Monday, December 4, 2017

Winter Blues: How To Dress In Blue This Season

Blue is a versatile color that can be worn year round, however this cool color feels particularly suited to the winter months. Here are some ways that you can incorporate more blue into your wardrobe this season.

Mix tones and textures

It’s possible to dress all in blue, but beware of being too matchy-matchy. Mixing tones is a great way of combating this and making your outfit look less cartoonish. For example, try matching a dark navy coat with light blue jeans, or a baby blue sweater with dark blue jeans. Different textures such as denim mixed with cotton can also work well.

Use earthy blues

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Whilst blue can remind us of calming natural sights such as the sea and the sky, you want to avoid using too many bright neon shades that are better suited for the summer. Pastel blues may offer an earthier wintry feel. Few materials are naturally blue – most are heavily dyed – but it is possible to work some natural blue into your wardrobe through gemstones. Companies such as Silver and Turquoise Native American Jewelers have some beautiful blue bling with a natural and rustic feel. Shiny gems such as sapphire can also be great for this season.

Try the white-blue ombre

The ombre effect involves slowly fading one colour into another. For the ultimate wintry look, the white-blue ombre is perfect. There are dresses out there available from online stores like Polyvore that use this ombre effect. Alternatively, you can create your own ombre t-shirt or dress by dip-dyeing a white shirt into blue ink. The white-blue ombre can also work simply by piecing together different pieces of clothing, each one lighter than the next, such as white shoes, light blue denim jeans and a dark blue top.

Heat things up with reds and oranges

Red and orange are complimentary colors to blue. They can help to build a great contrast for adding more energy to your outfit. An orange top can look great contrasted with a cobalt blue skirt or leggings. You can even make formal work wear more energetic such as contrasting a blue blazer with an orange shirt. Mixing contrasting colors creates a sense of energy so this may not be ideal for calmer environments.

Create a pop of color

For a more subtle outfit choice, you could simply stick to black, white and grey, but add a pop of blue to give it that extra unique feel. The best way to add a pop of color is through accessories. When dressing all black, consider a bright blue scarf as a focal point. You could even consider a matching blue scarf, gloves and hat calmed down with some grey or black clothing. Winter is also the time to try blue nail varnish. Along with a blue necklace or scarf, this can make an excellent pop of color.

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