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How Your Clothes Can Help You Feel Better


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Clothes are, to nobody’s surprise, a huge part of fashion. The right outfit can make you look good in any situation, especially if it fits well and suits the occasion. This can, in turn, help you to feel confident and more self-assured. 

But did you know that clothes can make you feel better healthwise as well? Some clothes have been proven to help reduce pain and improve comfort. So, not only do you look good, but you can feel better too. Here are a few examples of these types of clothing.

No Sweat PJs & Bedding

Night sweats are an issue faced by people all over the world, and for various reasons. It can be caused by certain illnesses or conditions, or simply by an overly hot night. They’re unpleasant, especially when you wake up with your PJs and bedding drenched. 

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be so bad. Moisture-wicking fabric is something that’s often found in sports gear. It works by causing excess moisture, such as sweat, to run off the fabric rather than soaking in. Then, the moisture evaporates, often having a cooling effect. 

This fabric is also used in Cool-jams sleepwear and bedding. It’s designed to feel like soft cotton while retaining the moisture-wicking qualities of sportswear. As well as allowing moisture to quickly evaporate and cool you down, this material also features an antibacterial treatment, to kill odor and microbes alike. 

Compression Clothes

Another innovative type of clothing regularly used in sportswear is compression clothing. It works by putting gentle pressure onto certain areas of your body. Often, this clothing is also designed to have moisture-wicking properties. Compression clothing is also commonly used for medical purposes, which attests to its helpful qualities.

Many people suffer from joint pain, which is worsened by poor circulation. Compression clothing encourages circulation, relieving or potentially preventing pain. It’s also used to help people to recover from temporary injuries more quickly.

Some people find that the constant, gentle pressure of compression clothing is helpful when dealing with anxiety. However, these effects vary from person to person and in some cases, can worsen symptoms. If you suffer from anxiety or sensory overloads, then it may be helpful to try it out to see if it works for you. 

All-day Shoes

People rarely take much note of their feet unless there’s a problem. In that case, it can be all you can think about. This is especially true if your career or lifestyle necessitates that you stay on your feet for extended periods.

Uncomfortable footwear can cause blisters and sore, aching feet. Some footwear can even worsen certain conditions, such as diabetes. Instead of suffering in silence, consider investing in comfortable, quality shoes like those found at the SAS shoe store.

Comfort and fashion can go hand in hand and you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. If you do a little bit of research into what’s available, then you might just find your new favorite everyday garment. 


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