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Office Chic: Letting Your Fashion Style Shine In A World Of Cubicles, Contracts, And Computers

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When you think of the word “professional”, you don't always think of style. But if you are working along side 
influencers and entrepreneurs, you need to tow the line, while at the same time, communicating your individual style. Office chic is one of those things that can be difficult to pull off. Do it wrong, and you’ll look like everyone else, in an unflattering and frumpy suit, but if you do it right, you will stand out a mile, and all for the right reasons! So, let's get to the bottom of this.

Pinstripes = Power

Your mind may immediately go to pinstripes when you think of office chic, and there's a very good reason for this! Pinstripes look professional, highlight power, and make you look like a player, but it's also a great way to lengthen your frame. If you find that you struggle to find a style that suits you, pinstripes is one of the ideal starting points.

Avoid Black

And while office suits tend to go towards the usual, darkened colors, upset the balance by opting for something a bit more summery. Get some inspiration from one of the many online dress boutiques, and take advantage of the summer months while you can. When the autumn months roll around, our color choices go towards the more charcoals and
blacks. However, you can buck the trend, and go for something a bit lighter; it will make you a ray of sunshine in a dull and dreary office. Go for something flowery instead, and you will feel a lot better for it.

Accessorize Like A Boss

Office chic not just about what you wear, but it's about how you accessorize. If you are constantly on the go, in meetings, and at events, you need something stylish to house your computer or tablet. Satchels can appear bulky, yet practical, which is what you need when you need to store your work files, tablet, as well as your make-up!

Blazer Up!
If you have an abundance of jumpsuits, this doesn't bode well in an office of smartly dressed types. But, by adding a blazer on top of it, you are adding that pinstripe look that can stand out against all of the other dull styles out there.

Suit Up, But Put Your Own Twist On It

As much as you'd like to avoid putting on a dreary suit, you can put your own spin on it by softening the look of a navy suit by adding a lace camisole underneath. Beware, this can make it look a little bit on the sultry side, but with heels and the right accessory, you will get away with it.

Go For The Edge

On a Friday, instead of trying a blazer, swap it for a leather jacket to add that little bit of danger to your straight-laced office suit. If it's not thought of too favorably by the powers that be, you can go back to your normal style come Monday morning.

Office chic is something that doesn't always have to seem boring, but rather, it's about making your personality shine in a sea of cubicles, contracts, and computers.

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