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Getting In Shape: 5 Methods That Don’t Involve The Letters G-Y-M

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As women, we have a lot to deal with. Not only are we forever trying to combat aging, we’re also working on our figures too. No matter your age, everyone wants to be in shape. Now, that shape will definitely look different to individual people, but there’s no doubt about it, we all want to be able to look and feel incredible. Whether that’s fitting into our favorite dress from years before, or being able to build up those curves and tone muscle. Unfortunately, when you’re not the biggest fan of hitting the gym, you can feel doomed - even though you don’t have to be. You don’t have to be in love with the gym to get in shape!

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We’re all sick of fad diets, right? Who wants to eat cabbage soup all day long, or avoid carbs? But Of course being a carb queen can kind of get in the way of getting in shape, so you need to balance your binges out. That's where juicing comes in. If you’re going to enjoy your favorite carb-coated foods (and you should - you only live once), you’re going to need to do it in moderation. By all means, have pasta for dinner, but start the day with a healthy juice packed full of vitamins and nutrition to kick-start your metabolism and shape your waistline.


When you love pizza, chips, and cake, you really do need to be doing something to help you stay in shape, but who says that something has to be based at the gym? Why can’t it be at the beauty salon? With body laser sculpting, it can be! That’s right; you can get a non-invasive procedure to contour your figure and work on getting the bits you don’t like into shape without having to go under the knife.

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Even if you’re allergic to exercise, you have to realize that to get into shape; you do have to do something. Otherwise, the results you want just aren’t going to happen! That doesn’t mean you have to do something that bores you. In fact, exercise can be a lot of fun. Just look at the pole dance fitness trend! It’s super fun, and you can even go along with your girlfriends and have a giggle while you’re getting fit!

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When you’re getting your sweat on, you know that you’re doing something right. Right? Well then, get your butt to a hot yoga class and sweat your socks off! These classes are great for your mind and your skin, as well as your waistline. So if you’re looking for a different kind of class to try out, a hot yoga class is the one for you.

Fake It

Or maybe you’d prefer to fake it instead? When that’s the case, you’re definitely going to want to think about investing in a waiste trainer or a good old pair of Spanx. Even when you’re working on your shape in other ways, Spanx can still make you feel incredible and look more shapely.

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