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4 Beauty Routines You May Be Doing Wrong!

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Women have a lot to deal with when it comes to maintaining a consistent beauty regimen. Not only does it cost time and money, but there is a learning curve to figuring out what works best and what works long term. Unfortunately, a fact that may concern women around the world is that one in five women is making beauty mistakes. They may be small, yet they can make all the difference in an effective beauty regimen and optimal skin care.

Check out these beauty boo boos.

Sunscreen Before Makeup

The logic is solid – the cream sets in while a layer of makeup goes on the top. According to Jess Wu, MD, this is a big mistake as it disturbs the sun cream. When this happens, the skin is exposed to UV rays and may burn or become leathery. Apparently, the proper order of application is to apply the makeup and then add a thin coat of sunscreen afterwards. And, don’t rely on the SPF factor in makeup because it isn’t as protective as actual sunblock. Just keep in mind that anything below factor 30 is not as effective.

Waxing Over Shaving

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Conventional wisdom dictates that this is a personal decision based on the individual. While this is true, the negatives of waxing are greater than shaving. For example, a botched home wax can lead to ingrown hairs. This can be very painful. Then, there is the trauma of ripping hairs out of your body. Shaving is easier and less irritating. With this wet shaving guide from Luxury Shaving Razors, it doesn’t have to take forever either. For ultimate results, remember to use a moisturizer after shaving.

Washing With A Cloth

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Those who are diligent in their beauty maintenance know that you must make sure to remove all makeup before going to bed. Leaving it on overnight clogs up the pores and cause the skin to dry and lose its elasticity. Washing it off with a cloth seems like a great idea, until you realize it does more harm than good. The material's fibers are often too abrasive and irritate the skin. Not only does this lead to marks and spots, but it can also cause lines and wrinkles to form. If this sounds familliar, forget about washcloths and try replacing them with baby or antibacterial wipes. As long as they don’t contain alcohol, these might be more beneficial for your skin.

Overusing Fragrant Moisturizers

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Most of us have been taught that lotions are good for the skin and slap them on at any opportunity. While they are helpful, too much moisturizer can clog the pores. Also, creams with added fragrances are potential irritants as they contain allergens. In simple terms, they may include harmful chemicals which are not good for maintaining healthy skin. As a rule, never overuse a moisturizer no matter how dry you think your skin feels. A small dollop of cream once a twice a day is more than enough for silky skin. If your skin is sensitive, then fragrance free is the way to go.

Make sure you are reading our products to find out the manufacturers recommendations for proper application, and research ingredients in your beauty products to know what you are putting on your skin.  Most importantly, pay attention to how your skin responds so you can make the necessary adjustments and avoid major beauty boo boos.

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