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Dry Skin Getting You Down? Try These Sensational Solutions

Dry skin is a common problem for most people these days. There are numerous skin conditions that cause dry skin that can be in localized to one area such as the face, or all over the body. From a self-confidence perspective, dry skin really brings you down.  Sometimes people with dry skin on their face feel super self-conscious and try to wear more makeup to cover it up. Unfortunately, dry skin can make applying makeup harder and makes dry flakes and patches more pronounced. People with dry skin on their arms or legs don’t want to wear certain clothes, which also affects their confidence.

Don’t worry if dry skin is getting you down, there are solutions out there. All the ideas listed below will help get rid of dry skin if you add them consistently to your usual beauty routine.
Stop Using Fragranced Cleansers
Be honest, how many of you wash your face with a cleanser that’s got a fragrance added to it? Most of us do this, purely because we like the way it smells. However, were you aware that the fragrance could be causing your dry skin woes? To create those pleasing scents, manufacturers use various chemicals that can dry out your skin.

As a result, if you want to keep your skin nice and clean, without it drying out, then switch to a fragrance-free cleanser. There are many choices on the market, they’re less irritable, and you’ll notice the benefits within a week.

Apply Shea Butter To The Affected Areas
If you’ve not heard of shea butter, then you’ve been missing out on a glorious beauty ingredient. When it comes to your beauty routine, you must add shea butter to the mix. Apply a shea butter cream or ointment to dry skin, and watch the magic happen. Alternatively, you could literally buy a tub of shea butter and apply it directly.

Why is this butter so great?  Not only does it provide generous amounts of moisture to your skin, it also carries loads of nutrients and vitamins into your body. This means shea butter has potential healing properties so it will alleviate dry skin while also treating any conditions that caused the dry skin.
Use A Moisturizer After Showering
When do you feel like your skin is at its driest? Normally, it’s when you’ve just come out of the shower and let yourself dry off. The moisture gets soaked up by your skin, but then your skin seems to carry on drying, and you get that horrible feeling of dry skin. The same happens when you wash your hands, and your fingertips and palms feel really dry afterward.

To solve this problem, start moisturizing after every shower, or after washing your hands. Products like Doublebase Gel are a good idea because they can be used when you’re still slightly wet, which is often the best time to moisturize. Apply some all over your body, taking extra care to cover the spots that are usually the driest. You’ll find that doing this will avoid that horrible dry feeling, keeping your skin nice and moist.

Stop Dry Shaving
As I’ve mentioned before, many skin conditions cause dry skin. Equally, a lot of people get dry skin because of the decisions they make. For example, if you decide to shave without shaving cream/foam, on skin that’s not wet, you will cause dry skin.

When you have to shave your legs, armpits, arms - or anywhere else - do so after or during a shower. This is because your hairs are nice and soft, and they’ll require less effort to shave away. Therefore, you can apply less force, reducing the damaging effects on your skin. Shaving cream/foam is needed to provide added protection and hydration as you shave. Finish everything off by rinsing your legs with cold water, and applying moisturizer.

Try all of these solutions, and that should be it for your dry skin problems. If these solutions don’t work for you, then you may have a skin condition that requires a little help from your dermatologist. They can prescribe medication and treatment, which you can use alongside my ideas to banish dry skin forever!

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