Friday, November 10, 2017

Eye-popping AW 2017 Makeup Trends

The perfect accessory to any Autumn/Winter 2017 outfit is on trend eye makeup, and in this area, things are really changing. In fact, some of the fashions you will see this AW season are avant-garde, and some are influenced by past eras. Luckily, all of them are easy to create, as long as you know how. That is why there is a brief guide to each look below.                                                                                                                                                                                           

Cut Creases Reimagined

The traditional cut crease is when a darker eyeshadow is used in the crease of the eye to give depth and definition. It is then blended into the lighter colors on the lid and toward the brow bone for a sophisticated smoky eye look, suitable in it's most dramatic form to be worn with eveningwear. Although in a paired down version can work well in the daytime too.

An eyeshadow pallet can allow you to experiment with look and colors. Picture here

However a trend towards the more playful and bold is coming this AW 2017, and that means out with the carefully blended cut crease and in with a bold sweep of color in this space instead. A little crazy it may be, but it's super fun, and you can even combine colors to get the eye-popping right look. You will, of course, need to use highly pigmented color to achieve this look, so consider using an Urban Decay eyeshadow pallet or something like it for your needs. Then you will have a range of colors to clash and match with your outfits as you see fit.


A historically influenced look that is something you can try at home this AW17 is one from the 60s. It is the wide-eyed, monotone look influenced by the mod movement.

This look includes heavy liquid eyeliner across the top of the lid that flares out at the corner of the eye. The use of false lashes is a must as well, both on the top and bottom lids to really open up the eye area as much as possible. Don't forget too that using white eyeliner like the one you can get from Rimmel on the water line can give you that all-important doe-eyed look that will be the perfect complement to this season's smart trouser suits or A-line dresses.

Electric Blues

Rock an electric blue eyeshadow this AW17. Image

Next, and here is where things really get fun, is the 80’s inspired eyeshadow trend. That means bold colors swept on all the way up from the eyelid almost to the brow bone. To give this look a bit of depth, a metallic eyeshadow is the best choice. Especially, if it is a gorgeous electric blue! Although purple and rose colors can work well too, depending on your coloring and skin tone. Just remember to look out for the most pigmented and bold shades you can find, and use a good eyeshadow primer and translucent powder to set the look.

Also to give this look a more modern edge pair it with minimal eyebrows and just a lick of mascara, so it is not too overwhelming. Then you will have your nod to the 80’s without looking like you are heading to a fancy dress ball!

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