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Dressing to Flatter Your Body Type

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Knowing how to dress can always be difficult. Fashions and trends come and go and we can find that we either like them or we don’t. But one thing that is likely to be consistent regardless of fashion changes is your body. You need to learn how to dress for your body, choosing items that will flatter it. Here are some steps you can take to achieve this!

Body Types

Of course, everyone’s body is different. But as a society, we tend to like to categorize things, so chances are, you’ve seen or heard people talking about different body types. These are general body shapes that many of us can fit into. Here are some of the most common ones that might help you to see what shape body you have.

  • Straight - the straight body type is perhaps the most common body type. While it’s not one that we tend to see paraded on catwalks or in magazines, it is very usual. This is when your body is relatively straight up and down. Some people refer to it as the ruler. It is when your bust and hips are balanced without much shapeliness in between.

  • Hourglass - while you may think that the hourglass body shape is common, this isn’t true. This is simply one of the body types that has been most celebrated throughout history, so we think it’s more common than it is. When you have an hourglass body type, your bust and hips are balanced, but they stand out from your waist, which tends to be smaller.

  • Pear - Pear is another common body shape. If you imagine the shape of a pear fruit, this is similar to the body type being explained. When you have a pear body type, your body tends to be thinner at the top and larger at the hips, slowly tapering down. You may hear people refer to this body type as a triangle body type too.

  • Inverted Triangle - the inverted triangle body shape is the opposite of the pear. It’s when you are broader across the shoulder and then tapers inwards, with a smaller waist and hips.

Once you know your body type, you can research how to best dress. There are different resources out there that can provide you with recommendations on what will flatter your figure.

Provide Yourself with Support

All of our bodies need support and you can help yourself dress better by making sure you’re providing your body with the particular support it needs. This can vary from person to person, but popular investments tend to include the best bras with support systems in place, support pants, support tights, and more.

Wear What Makes You Happy

You’re bound to look more confident, comfortable, and happy when you’re wearing something you actually want to wear and are comfortable in. At the end of the day, what’s most important, and what will make you shine and stand out from the crowd, is developing your own personal style and parading it proudly.

Hopefully, some of the suggestions above will help you step out proudly in your clothes, feeling comfortable and looking the best you can!


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