Sunday, October 29, 2017

Up & Coming: Interview with CAPITAL 225

 Hi Lovelies!  As an art educator, I'm always excited when I see people using their artistic and creative talents to pursue their dreams.  In an effort to inspire my readers to get out there, get creative, and follow their dreams, I'd like to feature young people who are out there going for it. If you're a young person stepping out on faith to start a new venture drop me and email at, and tell me all about it.  You might be chosen to be featured on Primadonna Style!

 Today I wanted to introduce  Capital 225, a start-up line designed by  Baton Rouge, Louisiana native Tyrone Wilkins. I recently had a chance to sit down and chat with Ty about his inspiration for Capital 225, and his creative vision as he takes on creating a line of clothing that represents his hometown.

D:  Hi Ty.  Can you tell me about your creative venture, and what inspired you?

Ty:  My company is named CAPITAL 225.  It is inspired by Baton Rouge being the Capital of Louisiana, and our area code.  Capital also means money, so it reflects the rich history and culture we have in Baton Rouge. I decided to do this after the death of my oldest brother, Gerald Wilkins, to honor him.

D:  Do you consider yourself a t-shirt designer, or a sportwear designer?

Ty: I consider myself a designer of things that are comfortable. I create and sell mainly shirts, hoodies, and jackets, but I hope to expand to polos and other articles of clothing in the future.  My clothing is unisex. I want to appeal to everyone young and old. 

D: Do you have a website where you sell your products?

Ty:  Right now, all sales are done through our Facebook page, but I plan on getting a website next year when I fully lauch my business.

D:  As a native of Baton Rouge, what positive aspects of the city would you like to illuminate for people in other parts of the country?

Ty: Through my clothing I want to show others the pride I have in the city I grew up in and how gorgeous it is.  I want others to wear it and be as proud as I see others are of  their city or from different areas.  A lot of fashion comes from New York or California. It gets instant recognition from where it originates.  I want that for Capital 225. I am hoping my fellow Baton Rouge family feels the same.

Shout out to Ty for taking a chance and realizing that his dream is a worthy investment.  Be inspired, get out there, and make your vision a reality!

Thanks for reading!

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