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Get Your Glow Back With Three Simple Beauty Hacks

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Dull, dry skin, straw-like hair, and chapped lips; it's no wonder that this time of year is hard on our looks. From harsh weather and drying central heating to feeling worn out after a festive season of parties, sometimes this time of year can make you feel like you’ve lost your sparkle. While you might be on a health kick to improve your energy and body, what can you do this time of year to boost your beauty regime and get your glow back?

Invest in Oils

At this time of year, nourishing oil is absolutely your best friend – for your skin, body and hair. Packed full of natural anti-oxidants and softening Vitamins, natural oils like coconut, sweet almond, marula and argan and soothe and smooth sensitive, dried out winter skin.  If your skin is on the greasy side, you don’t need to worry – think of using oil on it as fighting fire with fire. Oily skin is dehydrated and producing too much oil to compensate, so adding oils in will actually balance your skin out and stop it producing too much sebum. Grape seed oil is light and non-clogging choice for problem skin. Oils can create a plumping effect that’s an excellent primer for makeup while working to shrink pores and calm inflammation in the skin. They also act as a barrier, locking moisture into the skin and sealing out toxins. Give them a try - order natural oil blends from a health food store or try French pharmacy favorite Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse.

Use an Illuminating Primer

Prepping the skin properly before adding on your make up can also really help to combat winter dullness and have an anti-ageing effect. Look for a primer that uses light-reflective particles to light up the skin, adding a lit-from-within glow to your foundation and make you look less tired and sallow. Top picks are the Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow primer, or for something more affordable, L’Oreal’s Lumi Magique illuminating base. Other tips to perk up your makeup including choosing a brighter lip shade, having your brows professionally shaped and filling them in with pencil, and having lashes lifted and tinted with an LVL Lashes treatment. There are more great anti-ageing make-up tricks in this post.

Make a DIY Lip Scrub or Hair Mask

You don’t have to look much further than your kitchen cabinets for some beauty boosters this winter. Homemade lip scrubs and hair masks using natural ingredients can work better than store-bought products. Mix a simple Rose Petal, and Mint lip scrub up using castor sugar and some of the oil you’ve purchased for your skin – there’s a great recipe here. For silky, shiny locks, mix up a mask using raw eggs (the protein in them repairs damage to hair brilliantly), half an avocado and dash of your oil. Smooth all over, pop on a shower cap and wait. After an hour or so, rinse it out using tepid water (never hot, or the eggs may start to cook!) and wash as usual. You’ll be left with salon-perfect tresses for pennies.

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