Wednesday, January 10, 2018

What Makes Your Signature Style?

More than just looking good, the fashion, makeup, and beauty knowledge that we gather regularly allows us to do one thing above all else. It helps us to set up a visual identity with our look. Crafting a signature style that lets us stand out, look good, and feel like we’re still ourselves is very important to being confident in your style choices. If you want a real signature style, you have to go beyond how you change your look, as well. Here are three key elements that play into really being yourself.

Accessories are all well and good for complementing an outfit, but few things are quite as powerful as the right scent. The right scent can express personality and communicate moods wordlessly. Smell is one of the senses most deeply linked to memory, so an evocative scent can reach very deeply into people’s minds. Make sure you have not just one scent, but a range to go with different outfits and different occasions and know when to use them. For instance, what is the difference between perfumes and eau de toilette? While perfume might create a stronger scent and a more intimate experience, it can be a little overbearing for regular use, where eau de toilette with its lower essential oil concentration might be better suited for everyday. Know which tool to use for the job, and when.

Confidence is essential for looking good in any outfit. You’re going to have a harder time wowing others or feeling like you’re pulling off an outfit if you don’t look or feel confident.  Start taking on body language cues that not only communicate confidence but actually perform somewhat if a mind trick by making you feel more confident. Straighten your posture and communicate with positive body language. It makes you all the more noticeable, but it also helps you grow the body positivity to be fearless in how you dress and present yourself.
We have all seen the thousands of images of sultry looking women wearing mysterious, stoic, and even slightly hostile looks on their face. It makes a lovely evocative image, but in reality, if someone constant wears tightly furrowed brows and a frown, they don’t come across as mysterious or mature. They simply make us think they are a drag to be around. Smiles are important to feeling confident, to communicating positivity, and to succeeding in just about whatever you want your outfit to do. Even if you have trouble smiling naturally, you can practice. Much like confident body language, even practiced smiles are likely to have a neurological effect of making you feel a distinct increase in your mood. Of course, for some looks and some occasions, a smile might not be the most appropriate thing, but in everyday life, smiling almost always helps.
Beyond enhancing whatever look you might be going for, the tips above are going to improve your confidence so that you feel and look much better regardless of what you’re wearing or what makeup you have on.

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