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Take A Color Risk

If you’re a woman who wishes she could wear more color, then you’ve come to the right place. Sure, wearing neutral or black outfits from time to time can be work-appropriate, and even look cool, but wearing color can instantly cheer up a rainy day and put a smile on anybody’s face! People who wear color often find that they are in a better mood from day to day, as the things we wear can impact our mood more than we realize.

This comprehensive guide will help you to find ways to wear colors that suit you perfectly, so you can feel confident in every outfit that you throw on. Enjoy!

Figure Out The Colors You Feel Best In
You don’t have to be a walking rainbow and wear every single color imaginable to sport more color. You can simply figure out the bright colors that you feel best in and stick with those, like your own personal ‘color palette.’ You may prefer pastels, while somebody else prefers bright, jewel tones. You might want bright red to be your signature color, or something on the opposite end of the spectrum. You might even want to wear every color imaginable. It’s totally up to you.

To help you decide, you can hold colors next to your face and make a note of the ones that make your eyes and skin pop, and forget the ones that make you look ‘washed out’. There are plenty of articles on this kind of thing to clue you in too. Just remember, if a color apparently washes you out but you feel great in it nonetheless, you should wear it! Wear all the colors of the rainbow or stick to three that you love; it really doesn’t matter. Just figure out what suits you/what you love and that’s how you can get started.

Start By Adding A Pop Of Color

If you’re not used to wearing color, start by adding a pop of a color you love. So, if you usually wear black, consider adding a bright red bag, a colorful pair of Women's Glasses Frames or a top. Just wear one bright item and see how you feel; make a note of how it brightens your outfit. You can continue to do this until you have even more confidence and want to wear even more colors! However, some people prefer to stick to neutral outfits with just a hint of color permanently. Don’t force yourself to wear more color if it doesn’t feel like ‘you’. 

Try Color Blocking
Color blocking is a fabulous way to wear more color than ever. You can wear complementary colors, the same color in different shades and tones, or even colors that contrast one another. Confused about how you can figure out which colors work best? A color wheel can help you! The key is not to be afraid of making mistakes and just go for it with the colors and items that you like. How about wearing a bright red top with purple accessories to contrast? If you prefer to wear colors that look good together, an orange tunic with teal accessories could work.

Wear Colorful Shoes
Really unsure of where to start incorporating color? Try wearing colorful shoes! Make sure you browse for shoes that are bright or have a funky pattern, and they’ll make a statement and ease you into honing a more colorful style. You can never have too many pairs of colorful, crazy shoes to complement otherwise neutral outfits.

Follow The Right Social Media Influencers
Social media is a wonderful tool for collecting inspiration and gathering tips from people you admire. Instagram, Pinterest, and other sites online are full of bloggers and influencers you can follow and take a few tips from. Just take a look at the Confetti Crowd over on Instagram - each one of them wears all colors of the rainbow confidently, and yet they still have their own unique style that shines through in everything that they wear. This may seem a bit much to you at first, but you can definitely find influencers who mix just the right amount of color and pattern with neutral clothing too. It all depends on how far you want to take this!

Wear More Colorful Jewelry
Colorful jewelry is another really simple way to add more color to your outfit. Just take a look at Iris Apfel - there’s no such thing as ‘too much’, especially when you’re looking at your outfit like a work of art. She wears bangles on top of bangles, multiple statement necklaces at once, huge earrings, glasses, and more. She looks amazing! Here are some colorful jewelry tips you can use to get it right:
  • Mix different jewelry styles to create texture with different materials, colors, and vibes.
  • Make sure you look for appropriate gaps to fill in with your outfit, and pay attention to sleeve length, neckline, and so on.
  • Practice layering different pieces of jewelry for a more relaxed, boho vibe.
  • Don’t forget to have a mix of statement and more dainty pieces to balance out your look.

Remember, if you like the way your jewelry looks, don’t worry about it being ‘too much’. Take a leaf out of some of the most stylish women in the world’s book and think of your outfit as a work of art.  

Have Lots of Fun With Your Style
If you’re not having fun experimenting with your style, what’s the point in any of this at all? Have as much fun as you can, trying styles you would never have tried before, and testing the waters to see what you like the look of. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Pretty soon, you’ll learn what works for you and what you love to wear. Even when you’ve found what works for you, don’t forget to continue experimenting every now and again!

Do you have any tips of your own you feel could help people to enjoy a more colorful style? Leave them below.

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