Monday, August 6, 2018

7 Ways to Look More Photogenic

Everyone likes to look their best in a photo, but how many times do you look at one of yourself and think it is awful? It happens all the time!  Here are ways to make yourself more photogenic so you can be pleased with the results.

The Left Side of Your Face Is the Best

Generally, people know which side of their face they consider to be the best, but according to fashion photographers and a scientific study, in most cases, it is the left. When you are having your photo taken, tray turning your head slightly so that more of the left side of your face is showing rather than it being a full-face image.

Improve Your Smile

You can smile with your mouth open or closed, but an open mouth smile looks more natural. People avoid this if their teeth are not so good, often just because of the yellowing that comes with age.

The answer to this is very simple. Buy a professional teeth whitening kit, and in just a few days the yellowing will begin to disappear. That does not mean your teeth will necessarily be a bright white, as for many people a pale ivory is their natural tooth color. Your teeth will look healthier though so you will be able to smile without worrying about them.

Don’t Say Cheese

Photographers are of the opinion that saying cheese creates a false looking smile and you are better off finding a word that makes your face looked relaxed, Thursday being a favorite if you want to look really good in photos. This makes your lips part just slightly into a gentler smile rather than creating the big grin from saying cheese.

Avoid Red-Eye

The red-eye effect comes from the flash of a camera as it alters the structure of your eye for the split second that it happens. You can reduce the risk of this by looking at a light just before the photo is taken. That will cause the pupil of your eyes to shrink, which lessens the risk of red-eye occurring.


The best photos are when you are relaxed.  The more self-conscious you are the more uptight you will look in a photo and it will not have a pleasing effect. One trick that seems to work is to close your eyes for just a couple of seconds just before the photo is taken. When you open them, try to smile naturally and you will not look as though you are frightened.

Have A Level Field

If the photo is of you and some friends, try to keep a level field so that none of you are in front of the others.  Putting you in front, for instance, will make you look disproportionally larger than everyone else, and that is something you want to avoid.

Take Photos From Above

If you are sitting down for the photo, ask whoever is taking it to take from an angle above you. Tilting your face up to meet the camera helps to define your jaw, and this can have a very pleasing effect.

It’s really easy to look good in photos if you know what you’re doing!

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