Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Video First Look: Beauty Junkees Mini Kabuki Set

travel makeup brush sets I'm a fan of the up and coming beauty brand Beauty Junkees because they make high quality makeup tools at affordable prices.  I own the entire line of Beauty Junkees makeup brushes, and after washing each brush once a week for several months, I have not experienced any shedding. (Click HERE and HERE) if you missed some of my Beauty Junkees makeup brush reviews.)
 I was excited to receive the newest additions to their brush lineup: a five piece set with mini versions of their most popular makeup brushes! The new mini Kabuki Collections comes with the following brushes: mini Flat Top Brush, mini Angle Brush, mini Flat Angled Brush, mini Tapered Brush, mini Round Brush, and a handy brush holder that is perfect for travel. 
  • The mini Flat Top Kabuki Makeup Brush is best used with concealer for full coverage of sun spots and blemishes; simply tap on the concealer using a stippling motion, which will evenly blend and cover any problem spots. You can follow up with powder to set the concealer, using the same tapping technique.
  • The mini Angled Kabuki Makeup Brush is best used with contouring and blending. Tap on highlighter to cheek bones, and blend using small circular motions. Also works well for contouring the nose, and for concealing dark under eye circles.
  • The mini Flat Angled Kabuki Makeup Brush is best used for concealing around the nose and eyes, as the flat angle can be used to apply and stipple concealer, and the pointed end perfectly blends in the corners of the nose and eyes.
  • The mini Round Kabuki Makeup Brush is best used for applying concealer to the under eye area using a buffing motion. It also works great with primer, eye shadows, and especially cream color shadow bases.
  • The mini Tapered Kabuki Makeup Brush is best used for applying eye shadow pigments and glitter.  Use the brush to pick up the loose pigment and tap into the corner of the eye to highlight. The taper is also great for concealing in hard to reach corners of the face.

Check out the video below to see an unboxing and first look at the 5 Piece mini Kabuki Makeup Brush Set with Brush Holder; and  stay tuned for a chance to win your own Mini Kabuki Set!

Thanks for watching, and don't forget to enter the giveaway; 7/16/14-7/23/14!

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