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3 Things You Can Do With An Old Tattoo

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If you have had a tattoo for a while, then it might have started to fade, or you may have grown tired of it. Perhaps you've been considering getting something done to fix it. No matter where it is on
your body, here are three things you can do with your old tattoo.


If you still like your old tattoo, then one option is to have it recolored. This is where you consult your tattoo artist and see if there are areas of your tattoo that can be brightened up and made to look new again. One of the main ways a tattoo artist will do this is by going over all of the black lines in your tattoo to make them bolder, and then they might go and recolor the other colors in your tattoo. Getting this done is a great choice if your tattoo means a lot to you and want to keep it, but feel it has started to look old or faded.


If you have grown tired of your old tattoo, then removal might be the option for you. You might want the tattoo removed for other reasons, too. Whatever it is, you can get it lasered off over several sessions. This can be painful and time-consuming, but it should fully remove the tattoo from your body. Another option is to use some tattoo removal cream. You can read more about these methods on Skin Tru. Removing a tattoo will mean that it is gone forever, so if is something that you regret getting you won’t have to worry about it anymore. If you feel you have outgrown it, then you won’t need to worry about that either.

Cover It

The final option of what to do with an old tattoo is to get it covered. You can take your old faded tattoo and get a brand new tattoo inked over the top. This might incorporate your old tattoo, or it might be something entirely fresh; the choice is yours. This new tattoo will need to be larger than your old tattoo to fully cover it, but if that isn’t a problem, then this might be the solution for you. The benefit of getting a cover-up can be that you get to have an excellent new tattoo and still remember your old one underneath. It also removes the need to have the tattoo removed as you can just replace it with something that you like more or that is more appropriate.

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