Friday, November 10, 2017

Skincare Stresses: Achieving Pore-fection

We all have different skincare woes, and it’s impossible to rule which issue should be defined as the worst. However, if you have a problem with large, open pores, then chances are you probably think you got the worst deal imaginable.

Large pores are a menace when it comes to skincare. Open pores can cause foundation and makeup to crease or pool, creating a textured, lumpen impact; but those with open pores will use foundation anyway, as the alternative of going bare-faced just isn’t something they can handle. If you study the PhotoShop techniques used in beauty and fashion magazines, you will notice that all pores are always erased out of existence. When it comes to your skin, poreless is the dream.

However, it’s an unrealistic dream, because pores are completely natural. There is a lot of misinformation out there about pores, so let’s try and focus on the facts you need to know.

Large Pores Aren’t Fixable (Unless You Have Plastic Surgery)

Apologies for being the bearer of bad news, but it’s true: there is no skincare product that is going to fix your large pores. Pore size is genetic. If you want to reduce your pore size permanently, the only option is to undergo a potentially-invasive dermatological treatment.

However, You Can Minimize The Appearance Of Pores

While you can’t permanently reduce the size of your pores, you can minimize their appearance by cleaning your pores out on a regular basis. The most common way of achieving this is with a pore strip, but peel-off charcoal masks are also becoming more common.

The idea behind these treatments is simple. Apply a solution/piece of paper to the pores, then remove it, dragging the dirt and dead skin cells that have accumulated the pores out. This makes the pores appear smaller and lasts for around three days.

Pores Are More Likely If You Have Oily Skin

You’re more likely to have obvious pores if you have oily skin, and the acne issues that are associated with this skin type. Acne scarring can make pores look worse, so it’s worth investigating your skincare options for acne. You can reduce breakouts with Cosrx pimple pad, and using a good oil-free moisturizer will make a big difference to the severity of your breakouts.

If you have previous acne scarring and enlarged pore issues, then you may want to consider consulting a dermatologist to see if there are any specialist treatments they may recommend.

A Good Primer Is Essential For Large Pores

If you have large, open pores, then you’re going to want to invest in a good primer to help disguise them beneath makeup. Silicone-based primers are your best choice, as these will fill in the gaps and give your skin a silky-smooth appearance. Just make sure you always double-cleanse when you have been using heavy makeup to disguise pores; if you don’t, you risk making the problem worse!

So, some good news and some bad news for those of us with enlarged pores, but hopefully the above has helped to clarify the issues-- and give you a few ideas of how you can tackle your pore problem.

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