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Nix These Makeup Mistakes.

If you're not a makeup pro then you're bound to make mistakes from time to time. Of course there are a few mistakes that tend to be more common than others. Check out these common makeup mistakes so you can make sure they aren't ruining your look.

The Foundation Neck Line

This is a mistake people make when they apply a foundation that doesn’t suit the natural color of their skin. It’s either too dark or too light and ends up creating a line between the neck and face - where the foundation ends. This essentially gives you a two-toned appearance, with your neck and face different colors. This beauty blunder can easily be fixed by matching your skin to the right shade.

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Clumpy Eyelashes From Too Much Mascara

We all want to make our eyelashes stand out and look longer and thicker. This is where mascara comes into play, but it can often go wrong. By applying too much mascara, we end up with clumpy eyelashes. Invest in a good metal eyelash comb and pass it though your lashes in between each coat of mascara that you apply to avoid the dreaded spider leg look.

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Applying The Wrong Shade Of Lipstick

Everyone is not best suited to everything, and this is so true when it comes to lipstick. A lot of people ruin a good look by wearing a shade of lippy that just doesn’t suit them. Don't just get stuck on wearing a certain brand that you'll settle for any shade. Also remember what looks good on some may not look good on all. Look for companies that will proudly proclaim; our lipstick collection has lot of different shades for lots of different skin tones.

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Messing Up Your Lipstick Application
Sticking with the lip theme; a lot of people mess up when applying their lipstick - even after picking the right shade. Invest in a great lip liner that will help you shape your lips and prevent feathering. Then watch a few youtube videos and practice creating the perfect pout.

Using A Greasy Moisturizer

Before you start applying any makeup to your face, you need to moisturize it. This ensures your skin doesn’t dry out, and it should help your foundation settle better. Unfortunately, some of us make the mistake of using a moisturizer that makes our face too greasy. As a result, your makeup struggles to stay on, and the slightest brush of anything on your face will rub it off. This leads to stained tops, and lots of greasy faced selfies. Look for an oil free moisturizer or use a primer before applying your foundation to mattify your face and to help your makeup stay on longer.

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