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Beauty Mistakes That Age You

As a society, we’re desperate to stay young. We spend time and money searching for ways to keep our
skin looking youthful and healthy, we dye our hair to cover up any grays, and we spend countless hours looking for tiny lines in the mirror. We use creams and lotions to help us stay looking bright and young, and we’re terrified of one day waking up to see an old person staring back at us in the bathroom mirror.

There’s no doubt that part of this is vanity. We all like to look our best, and we’ve been conditioned to think that young is beautiful. But, there’s more to it than that. We associate looking young, with feeling young. When we look young, we think we can do anything, go anywhere and live our lives to the max. The signs of aging can bring up thoughts and feelings of getting older or running out of time and of not getting the chance to do everything that we want. Looking older can shake our confidence and affect how we see ourselves.

Despite all of the effort we make to look younger, there are a few simple mistakes that many of us are making. Mistakes that actually make us look much older than we are and undo all of our hard work.

Putting Up with Things

One thing many of us are guilty of is hating part of our body and doing nothing about it. Being self-conscious and unhappy about something means you hide it away. You’re not confident; you don’t walk with your head held high. You cover up that thing you hate, in hopes no one else will see.

Instead, do something about it. Stop hunching and hiding, which is sure to age you, and make some changes. If it’s your weight, diet, and exercise; or see your GP for help. You could contact Allure Plastic Surgery to discuss possible options, or you could seek help from a counselor to learn how to love and accept yourself.

Wearing Too Much Makeup

The point of makeup is to highlight your features or to look like the best version of yourself. To make the most of your natural beauty. It’s not meant to be able to make you look completely different. Applying layers and layers of makeup can make you look much older as well as fake and unnatural.
 Too much makeup can also do more lasting damage. It can dry out your skin, block your pores, and prevent vitamin D from getting into your body. This could lead to premature aging and the early appearance of fine lines. Especially around your eyes and mouth. Instead, wear a small amount of makeup, always use a primer to protect your skin, and always cleanse thoroughly before bed to give your skin a break.

Loose Powder

Powder is an excellent finish to your makeup. It takes off any shine, and can easily be touched up during the day. Unfortunately, too much loose powder can be very aging. It clings to fine lines, highlighting them and making them appear much deeper. Suddenly a few fine lines look like deep wrinkles, and you look ten years older. Pressed powder can give you much lighter coverage and be easier to control.


Posture is a very real problem in today’s society. Many of us spend hours and hours slouching over a computer or walking around with our bags over one arm. Then we go home and slump on the sofa while we watch TV. Poor posture makes you look older and more cumbersome. Not standing straight makes your stomach and bottom look bigger, and your boobs sag. Standing tall, makes you look younger, thinner, healthier, and more confident. However, it’s not always as simple as just standing a little straighter. If you’ve been slouching for a long time, you’ll probably find that standing straight is uncomfortable or even impossible. Try some core strengthening exercises such as Pilates to prepare your core and spine, and regularly check and correct your posture throughout the day. Other things that can help include a good mattress, a supportive office chair, and positioning your screen at eye level, so your neck isn’t constantly stuck forward.


Many of us are as obsessed with gaining a healthy glow to look young. Unfortunately, the two don’t always go together. Especially if you are naturally very light skinned. Sunbathing and sunbeds can quickly age your skin and increase your risk of contracting skin cancer. Is it really worth it for a tan?
 Instead, either learn to love your natural complexion and wear a high SPF when you are outdoors. Or you can try some of the excellent tanning creams and gels on the market today.

Getting Your Hair Color Wrong

As a general rule, the older you get, the lighter your hair should be if you don’t intend to go gray naturally. Nothing ages your skin more than washing it out with very dark hair. Especially if it’s long. As you start to age, opt for a shade slightly lighter than your natural color to highlight to the color of your skin, boosting its natural glow instead of washing it out. It’s also a good idea to get regular cuts. However old you are, dull, flat, and lifeless hair will make you look older. Add some layers and shape around your face, or go for a trendy pixie cut to give yourself a fresh and youthful air no matter what color you prefer.

Neglecting Your Brows

Eyebrow trends come and go. At the moment, thick, full brows are in fashion. But, it hasn’t and won’t always be this way. If at any point you’ve plucked to a thin line you may find they’ve never quite grown back. Wispy brows can make you look old before your time. Fill them out with a brow pencil, or a little powder to add volume and make them bolder. This simple touch can make you look much younger and highlight your eyes, which will never age.

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