Friday, October 20, 2017

Foundations for Fabulous Face

Sometimes we put so much time and effort into the perfect outfit that we forget that foundational beauty practices are what enhance our daily style. Here are a few tips to make sure that you are giving your most fabulous face on a daily basis.

General Care

Stay well hydrated to keep skin looking plump and clear.
Develop a consistent sleeping pattern to ensure healthy skin and a well-rested apperance.
Create a winning smile by enhacing your teeth with natural or over the counter whitening products. C Opalescence whitening products can make a telling difference in creating a natural looking and head turning smile. Beautiful skin and a great smile is sure to improve your self-confidence as well!


Many women use makeup to enhance their natural beauty, yet some overlook the importance of taking the right steps before application. This guide will help you prep your skin in the most effective manner. Having the best possible starting canvas will ensure great results.

It’s equally important to cleanse the face and remove makeup when you get home too. Sleeping with those products on your skin will cause ongoing damage.

Wake Up Make Up

Find the perfect foundation for your skin type and tone .
Develop a short makeup routine that you can do each day. You can try more elaborate and dramatic looks for special occasions or if you have more time to get ready for an outing or event.

Let Accessories Work Harder

Necklaces, earrings, and other items grab the attention and help the natural beauty shine by highlighting and accentuating your features. Try looking at local discount stores or at online boutiques like Roma Designer jewelry and accessories to find pieces to complete the final touches of your look.

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