Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Review: Maple Holistics Natural Argan Oil Shampoo

* I received this product sample for free. All views are my own. 

Maple Holistics Natural Argan Oil Shampoo
  You guys know that I'm always on the hunt for a good product, and it's even better when the product is natural.  I was taking my braids out after a few weeks, so my hair was pretty dirty. I typically co-wash, and use a shampoo once a month to remove any buildup.  After having a positive experience with Maple Holistic's  Silk 18 Hair Conditioner, I was looking forward to trying their Argan Oil Shampoo to see how my hair would respond.

 Took my braids out and my hair is in need of a good wash.

According to Maple Holistic's website this shampoo contains "six of the most effective oils for hair and scalp health."   Some of the other benefits they claim are:
  • Can Build Thick, Strong, Luscious Locks.
  • Nourishes Hair And Scalp.
  • Rejuvenates Hair For Softer Tresses.
  • Moisturizes for Hydrated, Softened Hair.
  • Has The Potential To Repair Damaged, Brittle, Dry Hair.
  • Can Aid In Stopping Hair Loss.
  • Helps Make Hair More Manageable.
Yup, I need all of these benefits in my hair life, so I proceeded to wash.
After washing with Maple Holistics Argan Oil Shampoo

This product made my hair feel "squeaky clean."  I typically co-wash, so I could tell that this product works well to remove product buildup.

Want to see if this shampoo will work for your hair?  Click HERE to try for free!

What's better than trying a natural product?  Using a natural product that helps others! Maple Holistics suports The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence! For every bottle of Argan Oil Shampoo sold, Maple Holistics will donate $1 to NCADV.

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