Thursday, January 20, 2022

How to Rock the Boardroom


There is nothing more nerve-wracking than having to stand up in the boardroom and speak to a room full of people who are very much not interested in being there most of the time. You need to be able to gather your confidence with both hands and walk into that boardroom knowing that you belong there - and that should never change. 

However, to get that confidence together, you need to be honest with yourself. Whether it’s the confidence you find in your outfit, or in the jewelry you wear by Brilliant Earth, you should walk into that room with your head held high every single time. You have to be able to command the room and make sure that people hear you and that starts with your presentation of yourself. Next, you need these tips to make it work - and help you to work it.

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1.    Name what you want. If you want to go into that boardroom and come out sealing a deal, say it out loud. You don't even have to say it to a person - say it to yourself in the mirror. You want to make sure that you get the outcome that you want for this meeting and that often means articulating your desire aloud, even if that doesn't feel right to you at first. 

2.    Know your boundaries. There is a specific sentence that you need to learn and adhere to: ‘Excuse me, I was speaking.’ When you are in a meeting, you need - no, you deserve - to be heard. If you are talking, and someone interrupts you, don't be a wallflower and shrink back from that. Instead, hold your head high and acknowledge you were interrupted before continuing as if they didn't speak at all. You hold the power when you’re a speaker in a meeting.

3.    Own the space. It doesn't matter whether you are the CEO or you’re a customer service rep; if you are in a meeting you need to own the space you’re in and make sure that people feel like you are commanding the meeting. Having that power will really make a big difference to you and the way that people feel about you standing in front of them.


4.    Know your value. While you can know your boundaries, you should also know how much you are worth. The words you’re planning to share, the knowledge you’re planning to share - it’s valuable and you are worthy of standing up there. Know that and feel it because you can bet that there will always be someone out there ready to listen.

5.    Choose your participants and rock it. Once you have figured out how to be more confident in your business meetings, get your meeting booked, the invitations out, and your points are written. Get to know the flow of the meeting before you get started and you won’t even need to refer to your notes all that much. If you are presenting, set up early and go in and stand for a moment - rock it - you’ve got it!



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