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The Perfect Fit

Want to wow when you walk down the street? Tailor your style. Even though the outfit may not be to your liking or taste, you still have to admit that many celebrities, "instagram models", and well know fashionistas wear clothes that seem to fit perfectly. Whether they have a stylist or a great eye for fashion, they have mastered the art of tailoring their style. Luckily, in today's digital age, there lots of fashion blogs, Youtube videos, magazines, and other resources availabe to guide you through the complicated process of tailoring your style and finding the perfect fit. Here are a few Primadonna Style tips to get you started:

Wear Clothes That Fit
Sounds simple right? Perhaps that's easier said than done. Even after high school, the peer pressure women face when it comes to their bodies continues. Television, the internet, fashion magazines, and gossip blogs all make us fee that we have to "snap-back" quickly after a pregnancy, have a bigger more rounded butt, perky breasts, and a flat tummy. Sometimes it isn't easy to step back and objectively analyze your body shape. Many times we stuff ourselves into an outfit that is too tight to prove that we are the same size that we were a few years ago. We may notice we've gained a little weight so we buy clothes that are much too big; overcompensating for our insecurity. We all deal with body changes during different seasons of our lives, but an outfit that is too baggy or too tight is not the answer.
  • Grab a measuring tape, take your measurements. Check out this handy guide if you aren't sure how to properly do this.
  •  If you are fond of online shopping, make sure you throughly read the sizing charts so you can order the proper size based on your measurements.
  • If you are on the border of a size purchase the larger size. You can always get an outfit altered to fit perfectly.
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Try On
You are shopping at your favorite store and you hit the jackpot;  you stumble across a great outift, in your size, for a great price! You head to the checkout and purchase the items, estatic over your latest find. Big mistake. There is no way to tell if an item fits until you try it on and look in the mirror. All sizing is not created equal, and a great priced outfit that doesn't fit correctly will either become a fashion mistake, a dust collector in the back of your closet, or your latest donation to the local thrift store. Sure, everything may work out fine without hitting the changing rooms, but, there is no reason to take a risk. Always try on clothes to see how they feel and look before pulling out your credit card.

Focus On Health And Fitness
Let's face it ladies; weight gain is an issue that can cause our clothes to not fit well. I've had my own battles with dieting and weight gain, so this is definelty a no judgement zone; but a few extra pounds definetly can cause clothing to be ill fitting in certain areas. Loosing weight isn’t an easy process, but it isn’t impossible. Dieting can be useful as long as the focus is on making healthy lifestyle changes. Also, it’s essential that the plan fits around your life and not the other way around. Remember it only takes loosing a few pounds to make your clothes fit better. 
  • Try small changes like ommiting temptation foods from your refrigerator and pantry.
  • Find time during your day to burn calories like taking a walk outside at lunch time, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or parking farther from the door in the grocery store parking lot.
  • Invest in a food scale and discuss with your doctor a healthy amount of calories you can eat per day and still loose weight. 
  • Download My Fittness Pal App to your smart phone and keep track of everything you eat including portion sizes to help you keep an accurate calorie count. 
  • Find a fun activity that you enjoy to help you burn calories. 
  • The gym isn't for everyone. Treatments like CoolSculpting are also popular ways of achieving the body goals you may want. Without going under the knife, it’s possible to get quick and healthy results.


Do you still have the clothes which no longer fit? Try your hand at DIY fashion design. Take an old t-shirt as an example. With a swish of a pair of scissors, it transforms into a stylish off shoulder top. Or, turn old jeans turn into jean shorts. Perhaps you have a dress or skirt that is too long or a a pair of pants that need a quick hem. Consider purchasing no sew hem tape for a quick fix, or pulling out your sewing machine and using those home ec skills from your high school days.
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Be Original
Copying women who inspire you in a fashion sense is an easy way to try new things and revamp your personal style. However, it’s important to remember everyone's body is unique. You may not get the exact same look as your fashion muse simply by buying the same outfit. Know your body type and figure out colors, cuts, and patterns that are flattering to you. It's great to look for inspiration from other's but to get the perfect fit, every outfit must be developed to work for your unique characteristics.
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