Thursday, October 26, 2017

The Aging Game: How To Win The War Against Wrinkles

Aging is an inevitable process. Nobody is immortal and often, changes in our skin are the first glimpse of what’s to come as we get older. The smooth forehead shows a few lines when we frown, or lines start to appear when we get the giggles. There’s no way of gaining eternal youth, but there are ways of turning back the clock and keeping wrinkles at bay for as long as possible.

Self-Help For Your Skin
Looking after your skin is really important, especially if you want a healthy glow and line-free skin for years to come. Your skin acts as a protective barrier, and this means that it comes up against all kinds of hazards and challenges on a daily basis. When the sun is beating down, the harmful UV rays can damage your skin cells while the wintry winds and chilly climates can cause your skin to feel dry and lifeless. Your lifestyle can also impact the aging process. If you smoke, for example, you’re likely to find that your skin ages much faster. To protect your skin, make sure you wear high-factor sun screen when you’re out on a summer’s day and invest in good quality skincare products throughout the year. When it’s cold outside, nourish and hydrate your skin using moisturizers and serums. Always make an effort to drink plenty of water and eat well. Foods that are particularly good for your skin include oily fish, nuts and seeds, berries, leafy green vegetables, and avocados. If you smoke, giving up this habit will have noticeable positive benefits for your skin. Ask your doctor for information about nicotine replacement therapy and group support sessions.

Cosmetic Procedures
If you dream of a smooth, youthful complexion, you may be considering cosmetic treatment. Anti-aging treatment is big business these days, and there is a range of solutions on offer, including non-invasive treatments and surgical procedures provided by experts like Dr. Ramiro Morales. Non-surgical options include Botox and dermal fillers. These procedures are quick and easy, and they can be completed within 30 minutes with minimal recovery time. The effects of treatment last around 6-9 months, but it is possible to top-up the results for prolonged results. Surgical treatments, like a facelift, produce much longer-lasting results, but there are risks involved with every invasive procedure and recovery can take weeks. If you are thinking of having cosmetic facial treatment, do some research, organize some consultations, and ask plenty of questions.

Skincare Saviors
There are hundreds of anti-aging skincare products out there, and this can make it tough to determine what works and what does not. If you’re focused on looking younger, search for products that contain ingredients such as retinol and hyaluronic acid. The skin around the eyes tends to show the signs of aging most visibly, so it’s worth investing in eye cream.

If you’re trying to win the aging game, looking after your skin is a great place to start. It’s not possible to stay young forever, but there are ways of preserving your youthful looks. Invest in skincare saviors, stay hydrated, protect your skin and do extensive research if you’re considering facial treatments.

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