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Facing Up To Acne

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Spots are often caused by blocked pores. It’s more common for teenagers to get them, but many people can continue to get spots throughout their adult life. In serious situations, spots can develop into acne, which if not treated can result in permanent scarring, not to mention damaged self-esteem. Fortunately, there are many ways to beat spots and acne. Here are just a few…

Wash daily

Those prone to spots usually have more naturally oily skin. Washing one’s face daily with soap and water can help to get rid of some of this excess oil, preventing more pores from getting blocked. Washing your face morning and night can provide maximum impact. For acne, it could even be worth using a special Konjac sponge to help scrub away the oils. Check out my experience with using a konjac sponge here.

Take care with cosmetics

Certain types of make-up such as primers could be aggravating your spots. Moisturisers in particular can be bad for oily skin as their purpose is to provide more moisture into the skin. Shop around for specialized cosmetics that are oily-skin-friendly. The chemical bismuth-oxychloride should be avoided as this can promote breakouts.

Try tea tree and witch hazel

Products like tea tree and witch hazel are excellent for extracting oil from the skin, preventing future spots. These can bought from almost any pharmacy or supermarket. On top of various gels, you can buy witch hazel soap bars to wash your face with as if you were using a normal bar of soap.

Know when to get professional treatment

For serious outbreaks, it could be worth considering professional acne treatment. A doctor may be able to provide a prescription of antibiotics to fight the inflammation. If this doesn’t work, you may be able to try a specialist strategy such as laser treatment. These kinds of treatment can be expensive, so think of them as a last resort for those really struggling with acne.

Eat the right foods

Your diet is important when dealing with oily skin and spots. The idea that fried fatty foods cause spot outbreaks is partially a myth – standing above a fryer might give you spots due to the oil evaporating off but eating these foods is unlikely to be the cause of spots. Sugary foods are more of a problem. Spiked levels of insulin created by sugary foods can trigger inflammation, making acne worse. Try to cut down on soft drinks and sweets as these are likely to be the main offenders.

Meanwhile you should load up on foods containing omega 3s such as salmon and walnuts. Omega 3 fatty acid is great at fighting inflammation can so could help get rid of acne. Fruits such as blueberries meanwhile are full of anti-oxidants that can also help to combat an acne outbreak.

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