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Updating Your Personal Style

There’s a lot of style guides out there on how to work high end designs. However, many of us can’t afford these pieces, or we don’t even like what the companies deem as ‘designer.’ Sometimes we simply don't think the looks we see in magazines will look good on us in our real everyday lives. As a result, we stick to our familiar wardrobes without ever trying anything new. Here's a few ways you can stick to your own style while being inspired by a little high street design.
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She Believed She Could.... So She Did

Sometimes we don't get out of our fashion rut because we aren't quite confident in how a new look will actually LOOK. It’s human nature to want to fit in with the crowd, and quite natural to sometimes feel insecure about how those around us will respond to a change in the way we present ourselves. Many times we aren't confident because we are not happy with some part of our physical appearance so we prefer to draw as little attention to ourselves as possible. The first element of incorporating new things into your personal style is to develop the confidence to move forward in your choice without focusing on the opinions of those around you. You can do this by making small changes over time that allow you to become comfortable with change. Perhaps a few highlights in your hair instead of completly changing the color, or wearing a bright colored top insead of the dark tones you usually gravitate towards. Try a different lipstick color, or a heel instead of a flat. Simple and consisent changes can help you become comfortable with trying something new.

Planning Makes Perfect
Sometimes we consider wearing something different or new, but something simple, like the weather, send us running back to our comfort zone.  The perfect little black dress might never make it off the hanger because it feels safer  to slide on your go-to black trousers.  Planning ahead will help you to put together picture perfect outfits that work in whatever situation you find yourself in. 

1. Start off by thinking of an event that you will be attending.  If there is no event, then plan for a meeting at work, a Sunday church service, a date night, or a gathering with friends.  Knowing where you are going and what activities you will be doing will help you plan better. The event will dictate wheter you should be looking to prepare an outfit that is casual, dressy, formal, etc...

2. Find a picture of an outfit that inspires you that would work for the event you are attending; maybe a picture on pinterest, or a picture in a magazine. Make sure that the outfit in the picture is appropriate and sensible for the event or place you are attending. 

2. Figure out exactly what you like about the picture.  Is it the color of the outfit, is it the pieces, or the accesories?

3. Check your wardrobe to see if you have anything similar to your inspiration picture? Make sure the pieces you already own are in good condition and fit well, and are flattering. Seeking the assitance of a good seamstress or tailor can bring pieces that you haven't worn in years back to life.
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4. Begin purchasing pieces to complete the outfit. You can shop around at thrift stores, consignment shops, and even bargain close-out stores to find attractive and affordable pieces and accesories to complete your look.  Of course, s
ometimes the idea of vintage can go out of the window when your consignment and thrift store hunts only turn up denim from the 70s and pieces that look like rejects from your grandma’s wardrobe. Turn away, it’s time to take the fashion fight to the net.
Trying online retailers like that of LuxeDH, you can find pre-owned vintage items as well as brand new offerings. Browse from an extensive range, and pick and choose in your own time.
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5. Try on as you go and figure out what you like and don't like about your look so you can fix BEFORE you wear.  Plan for weather. If it will be chilly, find the right coat, cardigan, wrap or blazer to go with your outfit. Search for the right shoes to brave standing or deaing with the weather.

6. Wear your outfit.  Don't chicken out!  If you put in the work to design your own brand of chic, step out and let the world see your style. 

This type of planning sounds exhausting because it takes a lot of time and effort,  but it will benefit you in the long run. You will save money because you will cut down on impuslse buys that never make it out of your closet.  Eventually you will build a wardrobe of pieces that work for different types of events and weather, and that reflects your own personal style.

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