Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Secret To A Real Beauty Makeover

The secret to a real beauty makeover is to focus on your health. Well, that was quick, wasn’t it? But don’t click away just yet. Let's talk about a few improvements you could make to your lifestyle to start feeling happier about your appearance.

Healthy Hair
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Research your hair type and find products that work for your hair's texture and any chemical treatments you might use.
Find a conditioner that you love and "pre-poo" and detangle before washing.
Avoid silicones, sulfates, and alcohols in your shampoo and conditioner.
Try a hair steamer to help conditioners better penetrate into the hair shaft. 
Avoid chemicals like relaxers and dye. If you’re going to dye your hair then go for a color that’s close to your natural shade, but make sure not to dye your hair too frequently or you can do a lot of damage to it.
Try not to use heat devices like flat! irons and blow dryers to often, and if you do, use a heat protectant first.

Healthy Face

Drink more water!
Eat more organic and natural foods.
Get yourself a skin care routine. Try products and adjust until you find things that work. Then, remain consistent to see results.
Use more natural products like organic manuka honey or a konjac sponge for natural acne control.
Try this mask here at The Nourished Life to draw chemicals and toxins out of the skin.
Exfoliate to remove dead skin. Try a facial brush or a recipie using natural products.

Healthy Mind
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Don't start your morning by checking your Facebook feed, turning on the news, or checking Instagram. Start each day with positivity. Wake up and pray. Read a morning devotional, or listen to a song that makes you happy.
Check your inner circle. If it's filled with negativity then it's time to clean house. Friendships and relationships that are draining and full of drama create too much stress. Reassess and compose your inner circle of a small group of people who encourage and celebrate you. Make sure you do the same for them.
Make a commitment to decompress and destress once a week. Whatever makes you feel relaxed wheter it be a bubble bath, a pedicure, a run, cooking, crafting, etc. Set aside an hour a week to do relax. The benefits of a healthy mind are never-ending.

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