Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Achieving Effortless Vintage Elegance

With the revival of the cropped pants, the herringbone and dogtooth designs, maybe now is the time to incorporate a look of vintage elegance; inspired by the 1950's into your wardrobe. It takes no effort to put on a vintage-like dress on and pretend to recreate a scene from Grease. but it takes practice, an eye for details, and a sense of style to achieve the real elegance ideals of the 1950s.

Vintage-looking essentials with modern perks
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Far from the oversized bag and the canvas rucksack, the 1950s handbags and purses are a sign of social standing. While you don’t need to dig an old bag from a vintage fayre, you can find classic patterns and shapes from most designers. As a rule of the thumb, classic bags tend to combine neutral colors and clear square shapes. Thankfully Gucci, Hermes and Chanel, which were already around in the 1950s, have continued to produced classical shapes along their yearly new collections. The only big difference is that modern handbags now offer much more room for all your beauty essentials, with multiple pockets and zips to fit all your balms, brushes, face palettes and mini sprays. In fact, if you were given a choice between an original 1950s handbag and a modern version, you should pick the latest model as it’s likely to offer more storage room. Women in the glorious 1950s were not expected to be as active and digital-savvy as they are today… and you’ll need somewhere to keep your smartphone safe!

Vogue’s checked cardigan

Warm coats and rockabilly cardigans\Forget the boyfriend’s coat and the bomber jacket. The 1950s was a period of luxurious elegance with long warm coats and waist-nipping cardigans. Fox and Klaff Furs offer a feel of the real thing with high-quality fur services. They can even revive that old fur jacket that you got from a great aunt and don’t know how to use. Not into furs? You can keep the pinup style alive with a small and tight rockabilly cardigan. No need to buy a vintage product. Just take a look at the latest Dita Von Teese collection for inspiration!

Subtle or glamourous
The last beauty touch you need for a perfect 1950s look is to copy the typical makeup palette of that time. In fact, pastel colors were a hit in this decade, combining pale greens, pinks, blues and yellows. If you were to pick only one iconic color for the era, it would be pink as it was used as a blush and on lips. These pastels may not be flattering on every skin tone so make sure you are inspired by this palette, but adjust accordingly.

If you’re set on reviving the 1950s look and make it your own, keep a subtle profile by focusing on accessories, jackets and pastel makeup trends of the era. Try to stay away from the street-styled rockabilly dresses that have long lost their vintage touch to fall into mainstream fashion failures.

This post was written by a contributing author in collaboration with primadonnastyle.com.

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