Thursday, December 14, 2017

Making Peace With Your Body

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Loving your body, especially in a world where the female figure is so often picked over and criticized, is a continuous work in progress. You probably won’t just wake up one day and love everything about your body, but you can gradually learn to see yourself in a more positive light. The thing is, that every body is beach body ready. All you need to do is add sand and sea!
Body Confidence and Mental Health
Much of body confidence comes down to learning to love your flaws which makes you generally more confident and easy to be around. Just looking in the mirror at your naked self might be a challenge, but do it and smile. Look at each part, and admire what makes your body unique.

Of course, if you are really struggling, you may need some more help. Plastic surgery might be ridiculed if it is a not so well kept secret with the Hollywood stars, but if you can be your very best self with a smaller nose (for example) then this treatment could be all you need to boost your confidence and get on with your life. You need to do what is best for you.
Fitness and Happiness
Exercise is amazing.  It boosts your endorphins to make you feel happier and generally much healthier too. It also makes your body stronger and helps you make changes that bring more confidence as you get closer to your body goals.

While you may not be able to exercise your way to supermodel skinny legs you can reduce your excess fat and make changes. 
Dress for the Body You Have
In lots of ways, fashion can be cruel. Just when you find some clothes you love, styles change, and now nothing in the stores seems to fit correctly. No matter what your body shape or weight, we have all been there!

The fact is that when fashion changes every few months, last season’s stuff that looked amazing on you should stay in your wardrobe. No one is judging you for wearing things that look amazing. Wear the things that make you feel good.

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