming to the standard zeitgeist of culture.

Maybe your inspiration and ideas of what you could do to change your look is limited. In this case, maybe finding new beauty tutorials on YouTube could give you the chance to truly turn heads the next time you head out. Makeup vloggers are all over the internet these days, and they often offer some wonderful advice that you could use to update your look. It might also pay to follow certain subreddits like makeupaddiction and skincareaddiction, as these could potentially put you in touch with new products, new modes of perception and interest. Speaking of perception…


Take a good friend whose style you admire into your closet and allow them to plan a couple of outfits for you. Everyone perceives fashion, style, color, and how to put things together quite differently. This can open up a whole new world of options to you without spending a penny because your friend might think to pair pieces that never occurred to you. You can also try planning your clothing and makeup choices to reflect your mood or a certain theme to add a little fun to your beauty routine and switch up your style.

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