Friday, December 8, 2017

Fashion Tips for First Impressions

Many times in a woman's life she has to work harder to be taken seriously. Not only do women have to be prepared to prove themselves in some of life's most stressful situations, but they are also required to look the part.  To help you get it right during we’re going to look at how to dress in some of the most commonly scrutinized situations.

The interview

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You can be sure that all eyes will be on you during an interview. Many of them will take your appearance into account when they make their final decision. Do your research on the employer beforehand so that you will know what attire is appropriate. Setting the right tone is everything.

The investments

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We also come under scrutiny when making big investments throughout our lives. You may be applying for a loan or buying an investment property. Whatever your needs, any money lender or salesperson will take your appearance into account. After all, they’ll use this to judge your financial footing. With this in mind, go all out there. Mix an impressive outfit with splashes of gold, and you’re definitely getting approved.

The first date

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Let’s not forget that all important first date. More than anywhere, your appearance will be the determining factor here. Men are visual, so if you don't catch his eye, he won’t be asking to see you again. If you think he's a keeper; then consider this when putting your outfit together. Remember to keep things modest with a hint of sexy.

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