Friday, February 15, 2013

Fabulous Find: Red Suede Flats

Red Suede Flats Spikes
Steve Madden P-Inklet
 I'm not a big fan of flats; so much so that I only own one pair: the Mix No. 6 Story Flat in  leopard print.  I figure if I am going to buy a shoe based on comfort then it better have something exciting or unique about it!  That's why Steve Madden's P-Inklet in red caught my eye.  The spikes on the back combined with the rich red color added that little something extra that made me rethink my aversion to flats.  Then I saw the price... I wouldn't think twice about spending $50 on a great pair of heels but because I don't wear flats often I wasn't so sure I wanted to spend that much to try these out, no matter how much I love those spikes (sigh). 

Red Suede Flats Spikes
Gabriella Rocha Sammy

While checking to see if P-Inklet had gone on sale yet, I stumbled across Gabriella Rocha's Sammy. I know you are thinking I posted the same picture by mistake because they look exactly the same! Even better, Gabriella Rocha's version is twenty bucks cheaper at only $30! Both Sammy and P-inket come in Taupe if you'd prefer a more neutral color, so check out the links for this fabulous find. Also, make sure you sign up for's Brandaholics Reward Program, where frequent shoe purchases can save you even more money. I was able to get an additional 10% off my purchase of Sammy!

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