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How To Match Your Watch With Any Outfit

Watches are a functional item before anything else, which means that people often wear them without really thinking about what they look like. They just have one watch which they wear with all of their outfits, and it’s there to tell the time. But you wouldn’t be so careless if you were wearing a bracelet, you’d make sure that it matches your outfit properly, so why should a watch be any different? Even though a watch is functional, it’s still an accessory and it’s important that you know how to wear one properly. If you stick with the same watch all the time, it probably doesn’t go with a lot of your outfits. That’s why you need to get a few different watches for different occasions and learn how to style them with your outfits. If you don’t know where to start, read this quick guide to matching your watch to any outfit.

The Strap
First, you need to choose the right style of watch, depending on the outfit you are wearing. The first thing to remember is that you have options in women’s watches and unisex watches, and you can also wear men’s styles if you pair them well, so don’t limit yourself. The first thing to look at is the strap style. If you are looking for a safe option, stainless steel is usually best. It’s fairly neutral and it works with almost every outfit, whether business or casual. It’s always good to have a simple, stainless steel watch for everyday wear so if you do just want a watch for functional purposes only and you don’t want to worry about styling, you have that option there. 
Leather is another option, but you have to be more careful about how you wear it. It’s important that you match the color of the leather band to the outfit. A black leather band is easier than most to match because it’s neutral, but once you start venturing into different colors, you need to make sure that the band pairs well with your outfit like you would with bags or shoes

The Face 
When it comes to the watch face, you can follow similar rules that you would when choosing a bracelet. If you are going to a formal event and you want something understated, a lightweight silver watch with a few small diamonds is ideal. But if you want to make a bit more of a statement, go for something like a Rolex Datejust 41, which still works with a formal, classy outfit because it’s a good quality watch, but it has a bit more to it. If you are going to go for something a bit bolder, make sure to pair it with a short sleeved dress so you can show it off. 
Colorful faces that have patterns and designs are best worn in the summer and paired with dresses that have a similar look. They wouldn’t work with a plain black dress, for example. It’s also important to remember to pair the watch face with any rings that you are wearing so you have a cohesive look. 
The Fit 
It’s not just about how the watch looks. If you are going to be wearing it all day long, it needs to be comfortable. You need to think about the fit when you are choosing a watch, so you can make sure that you get something that you don’t mind wearing all day. A chunkier watch can look great but you have to remember that it’s going to be a lot more noticeable on your wrist, and some people find that annoying. 
You also need to make sure that the strap fits properly when you are buying the watch, and get it adjusted if it doesn’t. If you want a standard fit, the watch should not move around on your wrist, but it also should not be so tight that it leaves an imprint on your arm when you take it off. The strap should be next to the bone on your wrist so that it doesn’t slip down your arm. If you can’t slide a finger underneath the strap, it may be too tight. But if you can easily get a few fingers under, it is too loose. 
However, those rules only apply if you want a standard fit, but you do have other options. Some people prefer to wear their watch in the same way that they would a bracelet, so they will have it a lot looser. This can be a good look with a casual outfit, but it is not always as comfortable. 
These basic rules should help you to match your watches to your outfit, but remember that you don’t have to play by the rules all the time. If you experiment with your watches and bend the rules, you can find some great combinations. 

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