Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Review: Silk 18 Hair Conditioner

I've been wearing goddess locs for the past six weeks, and a few weekends ago I'd had enough. I was anxious to take them out and give my hair a good wash and condition.  I had been contacted by Maple Holistics a few months ago to try out one of their shampoos.  Maple Holistics makes all natural cruelty free products, so I was definetly interested in seeing what they had to offer. Lately, I've been trying to shampoo less, and do more co-washing, so after reading up on their offerings, I opted for the Silk 18 hair conditoner.
Here is the description from the website about the product:
Silk 18 gets its name from the 18 Silk Amino Acids found in its formula. No matter your hair type, our blend of essential oils and silk amino acids will smooth and soften your locks to shiny perfection. The natural vanilla scent of Silk18 is delicious and calming. 

 I figured my hair would appreciate a dose of essentional oils, and would need a lot of help in the smoothing and softening department after wearing the faux locs.  I was sent the Silk 18 conditioner free of charge; but the opinions here are based on my experience when trying the product. 

 When I opened the bottle of Silk 18, I was immediately drawn in by a soft vanilla sent.  I normally "pre-poo" my hair by dousing it with a conditoner with a lot of slip to help detangle before I co-wash or shampoo. I  proceeded to try using a little Silk 18 for my pre-poo routine, but the conditioner did not have enough slip to aid me in the detangling process prior to washing so I decided to use it as a normal after shampoo conditioner.   After I co-washed and detangled my hair, I applied a generous amount of Silk 18 from root to tip.  

Applying Silk 18 hair conditioner.

The Silk 18 did indeed make my hair feel softer, and made my hair even easier to comb though.  It rinsed away easily with no build up. I was pleased, but it wasn't until a week later 
that I realized that my hair was still extremely soft. I have been retwisting my hair every few nights for a protective style, and I was extremely surprised that I can comb through it with little to no detangling. It is still very soft and managable, which is definetly out of the norm.  This conditioner will definetly be in my hair product rotation.

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